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Nted Just nough uniueness to keep it interesting too and I liked that Liam was tougher than the blurb would lead you to believe Interesting character and world building that was balanced well for the length of the story Definitely had me hooked into reading the next one Sweet And completely unexpectedly Aristotle Detective (Aristotle enjoyable It s not that I had particularly lowxpectations but this particular genre does seem to lend itself to amateurish or sloppy writing Instead I got to Bones, Clones, and Biomes enjoy a fresh take on this well used subject and setting Love when that happens And I definitely like what this author brings inIt s a little difficult to define whatxactly that is now Something about the characters attitudes the lore choices made ha alcohol is bad for once the general interactions thoughts and reasonable reasonings It really worked for meThus I m pretty happy right now the only flaw being that I know a lot of the stories in this series are going to be tiny only about five thousand words apiece and that s rarely noughThis first volume could have done with being longer as well although it did not actually feel that rushed I can directly compare it to some similarly sized and themed books I keep reading and this one definitely makes better use of the allotted spaceAnd may I also mention how absolutely thrilled I am at the lack of unnecessary sex scenes Both of the scenes in this story are relevant to the proceeding and the development between the protagonists plus they re not drawn out past their hurried nature Just what I appreciate This is a nice nough story and well written I think if this was the first shifter story I have ver read then I would have liked it so much Unfortunately it is similar to all the other mid range shifter stories out there Enjoyable but instantly forgettable too. Rns out to be a very strong very capable very confident x Navy SEAL with a soft spot for shy bookkeeper.

This is a new author for me The concept of this story was a little different a human being bit to become the Alpha The story for the most part was not bad nothing too different but Building the Cold War enjoyable for the most part I don t know if there are plans for future books with the characters in Lupinville but if so I would be interested in seeing where the author would take them A new alpha coming in from outside a pack a total unknown is scarynough But add the facts that the old alphas were dictatorial bullies and this new one used to be a human Navy SEAL and you ve got a potentially Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) explosive situation In this story you don t just get Noah s reactions to having been made a werewolf and suddenly being responsible for a huge pack of them you also have Liam s perspective and I thought the combination of the two made for a very fun andntertaining combinationLiam has always known he is gay but he has also always had to hide it The last two abusive alphas would have killed him on sight or worse Liam is not a hero so he prefers to hide Interestingly where other people are concerned like his sister and his best friend he forgets about being a coward as he sees it and stand up for them as best he can i loved that about him and so does Noah as soon as he finds out Liam may be hesitant to come out and be scared to death to fully trust anyone Counter-Amores even Noah but being who he is he also knows he has to man upNoah may have thought his retirement from active duty for a ruined knee would man a uiet life Imagine his surprise when he finds out hislderly neighbor is much than she seems he is now a werewolf and the alpha of the pack to boot Natural instincts and his SEAL training may help but what really makes him tick and motivates him are his honor and the need to do the right thing He has uite. Liam is a shy accountant trying to hide his sexuality and stay out of trouble's way in the middle of a

The cleanup ahead of him And his attraction to Liam isn t going to help with the man so hesitant to become the Dancing at Armageddon eual partner Noah wants but thankfully Noah is as stubborn as he is honorableIf you like werewolf stories where the new guy comes in and has to sort out the pack and its issues if younjoy reading about two men who need to figure out how to relate to Double Jeopardy each other independently of the pack hierarchy and if you re looking for a read that is as hot as it isntertaining then you will probably like this novella 35 StarsInteresting I liked how Noah just knew what to do instinct kicked in I also loved Liam He may have been shy and uiet but he was fiercely protective of his friendsfamily It was nice to see the small guy have a backbone I actually uite Composition and Literature enjoyed this It s a fast read but the story s world is fairly well fleshed out and well written I liked both heroes and anticipate reading about themither through other couples in subseuent books or as main protagonists again themselves Either way I would like to read books set in Lupinville I really Cezanne and Provence enjoyed this Looking forward to in this world and toxploring this author These two really seemed to match up for me and compliment Dark Voices each other very well Great job Funasy read that was well paced and interesting I don t read a lot of werewolfshifter books but the idea of a human getting turned and becoming the alpha of a pack seemed too intriguing to pass up One of my least favorite tropes is misunderstandings used as conflict so I really liked how Liam and Noah communicated Sure there were some issues but they weren t drawn out just to give the character angst or anything Maggie is the shit Enough said 375 starsThat was better than I Contested Reproduction expected it to be No KNOTTING though Shame What Ixpected so I wasn t disappoi. Erewolf pack with a history of intimidation and intolerance So what happens when the pack's new alpha tu.

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