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I can think of three adjectives to describe this entire seriessometimes funny freuently scary and always otherworldly It has uickly become one of my favorites We follow Detective Inspector Tony McLean as he conducts his investigation through two cases that become intertwined To solve both cases he must unearth the truth that lies beneath an old abandoned mental asylum thus utting his own team at risk in the The Full Experience process This series will appeal I ve been really enjoying these books I uite like the supernatural twist on the detective stories and I really like Ton Dead Men s Bones by James OswaldMeet Inspector Tony McLean You may think he s just another Detective Inspector but then his cases are far from average This cases is one that only McLean could chase and solve with or without the normal conclusion Then again you can t have everything This was the 4th book in the Inspector McLean series and my favorite Guiding methe reader effortlessly through theassage of time as Tony conducts his investigation through two cases that become intertwined as the story evolves How much is. The body of a rominent Scottish MP is discovered outside his home a remote house in North East Fife In a horrifying attack Andrew Weatherly has killed his wife and two young daughters before turning his gun on himselfThe uestion on every.

Tony willing to risk to unearth the truth that lies beneath the an old abandoned mental asylum And will that risk take down his own team in the rocessHIGHLY RECOMMENDED I read this book as a Voodoo Season pick it for me challenge and I m glad that was my reason for reading Had I selected it by any other means I likely would have given up on it a uarter of the way through It s not badly written it just wasn t my kind of thing It is the firstolice The Walking Dead Live! procedural that I ve read and though I ve watched them and loved them on TV as a book I found that aspect of the story a little boringSo as I say I m glad I had a reason for not giving up on it because this story gets better and better with every chapter The characters grow and grow thelot thickens and becomes intriguing and there s some great use of language Had the first uarter of the book gripped me as much as the last uarter it may have been a five definitely a four and a halfI m now really looking forward to reading the next book in the McLean seriesRecommended Dead Men s Bones is the 4th book in the Inspector Mclean series by author One's lips is why would this successful and wealthy man commit such a gruesome crimeInspector Tony McLean is surprised to find himself at the centre of this high rofile investigation The deeper he digs the McLean realizes he is being use.

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Ames Oswald I obtained all 7 books in this series and started reading them with the intention to slot them in between the other books I have on my list to read However having read the first one I wanted to learn about the characters in this series and so it went on I have now just started the 6th book with the likelihood that I will then go on to the 7th I do enjoy these types of series and like all the sub lots development of characters and the general familiarity of it all I would highly recommend that these books are read in the order they were intended as there are many sub lots and happenings that may not make sense to a reader starting halfway throughIn this book influential olitician Andrew Weatherly shoots his wife and two young daughters before he turned the gun on himself The uestion is why a successful olitician would suddenly snap with tragic circumstances Inspector Tony McLean leads the case that threatens the lives of his friends and colleagues I would like to thank Net Galley and Penguin UK for supplying a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. D in a game between shadowy factions from the world of ower and rivilegePressure is on to wrap up the case That would go against everything McLean believes in but to carry on will threaten the lives of his closest friends and colleagues.