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A man and his obedient sex slaves Excerpt “Come on You can't say you've never thought about it” He ran his hand p her thigh making her gasp “Your daughters aren't around your husband is dead what's the harm” His hand nearly reached her ass “When a lady says NO” She started saying grabbing his hand and pushing it off of her “She means” Janice continued raising her voice “Orange flavored Allegory” He said before she could finish She let go of his hand and he landed a harsh spank on her ass punishing her for her insolence SPANK “Now bitch” He said pressing his.

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Crotch on her ass dry humping her with the bulge in his Favourite Daughter underpants “When you said 'no' what exactly did you mean” “I'm sorry master” She said “I meant to say that you canse me in any way you please master” “That's what I thought” He said triumphant Meanwhile Chloe lay on her bed in her room fucking herself with her dildo in complete silence Knowing that her master was just in the next room playing with her mom his newest sex toy was killing her She wanted so badly to help please him She had to obey her master though and he told her to stay in her room till morning.

19 year old Chloe has already submitted to Matt Kilroy's control but he is far from being done The sly home invader plans on making the place his own and turn the three blonde hotties into his property With Chloe's docile help her mother a MILF if there ever was one will soon learn that she has always had a massive crush on Matt and will willingly serve his every need Witness the sexual games an outlaw hypnotist can play on his nwitting victims in this hot seuel to Hypno Home Invasion Note This is a tale of mind control erotica and contains highly explicit sexual encounters between.

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