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D the press ate them up that he was a wounded decorated war hero world theatrical traveler in his youth holder of advanced college degrees widower of a wife who died in a plane crash father of a boy who died of leukemia at age 10 and discoverer of Mayan ruins all lies The lies were absolutely necessary though to blur his homosexuality which would destroy his career in two seconds The genius of the lies specially about dead wives and failed marriages is that when pressed to discuss them by interviewers Burr could asily let himself off the hook by saying It s too painful to discuss Thus the straightness of his manhood could not be called into uestion and nobody pressed further for details Starr tracks down the sources of many of Burr s fictions often cobbled by the actor from news accounts of other people s tragediesStarr covers Burr s significant contribution to the film noir genre of the 40s and 50s Because of his imposing weight he came to be typecast as malicious heavies and his work in films such as Raw Deal Pitfall and many is wonderful to behold His most famous roles were in Hitchcock s Rear Window and in George Stevens A Place in the Sun that latter being the film role Burr took the most pride in The book also covers parts of Burr s career not generally known about including his USO tours of isolated military outposts for instance There are other juicy tidbits Burr s mentor relationship with a smitten 17 year old Natalie Wood unconsummated due to his gayness As a straight man I find it too painful to contemplate the very notionAlthough not always as revealing as one might want it s a decent showbiz bio fast moving and pithy giving us us all we really need to know and no Despite Burr s need to lie he seemed overall to be a decent fellow charitable and sensitive many of his good deeds went unpublicized by his own wish His fight to save co star William Talman s job after a trumped up scandal was another sign of Burr s decency Some readers have complained about the lack of lurid detail in the book which makes me wonder if we ve read the same book or if they actually read it There s an interview with a drag ueen about his one night stand with Burr for instance and the attempt by the Hollywood Confidential to dig up dirt on the actor J Edgar Hoover started an FBI file on Burr once reps with the American Bar Association had determined he was a sex deviate In any case Burr s completely non forthcoming manner in his life left little or no trail he had few confidants to whom he would talk candidly Even his Perry Mason co star of many years Barbara Hale knew very little about him despite being on the friendliest of terms with him There are some caveats Sometimes Starr repeats bits of information ven facts he d already given just a few pages before Some other reviewers here complained about the amount of detail given about the history of the Perry Mason show but I found that interesting and since it s the main reason for Burr s fame I didn t find it out of proportion The important point is that this is the first real and balanced bio of the actor Under the circumstances I think the book does a good job not great but goodThe latter parts of the book talk about Burr s incredible business acumen he left an Faker estate of 30 million his lavishpicurean lifestyle his success in TV movies all the way to his death in 1993 his virtual lording it over an island in Fiji that he owned and his final days in his vineyard with his partnerBurr s most famous role was as Perry Mason a TV legal Lawbreakers Suspense Stories eagle who was like Hercule Poirot or Sherlock Holmes than a realistic attorney He never lost a case It s interesting that until this book nobody had applied Perry Mason s own tactics to get to the truth KRKY reposted with slight corrections in 2016. Partner struggling actor Robert Benevides on the set of Perry Mason and they remained together for over 35 years until Burr's death Together they built a businessmpire traveled the world and shared their passion for orchids and fine wine keeping the true nature of their relationship a secret from all but their closest friends a secret revealed here for the first time in dep.

Nice look into Burr s lifeWith so many uestions surrounding Burr s life it was fun to read what might have been I m a huge Perry Mason fan and now a bigger Raymond Burr fan Having grown up with Perry Mason my husband recommended I read this he read it too Could have been shortened but it s a very uick read Interesting look at how gay actors had to hide themselves and how the press didn t uestion things Very interesting I would have rated this biography higher if it wasn t for the cattiness of the author It just wasn t appropriate Overall it s a good biography of a fine actor There are great photos and lists of Burr s filmography HIPPO IN THE GARDEN etc The bitchiness wasn t needed very disappointedpoorly written and a confusing mishmash of film summaries and authorial judgementthe author does notven attempt to understand his subject or offer any thoughtful analysis We never really get an idea of whether Burr Spinal Trauma evolved in his thinking about the Vietnam war On the one hand the author tells us of Burr s support of the troops and his support ofscalating the war Shadow (New Species, effort and than we learn he wanted the war tond and in addition he wanted to work on tv projects to promote world peace This suggests to me that Raymond Burr became pro soldier but anti war but the author never tells us and instead is content to tell us that Ironside appealed to Nixon voters stating that as Robert Ironside Burr portrayed a no nonsense law and order policemandid the author 細味人生100篇 ever watch the show Robert Ironside was no Jack Webb He was a cerebral detective who was given to philosophical reflection and compassion and was devoid of any bigotry or strong arm tactics In fact the author spends very little time on the Ironside series including his relationship with the other cast members other than Don Galloway calling him sir This was a big negative for me because I was a huge Ironside fan I knew nothing about Raymond Burr and only picked up this biography because the author was signing free copies of it at the bookxpo and the book s blurb piued my interest by noting its focus on his secret life as a closeted gay man There is no way I would have read it otherwise it may be the only biography on my The Gathering (Darkness Rising, entire reading list but I reallynjoyed the book and devoured it in three daysKnowing so little about Burr the book read almost like a novel for me in which I looked forward to finding out what personal and professional adventures he took on next and how they turned out Despite Burr s incredibly bold lies throughout his life to cover for his homosexuality involving fake wives and a fake son all of whom supposedly died tragic MongoDB early deaths rather conveniently Starr paints Burr in a very appealing light He was a consummate actor with a true zest for adventurous living and a wonderfully generous heart for worthy causes and disadvantaged childrenThe book is fairly short and written in very workman like prose without much context provided about the culture in which Burr was living during the key stages of his life and without much theorizing about why Burr made the choices he did Many reviewers seem to fault the book for that and I suppose if I already knew all of the details of Burr s life I might too But as someone not well versed in his life story I personally found Starr s approach of relaying the basic facts about Burr s life in a straightforward manner to be plenty compelling without such adornments In short if you are new to Burr this biography is fascinating and a very worthwhile read if you aren t you may find this primer somewhat underwhelming This book is not well written and is often repetitive It is a short book and could have been shorter still But if you like Raymond Burr and are interested in knowing about him THIS IS THE BOOK Starr did a stellar job of repo. Applause Books The complete story of the actor's career including his secret gay life Raymond Burr 1917 1993 was annigma A film noir star regularly known for his villainous roles in movies like Rear Window he delighted millions of viewers ach week with the top rated shows Perry Mason and Ironside which ran virtually uninterrupted for 20 years But Burr was leading a secret

Rting No pun intended You will learn all that there is to know about Burr Despite my criticisms I read it uickly and compulsively I njoyed it and learned much about Burr I remember sitting in the living room with my parents and sister the late fifties and Experiential Learning early sixties many Saturday nights watching Perry Mason This biography recalls that time and provides anxcellent overview of an actor who became one of the most popular TV stars of that Die Neurobiologie des Glücks era Even before that he scored success in films like Alfred Hitchcock s Rear Window albeit as the heavy rather than the hero Michael Seth Starr goes beyond Burr s acting persona toxplore his secret personal life as one of the most closeted gay actors of that ra The complex nature of Raymond Burr s life and character is displayed in this biography that is both readable and informative This was an interesting well written and uick read It s not the definitive biography I would have liked to read but it doesn t profess to be For what it is it provides a uick if incomplete overview of Burr s life Very good biography on a very very private public figure Interesting that it took this long for information to come out on him I am a little puzzled that his homosexuality took so long to become public knowledge according to this book I ve known about it for sometime since I m a Bette Davis fan and have read very book on her they all tend to run together after a while but I find it interesting on how biographers handle the A New Philosophy of History exact same material Davis was very good friends with Burr which is not mentioned in the book whatsoever and their friendship is the reason why she stepped in to fill his shoes when he was in the hospital getting surgery during the Perry Mason show She commented on how his relationship was one of the best and mostnduring in Hollywood and since she died 5 years before he did I m a little confused This book makes it seem a bit like it s breaking this news when it s been featured in other Hollywood biographies before There s not a ton of revelations Abortion, Choice, and Contemporary Fiction except for die hard Perry MasonBurr fans but again there s not much information out there on Burr He purposely lived a good chunk of his life on a secluded Fijian island that took twenty hours to get to so I don t fault the author that this book isn t dishy Book takes a respectful stance which I appreciate Whenever ink was set to paper in the popular press during actor Raymond Burr s lifetime for the purpose of telling anything about his life two things were true that there was ink and there was paper Burr s life on paper was almost as total a lie as could possiblyxist In this biography of the famed TV and movie actor Burr star of the long running series Perry Mason and villainous character actor in films such as Alfred Hitchcock s Rear Window and Anthony Mann s Raw Deal Michael Seth Starr washes the boards clean and comes up with the story of an actor beset by secrets simply untenable in golden age Hollywood The biggest of these secrets of course was that Burr was gay He married once a sham of course and was beset by demons particularly his weight problem that prevented him from ver becoming a leading man in movies despite a strong handsome face and burly commanding voice Starr s book doesn t spend too much time on Burr s ancestry and arly life thankfully as too many star bios seem to want to do today He uickly gets to the meat of what we want to know about his stardom and his secret life Even so in the FRITZI auf Sylt - ÖLMALEREI - Kunst in Fotobrillant-Druck earliest pages he paints a portrait of a lonely introverted young man who was ostracized at military school and who loved the arts flowers and his motherxtremely the stuff of a stereotypical gay youth Oddly Big Little Man enough one of Burr sarliest roles onstage was in a play called Let Us Be Gay Burr wove his own fictions an. Ay life at a time in Hollywood when such a lifestyle was akin to career suicide He invented a tragic biography for himself in which he was mythologized as a heartbroken husband and father There was ven an invented affair with a teenage Natalie Wood 21 years his junior He fought for truth as Perry Mason and Robert T Ironside yet he couldn't admit his own deception Burr met his.

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