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N she follows him for 2 reasons to stop him from his addictions to opium she thinks she oves himSince his father died he was 10 Braden Tavern did anything to support his mom younger brother Many things he did were illegal but they up food on their table a roof over their heads Now he is the newly minted Viscount Middleton after the so called accidental deaths of 2 other heirs he promised his deceased mom that if he gained the title he will me reform be worthy of it Braden walked away from running his co ownership of a gambling hell made a vow to never slept with another woman until it was is wife He is now at his estate trying to begin it back to profitable but he is interrupted by the scariest woman he knows Mrs Featherstone She demands that he go to London find her daughter Tia because she foolishly followed his brother thereTia hasn t found Jonathan is running out of money but Braden finds her at the pit of an Inn at Whitechapel He ies that she is his wife chases her thru Whitechapel kidnaps her dumps her off on his London housekeeper s unloving care Tia is treated as a harlot but she demands a bath sinks into it s almost forgotten pleasure That is how Braden finds her as he holds the borrowed dressing gown for her totally oves the view Tia spins around demands her old dress is informed that the housekeeper burned it by his order ice such To say these 2 clash is an under statement after Braden is shoot she stitches his wound dopes him up Soon a visit to Hyde Park soon changes Tia s iving arrangement she is befriended by the newly pregnant by Jonathan Lady Emily moves into her home taught all things Lady The Insider like Braden is furious that he can t find his brother or the enchanted missing Tia He hires men but finds her of all places a ball dressed as a Lady dancing with his Cousin Alistair He is so anger that he kisses her socks off in front of the whole ballroom marks her as his mistress The exotic temptations burn thru them both as she is bought back inder his roof As they band together to find Jonathan someone makes another attempt on Braden sife a few too many brandies a scheming Lady a Football Dynamo lot of pantie melting caresses from hisips a unforgettable dinner in his bed a visit to a gambling hell a daring red dress unexpected visits family members to make an endless bond between them both How Payback (The Secret Life of Samantha McGregor, long until Braden breaks his vow Or does he actually only slept with his wife before the ring Can Tia accept him his shadowy past Will Jonathan be found Who is trying to kill all male heirs to the deadly Viscount title Ioved the 1st book in this Wise Woman series with the Duke his new Duchess These Wise Women are an unusual character for England but Wise Women are totally excepted in Scotland so I Band of Soldiers love them in this series Each one is so different even the twins Tia Mia Tia was a grieving woman totally unsure of herself because she felt that she was at fault with small girl s death Braden was such a Bad Boy trying to me good for his mom but I truly believe that reformed Bad Boys make the best hubbies Ms Kelley writes such great series but they can do make sense no matter how you read them Her characters will slap readers upside their head kidnap y all into her passionate tales All her series characters pop back into her reads at some point it sike chatting with old friends Since it was a romance Ms Kelley weaves many pools of hot The Jewels of Manhattan lusty scenes between Tia Braden Ioved Braden s Nation as Mother lusciousips all over her ears it gave me shivers down my own spine Ms Kelley does it again makes me The Tryst Betrayed love her new Wise Woman series I am so getting Mia Simon s story next She earns my score of 4 fingers up 9 toes for this romance readNetGalley ARC given for my honest review. How ill he truly is But searching London's most scandalous hellholes and staying two steps ahead of Braden is uncovering the viscount's deepest secrets and aonging to make his wounded heart her own To save him she must risk a deception that could put his past to rest or separate them forev.

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This book is the third installment of the Wise Woman Series This book can be read as a standalone or part of the series Viscount Middleton Braden Tavers was sent on a course to bring his tenants wise woman back home Hestia Featherstone a wise woman aka healer and midwife for the Middleton Estates Tia went to London to find Jonathon Braden s brother Tia is set to save Jonathon from himself Jonathon has a big opium addition Tia thinks she can save him It was cute to see Braden and Tia come together and solve their problems Be known to them nothing is Barron's AP Biology Flash Cards, 3rd Edition like it seems I received a complimentary copy from the publisher thru NetGalley for an honest review Fantastic ReadingThe first two books in this trilogy we re great reads and the final book did notet me down The conclusion to this trilogy is funny sad fun believable characters with a Amrita Sher-Gil little danger thrown in Loved it couldn t stop reading it If you enjoy reading romance at it s best make sure you buy this trilogy and enjoy Better than the first I enjoyed Tias story than Selinas Tia and Braden had a better story and passion than th An enjoyable read filled with sweet romance twists and a surprising betrayal Vexing the Viscount was a wonderful historical romance I reallyiked this book It was a Flashback My Life And Times In Bollywood And Beyond lovely addition to a fantastic seriesTia was a great heroine She was strong clever and determined not toet anyone rule over her My only issue was that when things got emotionally messy she had a tendency to run away Otherwise she was a City Improbable lovely character and I reallyiked herBraden was wonderful He came off as cold but it uickly became clear that there was much to him He was very The Big Bookshelf loyal and protective of hisoved ones and sweet when he wanted to be I thought h It was hook No Future for You line and sinker for me once I realized how saucy Tia is I wouldn t try that if I were you myord I am a wise woman and therefore know all the delicate places on a man s body She raised a brow as her gaze slid down his body until reaching the junction of his SOS Schlank ohne Sport - legs Braden Ioved him I did not ask you here to warm my bed A slow smile drew his full Charming the Firefighter (In Shady Grove, lips upward Ateast not right now When he s delirious the boy says not nice things sweetheart you have a shawl covering you nakedness and nothing Now Jonathon and my own butler can see your beautiful body His voice changed to a husky slurred tone as he approached Maybe that is the way you Making India Work like it Do you want people to watch as I eff you I think I willike this series it has mystery intrigue romance and the naughty bits are to die for Not Vexing At AllI hadn t read a recency romance for a while Christie Kelley was a good reintroduction Her characters are ones you care about They are well suited to one another Dialog is crisp And gosh sex in a regency Yay I Everwar (Cal Leandros, ll read of Ms Kelley The story of Tia and Braden was captivating I honestly didn t expect to find this book so interesting There are some parts of it that seemed farfetched for the time period A single woman traversing through England and London all on her own thinking she is the only one who can find and save Jonathon from his demons and disappearing for weeks with a new friend to suddenly join the aristocracy However I didn t have to work hard to suspend disbelief as the story is well written well paced and intriguing I wanted to know what happened next how all the players fit together and what their back stories wereOnce Braden swoops in to Tia s horrid Whitehall flea bag rooming house and retrieves her it was a battle of wills between these two Right away the intrigue starts as Braden is shot at that very evening So there are two main storyines occurring Tia s insistence at finding Jonathon Braden s brother and the mysterious de. Only Her Fire As the reluctant new Viscount Middleton Braden Tavers already has several reputations to save including his own So it's imperative he rescue his estate's healer Tia Featherstone from her impetuous plan to find his rakehell brother Jonathon And he'll do whatever it takes to keep.

Aths of Viscount Middleton s and attempted murder of the current Viscount Tia eads Braden on a good chase through London parks society ballrooms and the bedroom As the story progresses we get to see of who Braden is other than the rakehell he is presented asBraden offers Tia the position of mistress as he is overwhelmed with ust for her She accepts his offer as she is intrigued and interested in No Way Home learning about carnal delights This is where this book differs from most of this genre It is rare that the heroine is willing to become a mistress for essentially her own desires rather than being blackmailed or tricked Tia articulates that no one would care where she comes from if she takes aover which was somewhat hard to believe about England at that time and her twin sister has taken Sequins and Spurs lovers in the past A progressive woman is an interesting angle and it is what sets this book apart from other historical romance novelsSince Braden proposes Tia becomes his mistress there are some very steamy scenes I know that Tia is not innocent of whatust can bring between two people but I was uite surprised when she begged Braden to take her up against the wall I enjoyed that Tia was a woman who could take charge and enjoyed sex It was adorable when she tries to seduce Braden He s taken a vow to stop using women but can t help himself with Tia It helps that two of his friends have married their wise women so the concept is not foreign in this series The sex scenes are vivid and very descriptive You feel as if you are the object of Braden s affections which is not a bad thing I iked the secondary characters from the household staff to members of the ton Since Tia is essentially from the serving class it helped to bring understanding to her world and how she moved from servant to aristocracy The author is very good at describing a variety of events that the pair attend From the drawing rooms of the nobility to gambling hells to grand balls to racy get togethers everything the author describes is intriguing and is detailed with authenticity The mystery of Jonthan s disappearance shines a ight on a topic not often addressed drug addiction I In The Name of God liked how the author used this societal issue as an element of the plot and discussed methods of treatment for the day The mystery of the murdered Viscounts and the attempts on Braden sife eventually takes over the story ine It had me guessing who could be the culprit and it was a well designed mystery Braden allows Tia to be a part of the investigation and this solidifies their relationshipI enjoyed this book Tia s twin sister Mia s book is the first in the series I would ike to read her story as I found Mia to be a riot when she pops up in this book The story had elements that should have made me roll my eyes but within the context the author develops it all fits together I found this book to a be a fun read full of mystery a dueling couple and very steamy scenes This one has a great ending but some of the story Operation Lipstick line was too similar to the second book Happy reading Three starsThis was a goodove story I From Blah to Awe liked the steamy sex scenes Also the friendship between the wise women was good Howeverike the other two stories it seemed to be a ong winded story You gonna ove this BAD BOY trying to be good but the SPUNKY heroine weaves a utterly decadent spell reforms his BAD BOY for herselfTia Featherstone is Middleton s Wise Woman who is the unofficial doc of the region She trained by her mom s side can stich folks up deliver a baby treat illness but she just ost a child to a poison she planted Tia meets Viscount Middleton s brother Jonathan over the summer forges a great bond with him When he disappears back to Londo. Her determined spirit and unworldly charms at arm's ength But protecting this stubborn beauty from himself is only stoking an irresistible desire and an insidious danger threatening them both Can Win His Heart Tia must get Jonathon back under her care before his unforgiving brother discovers.