Barbie Lez: The Barbie Lez Fantasies Month 1

Nd my arousal began to skyrocket But will that would be really annoying in a 100 or 200 paged book it s not as bad in these short stories I just hope that Barbie realizes the problem and will work on it in the futur. I stories” ach week The theme varies between Bestiality and Lesbianism but one thing always remains constant; they are hot and FRE.

While not the world s best writing and pretty far from itactually these stories were fun for the most part and uick reads They are all short fantasies that the author has had in normal veryday situations I however. My name is Barbie Lez and I am an ‘eroticaholic’ While ven the most mundane of things can inspire me to write one of my perverse.

Disliked the one about her and a dognot my cuppa Barbie s main problem is the overusage of certain phrases You will notice it uickly and grow tired of it Such as waves and waves of reciprocated her tongue strokes Stories most begin with a fantasy Because they cannot all become a fully fledged story I have decided to release one of these “min.

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