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Lauri Robinson has done it again A fun story well written and entertainingWhen Marie Hall finds herself with six children who need to get to their only living relative she feels seful and needed She arrives to find that Mr Wagner isn t in town and his partner Stafford Burleson is on hand to take care of them She thought she might get Mr Wagnerto hire her on but then she finds herself falling for Burleson Through mishaps and trials Stafford and Marie become close And they get a happy ever after Full review available on All About Romance you just want to read sweet There are wonderful wonderful books that are epics with dramatic storylines and dark villainy but honestly I get tired of it When I m stressed or exhausted or have had my sister s babies in my care for just a moment too long I want something cute and sweet I want fluff And The Wrong Cowboy delivered in the best of ways we have humor and great characters and sweetness and some absolutely wonderful UST The Grand Sophy unresolved sexual tension that all works out wonderfully in the endStafford Burleson and Mick Wagner have been partners for years jointly running the Dakota Cattle Company and their ranch lands together and making a success of the whole thing When Mick heads down Mexico way to look at a certain brand of cattle the last thing Stafford expects is for one Miss Hall to showp at the nearby town claiming to be Mick s mail order bride Adding in the 6 children she was traveling with takes the situation from strange to downright ridiculousBut while Marie Hall is not Mick s bride the 6 kids now belong to him his cousin and her husband left their children in his care as their closest relative As their nursemaid Marie knowing full well the horrors and despair that can be found in an orphanage decides she will bring the whole group across the co. One mail order bride in need of rescue All the rigorous training in the world could not have prepared nursemaid Marie Hall for trailing the wilds of Dakota with six orphans Especially when her ingenious plan to

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Untry to their new guardian All of her training in childcare could not prepare her for life in the territories but Marie is nothing if not determined She will make sure these kids get to stay together in a home that s theirs Even if she can t cook And accidentally burns down Mick s cabin And almost gets bitten in the bottom by a snake AndandandOh so many ands It may have started off a little slow but Marie and Stafford s story was exactly what I wanted I wasn t sure about Stafford to begin with he was Winners Dream uite frankly being a bit of an ass to both Marie and the kids but we get so much from his point of view and a good bit about his history that I veryickly went from no way to yes please about him His family history has made him almost militant about his privacy it s no wonder he was than a little hesitant to let half a dozen children and their rather attractive young nursemaid into his life and his house Though he really doesn t have much of a choice when Marie literally burns Mick s one room cabin down around their ears She really is my favorite kind of heroine she is determined to make things work and really puts forth a good effort She definitely is human though and we get to see her work through her failures and try again Plus she s the one who sets both the stage and the limits of their relationship and this is particularly wonderful in the end seriously just read it because I can t give away the last 10 pages The first few pages were about what I expected Weak prose contrived plot exposition dumps How do people read this stuff Good story lineI enjoyed the whole story line and all of the children At times the tale gets a little wordy and descriptions get long winded but totally loved the dialogue between characters The Marshall seems like ite an interesting man hmmm I saw this book rec. Ose as the mail order bride of the children's next of kin leads Marie to the wrong cowboy Proud and stubborn Stafford Burleson is everything Marie's been taught to avoid But with her fate and that of the children.

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Eived DIK status at AAR and as it s a Western it didn t take much for me to hit that buy buttonThe standout character in this book is the heroine Marie She lived a very sad and lonely life as an orphan That s why once she has taken the position as a nursemaid to six children and their parents are tragically killed in a fire she is determined to keep them all together and out of an orphaned To this end she takes them all out west to their distant cousin posing as a mail order bride When she gets there he isn t there but his business partner comes to take her and her charges back to their jointly owned ranchStafford is ite suspicious of her and her story at first Though Mick his partner and prospective groom and new father has talked about getting himself a wife for years he s just been joking and since he s not around to confirm or deny he can t be sureAs I said Marie was wonderful She refused to let anything keep from being a mama bear to the children Although she comes across as prissy at the beginning of the book it s of a coping mechanism and after the first couple times Stafford finds it irritating soon he finds her ways adorableStafford to is a good hero He s a bit nfair to her when they first get to the ranch but he hasn t had a chance to really get to know her better and he does feel bad And the children are well drawn With children in a romance they can be annoying but not so in this storyThe only thing that didn t work for me and I read another reviewer had the same issue was how long Stafford worried about falling in love with his partner s promised He knew she wasn t really a mail order bride that she had just told that story to keep the children together and with her So it didn t make sense to me that would be a barrier to him But other than that I enjoyed this very likeable boo. In his capable hands Marie soon feels there's something incredibly right about this rugged rancher and his brooding charm A delightful westernhumor realism and sweet emotion RT Book Reviews on Inheriting a Bri.