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Numerous love scenes I get it they cannot exist without each other marvel in that but when you re on the run for your life maybe you indulge in a little less sleeping in morning sex By the time they wound p at the one place they should not go it reuired a lot of conveniences to wrap The Year of Living Biblically up all the subplots A little slow in spots but nice romance and good characters I have to say this one surprised me I d read other books by this author and loved her steamy short stories but found her longer stories lacking This one wasn t steamy but was just a great story It starts out with a dramatic beginning a shipwreck andnfolds into a great story of escape redemption and love The prose isn t blistering but there is something nice about it s simplicity The hero is a man of great promise who feels he has little value to anyone nor pu. Ight He didn't recognize her as the once innocent hopeful debutante he had danced with long years ago Marlena Parronley the notorious Vanishing Viscountess was a fugitive Seeing the dashing caref.

Not bad Couldn t wait to find out how it ended This is the one where I spent a good half hour of my life dwelling on the fact that the cover displays a shirt that is incorrect for the period so I guess you can see where my priorities areIt was entertaining enough and pretty dramatic at the end While I guess Marlena s constant lying about her past to Tanner and his dwelling on some past sin make sense they were both seriously overwrought about their own guilt I guess And come to think of it I don t think Tanner s big sin was ever properly explained or I somehow missed it Enjoyed aspects how they meet each having a black mark on their past saving one another some nconventional threads but it really bogged down in the last third I liked them on the run and in disguise but that nspooled too long and ran thin as did the. A woman of innocence and notorietyThe prisoner stood with an expression of defiance leather shackles on her wrists Adam Vickery Maruess of Tannerton was drawn to this woman so dignified in her pl.

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Rpose in life He feels his selfishness has caused others deaths The heroine is a woman on the run accused of murder and desperate to escape the hangman There are many moments I really enjoyed but perhaps the best were all centered on how much credible the story was than I expected So many HRs have similar plots and similar twists but with this book I didn t feel that there were silly misunderstandings nor that either the hero or heroine were irrational in their choices There were moments of misunderstandings in the story sure but as in real life they were dealt with ickly and were nothing than passing interactions between characters and not the basis for some spurious plotAlso interestingly none of the characters was completely evil nor completely good They were all a shade of grey and I appreciated that Good solid book. Ree maruess of her dreams just reminded her that she couldn't risk letting anyone especially Tanner get caught p in helping her escape He would face the same punishment she did The hangman's noo.

Diane Gaston’s dream job had always been to write romance novels One day she decided to pursue that dream and has never looked back; she is now writing full time Her books have won Romance’s highest honour—the RITA Award the National Readers Choice Award and the Golden Heart She lives in Virginia with her husband and three very ordinary house cats Diane loves to hear from readers and friends