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I don t usually read animal books and have no idea why this book ot my attention but I surely am Somato Respiratory Integration Workbook glad it did I don t have a dog and haven t wanted one even though my friends say I need one for company I always say No I would rather not have anything to be responsible for My time away from work is my own Well Tom Ryan you have almost changed my mind Tom Ryan took a chance onetting a dog and it changed his outlook Then Tom went on a journey Following Atticus and it changed his whole life This very amazing journey make me laugh and cry sometimes at the same time What is the book about I d say it is about friendship love and making memories If you are a dog lover hiker mountain climber adventureror none of the mentionedyou are bound to love this book Atticus changed Tom s life and his story may have changed mine We ll see if I Reine Mädchensache get a dog It ll be the fault of Tom Ryan and Atticus if I do I don t think it would be a mistake after reading this book This book was on the reader s choice table at the library so I picked it up It s about the author and his little dog and how the dog impacted his life and how he came toet the dog It s a pretty Animal Babies good story At first it s about how heot the dog and how they became a part of each other s lives and how Atticus taught him a lot about himself He s the editorreporter of his own newspaper in a small city Then he Offenders and Detainees gets into hiking the mountains of New Hampshire setting records in hiking all of the peaks over 4000 feet in a certain amount of time and Atticus loves the hikes Iuess I need to o to New Hampshire because there is no WAY you could climb 3 or 4 mountains HERE in one day which he does So I have no frame of reference to understand what it was like Atticus develops health problems and the whole town and hiking community rallies together to help pay for his medical expenses It s a pretty ood story but not compelling The first 23 is ood and there are pictures But the last part of the book was just of the same so I skimmed over it More climbing snow walking blah blah blah throw in an injury and dad dying the end I just ot bored of the endless hiking up and down the same mountains over and over again with the The Most Remarkable and Wonderful Dog to Ever Walk the Face of the Earth And if he s doing all this hiking and neglecting his newspaper he s the only employee how is he doing this with no income I d like to know So I m Dead-End Road Mysteries giving it three stars for being an okay story but taking off points for dragging out the details Fortunate to have an ARC copy Loving it so far Great appeal here not just for hikers Animal lovers those interested in family relationships the small town newspaper business and the ability and courage to make life style changes Should appeal to fellow middle agers out there that anything is possible if you persevere and follow your dreamsFinished the book in october A fantastic read for people of all ages both male and female A privilege to have Tom and Atticus at our library A jam packed room How can one help but love this 20 pound furbaby This powerhouse known as Atticus M Finch love that Little Buddha or Little Giant in and around his home town of Newburyport MA led his best friend Tom Ryan hiking the White Mountains of New Hampshire making history one winter summiting over 48 peaks in honor of a friend who had died of cancer As Atticus and Tom reached each peak they would pause at the summit and bond whileazing out at the beauty of the landscape They rew famous and beloved through news of their treks by the amazement at a small dog s ability to accomplish such feats and overcome adversities Through the power of their friendship light prevailed over darkness when tragedy. Middle aged overweight and acrophobic newspaper editor Tom Ryan and a little dog named Atticus M Finch are an unlikely pair of mountaineers but after a close friend dies of cancer the two pay tribute to her by attempting to clim.

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E so they could share one week together and say oodbyeIf I live long enough I will have to Valors Measure go through this scenario myself at least three times Like Atticus my dogs have had the best life possible The problem is it s just not long enough Thank you Tom for sharing your love and adventures with us I wish you physical and emotional healing If there are no dogs in Heaven then when I die I want too where they went Will Rogers The author s strong MA accent may have hindered my enjoyment of the book but for whatever reason I thought the book would never end It s a nice little story I suppose but it s inflated to the point of self indulgence melodrama and sentimentality I m happy to move on That said I did appreciate the uote he used from some excellent writers Campbell Wordsworth other romantic First off I must say I was one of the very lucky people to receive an advanced copy of this book Tom Ryan has one of those BFI Film Classics gifts notiven to all writers He has that ift of being able to play with your emotions within a short span of time He ll have you concerned crying excited tense crying again yet smiling and all before the chapter s end Tom has allowed us in to a world of what some might think make believe but in the White Mountains of NH there is no make believe it s all true It s dangerous it s fascinating and to the right people it s a very magical place Notice I say right people There are many who come to conueor but few who honestly find its true magic Well Tom found his magic in the Whites of NH yet did it by following his little dog named AtticusWhether it s the mountains you enjoy the hiking the torment of sore feet the enjoyment of the outdoors the thought of following a little dog up some pretty big mountains against some substantial obstacles along the way or just plain want to take an amazing journey with an incredible person named Tom and one incredible little dog named Atticus this book is simply a must readBe ready for a fun filled roller coaster ride of emotions that will have you finding it difficult to put this book down until you are completely finished Enjoy this one It s a keeper for certainFollowing Atticus Forty Eight High Peaks One Little Dog and an Extraordinary Friendship Before reading Following Atticus I would suggest watching the video trailer for it I was lucky enough to be at a recent book signing event on their tour and Tom has a wonderful soft spoken articulate tone that is nice to hear over the narrative of the book as you readI am a dog lover my dogs are my best friends I hike some of the White mountains with my dogs This however believe it or not has nothing to do for how much I enjoyed Following Atticus OK maybe the dog part had an influence Although I am uite exhausted of all the Marley Me blah and didn t even enjoy that readI recently read a review where it mentioned the words a uiet triumph upon Tom Atticus climbing Mt Washington That is a key point to the book Tom writes with a wonderful restraint Never does the book embellish their achievements nor ives the impression that he is trying to say Look how وصف الاستعباد في مملكة فاس - مذكرات أسير سويدي على عهد السلطان مولاي عبد الله great we are He did not set out to write the next Hollywood screenplay He simply wanted to tell a story and areat story it isI constantly ask myself while reading this How do Tom and Atticus do this The answer is They just do What makes the book so compelling is that although Atticus is a catalyst for almost everything Tom is and has become in the past decade the book is not solely about Atticus It is about so much It is about a man not happy who he is about who he becomes about his relationships about his town about nature about his past about working through things about friends both human and animals. Of miles and deep into an enchanting but dangerous winter wonderland An unforgettable saga of adventure friendship and the unlikeliest of family Following Atticus is an inspiring tale of finding love and discovering your true se.

StruckI first learned of this dynamic duo watching an Animal Planet special several years back Then I read a heartbreaking review of the book following Atticus passing last year The audio book is narrated by Tom Ryan New England accent and all Who knew that Newburyport was pronounced New Breport Atticus M Finch changed Tom Ryan s life and that of all who knew him and who continue to learn of him I loved how Tom trained him from a pup not with punishments or rewards but with the respect deserving a Please and Thank you for each favor Fiend granted Atticus taught Tom how to love and how to live about kindness and how to dream Tomave Atti selfless adoration and a Voice of Conscience good life mingled with beautiful natureI checked out Tom s blog and learned that he is still writingreat news and has a new companion Samwise with whom he already hikes as he did with Atticus Last month atop a summit they watched Mars the moon and Venus align From Tom s blog As Emerson would say in his Transcendental way Samwise and I were with our peers out in that snowy field with stars so brilliant so bewildering and humbling I couldn t help but feel I was part of all we saw And that little line that divides man and beast vanished and what we shared was the sacrament of communionNature has a way of bringing us home Two books are forthcoming I wanted to read something lighter and chose this book because of the high rating and PROBE MY ASS (A Reluctant Doctor/Patient Anal Sex erotica story) good reviews on Goodreads Have to say this book is not for mePart autobiography Tom and part biography Atticus the dog the book tells the story of the author whoets hooked on hiking and hooked on having a dog then forces the dog to The Pedlar and the Bandit King (Scarlet and the White Wolf, go on what he himself admits are dangerous winter hikes There is another reviewer on here who said this book would have made aood magazine article and I agree with that Story was long and repetitive Here s the spoiler part of why I stopped enjoying this story I Marvins Room got tired of reading about views from mountains Received my book and could not put it down So well written and moving so honest without any nonsense that weighs it down A book thatoes beyond all other dog books and is a Roberto to the Dark Tower Came guide for life Very well written uite readable and soon to be a bestseller We have a home in the White Mountains of New Hampshire Tom s beautiful descriptions make me feel like I am there even though I am stuck here in our boring Boston suburb instead Cannot wait toet back to the mountains this weekend He inspires me to et my out of shape 50 something body back on the move in the most beautiful place in New England th 5 I have not written reviews of books I read prior to joining GR In this case I wish to make an exception although it s of a homageMy husband and I read this one out loud together over morning coffee It is still one of the best human reinventing his life with his dog books I have ever read I continued to follow Tom and Atticus adventures through their blog and Facebook page Anyone who loves dogs especially miniature schnauzers hiking or heartwarming life affirming adventures would love this story Not long ago just prior to setting out on another trip Atticus the dog fell seriously ill with a stroke While seeing to his care Tom the human was unexpectedly hospitalized with a heart attack and complete loss of kidney function Recently his kidneys again unexpectedly returned to full function and he was released and reunited with his beloved companion A few days ago a picture of the two of them taking a entle walk in the woods was postedToday it was announced that Tom held Atticus for the last time this evening as his vet put an end to the suffering Apparently he had a brain tumor The doctor said it was clear he waited for Tom to return hom. B all forty eight of New Hampshire's four thousand foot peaks twice in one winter while raising money for charity In a rare test of endurance Tom and Atticus set out on an adventure of a lifetime that takes them across hundreds.