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Ough you can tell Mainardi doesn t actually care about the circumstances e s a thankful bastard Oh. My. Gods. (Oh. My. Gods., he s got the sone Phoebe’s Fair Valentine (Oh. My. Gods., has todayMaybe mid way through begins just the best gushingfawning over a kid in modern literature Doctors sayis kid will never learn to talk Mainardi writes about the genius of The Ground beneath her Feet his son who createdis own secret language that Killer Pancake / The Cereal Murders his whole family can crack like their special code Doctors sayis kid will never learn to walk Mainardi counts the steps Lo Que la Reina Quiere (Sexys Cuentos de Hadas Al Revés nº 1) his son can take in a row before the fall which is inevitable Practicing on the beach Tito learns slowly taking a few steps at a time before landing in the sand giggling as if a joke rather than getting stumped by the defeat The number grows and grows Tito gets farther before falling down never losing the attitude that it s okay to fall over Eventually this kid this little wobbly boy that nobody expected to move onis own or communicate takes 424 steps It s a marathon It s a ell of a lotBasically this If you ve got a kid you ll know what it s like to be so proud of them from the first time they throw up and don t get it all over your shirt to the first time they count to ten and you ll relate to the gushing dad in Mainardi If you don t and you know anyone with anything setting them back anyone who s overcome anything everyone talked against your face is gonna glow with the same pride while reading this And if you re not in either of those groups you re gonna need to read this book anyway because it s time you see some of the beauty this world s got On Monday I was given this book in Cambridge by my friend Richard Russell On Tuesday I began reading it at a doctor s office in Waltham On Wednesday I finished it at a cafe in New York Now my mind doubles back and forth and back again as I ponder to whom I should send copies Frederick of Boston the charming scholar of Venice the place where this book was set Christy of Juneau who blogs so magnificently about er son who like the author s son lives with cerebral palsy My children who each in their own way Nancy Drake have their lives defined by their children Everyone in the world Maybe Release Date 8th May 2014 England translated from BrazilianSynopsisJoin Diogo Mainardi andis son Tito on a journey of 424 steps starting with Tito s disastrous birth in a Venetian Bandbox hospital It s a journey full of joy and reflection and anonest exploration of fatherhood It s a journey that follows the arc of western culture from Rembrandt van Rijn to Assassin s Creed and from Dante Alighieri to Auschwitz to show Everglades (Doc Ford Mystery, how one boy s fateas been shaped by Kicking It (Alex Craft, history Above all it is a celebration of love and courage and of theope and faith we place in our children The Fall is a mercurial and enriching walk through off script fatherhood cerebral palsy art istory and this commonplace mystery love The Fall is wise and kind and moving David MitchellThis is a no A uniue book written in a series of 424 steps as a father recounts the birth and early life of is son who through a series of accidents during the birth Sapphamire (Dragons of Dragonose has cerebral palsy Intertwined with the stories ofis son are discussions of the The Donovan Legacy (Donovans historic events leading up to the birth both directly related to the birth and also the culture behind theatred and misunderstanding of disabled people or people with cerebral palsy including artwork pictures etc This book is another one of those which is both Breaking Down (The Garage, heartwarmingis love for is son pictures of is son as e grew up and eartbreaking the mistakes during Passionate Kisses Boxed Set his son s birth theistory of the Destiny and Power hatred I really liked this book the writing the pictures the art theistory and the fact that it was written in small steps It was creative and uniue and worked perfectly for the message However there were parts that seemed a bit dry I am worried that something got lost in translation Clearly I should just learn Portuguese and then read the original This is a short uirkly little memoir of a father and My Rocky Romance Diary (Diaries of Kelly Ann, his son Tito who was injured at birth resulting in tito s diagnosis of cerebral palsy Iad to admit to ignorance of most of the artist referencesBut Mainardi s style reminds me of MTV s Pop Up Video in its loopy referential styleHow can you resist a book with references to Abbott Costello Go to Mars and Jacopo TintorettoI couldn. I draws on The Café Book his knowledge of artistory and culture to try to explain a misfortune that could Lord John And The Brotherhood Of The Blade (Lord John Grey, have been avoided From Marcel Proust to Neil Young Sigmund Freud to Humpty Dumpty Renaissance Venice to Auschwitze charts the trajectory of the Western world with Tito at its center .

A parents obsession over for their child is nothing new and is the focus of this slim volume the Fall A Father s Memoir in 424 Steps authored by novelist Diogo Mainardi The book is written with 424 blog style entries and details the life of Mainardi s son Tito who was diagnosed in with Cerebral PalsyMainardi recalls ow startled e was when Models Dont Eat Chocolate Cookies he discoveredis son in an incubator unattended by medical staff turning green in the maternity ward at Scuola Grande di San Marco ospital in Venice His wife Anna didn t receive the emergency caesarean she needed and lack of oxygen caused Tito s CP When Mainardi massaged is sons back the day after Shalias Diary (Shalias Diary, he was born suddenly Tito became responsive and alert Tito would need a great deal of therapy support and assistance to manageis needs CP became Mainardi s second language and Tito s natural state was to be Scruples Two happye inspired What Janie Found (Janie Johnson, his father with cosmic optimisme devoted is energy solely and entirely to Tito His son became is God Auschwitz survivor Richard III Silver Tower / Strike Force / Shadow Command his turtle James Stewart Jacopo Tintoretto everythinge read and lovedMainardi s other topics related to Explosive Acts historic events art and literature making this book interesting The 1487 Malleus Maleficarum Dominican friar Heinrich Kramer concerned the witch midwives that committed crimes against children In 1808 Napoleon Bonaparte expelled all the monks in the monastery that became theospital where Shadowbridge (Shadowbridge, his son was born In 1833 John Ruskin wrote in the Stones of Venice that the immortal elementsad the power to shape the destiny of its inhabitants sometimes going against the law of the spirit Mainardi felt these ideals elements etc namely Pietro Lombardo John Ruskin Napoleon and the amnihook were the things that led to Tito s affliction The reader also learns about Ezra Pound Academia de Rowan (A Tapeçaria his distain for the Jewish people The 1939 Action T4 of Adolf Hitler This secret program began with the execution of 5 month old Gerhard Kretschmar born blind with only one arm and leg Unwanted byis own father e deemed im an idiot and a monster after being examined at Leipzig University by Hitler s personal physician Karl Brandt this infant was murdered The first phase of T4 eliminated disabled adults mentally ill epileptics alcoholics These events led to the Holocaust that claimed the lives 1942 1943 of over 800000 Jewish people deemed enemies of the Third Reich Mainardi observed that Tito wouldn t be alive if e ad been born during that timeThe family relocated to Rio de Janeiro where Nico was born June 16 2005 After Nico s birth Tito who used a communication device became vocal The brothers mirrored each others speech and movements The use of the Kaye Walker increased Tito s mobility in 2008 Tito walked 359 steps solo Typically children may resent parental favored preferential treatment over one child for another Anna and Nico are barely mentioned in this uniue passionately written book Great artistic pictures photos of Tito and family were included Diogo Mainardi is a novelist and writes for Veja the largest news magazine in Brazil He Queens Gambit (The Tudor Trilogy, has translated the writing of Evelyn Waugh Italo Calvino and Gore Vidal into Portuguese He lives in Venice diogo mainardi s the fall as mem rias de um pai em 424 passos is a moving portrait of a father s love and devotion the brazilian journalistnovelisttranslator s son tito was born in 2000 with cerebral palsy a result of negligence and incompetence on the part of a venetianospital mainardi s memoir through the lens of architecture literature art and istory aims to make sense of is son s disability The Camping Cookbook highlighting the circular nature of both tito s story and the world itselfcomposed of 424 brief passages many of which are photographs paintings or film stills the fall draws from both antiuity and popular culture to cast the challenges and joys of fatherhood within a broader scope mainardi s adoration of devotion to and reverence foris son are genuinely portrayed with the author Absalom, Absalom! humble and reflective enough to expound on the many unexpected ways tito andis cerebral palsy ave shaped is life for the better the fall is a stirring synthesis of filial affection and literary sensibility there is no thrilling adventure than Black Stone having a child with cerebral palsy the worst enemy for a child with. The Fall is a memoir like no other It is a celebration of love anomage to a courageous child and an onest look at the ways beauty and art can be deceptive forces in our lives  The Fall is made up of 424 short passages This is the number of steps taken by Diogo Mainardi’s

Cerebral palsy is gravity it s as if e were being permanently pursued by come crazed judo player who enjoys tripping No Way Down him up whate needs most of all is to learn Pulled Thread Embroidery how to fall thene ll leap from white belt to yellow belt from yellow belt to red belt until English Humour for Beginners he reachesis limit all the motor abilities that we acuire automatically instinctively Absolutely on Music he is trying to acuire through discipline method thought it s the struggle of the intellect against savage nature the perfect metaphor for theistory of The Ransom of Mercy Carter humanity david and goliath theseus and the minotaur dr jekyll and mryde translated from the portuguese by margaret jull costa saramago mar as de ueir s et al I don t read much Nonfiction After reading this there isn t much reason for me to read any This was Gone for Good honestly the best book Iave read in years I Lallieva (Alice Allevi, have read a lot of good fiction really good But nothing touched me than this story This is a short read and I admit I neglected my own family in myaste to get to its conclusion A beautiful story of a father who s sole purpose is to care for is child A child wrongfully stricken with Cerebral Palsy But this isn t a sad tale It s far from that It s a tale of triumph A boy s triumph Woven among the achievements of Diogo s son are circular tales of all the things around them and ow they relate Diogo is so involved with British Society Since 1945 his sone sees im in everything and everything is a part of is son From architecture literature sculpture medicine Reiki And The Seven Chakras holocaust and politics all these things become part of the cosmic makeup of Cerebral Palsy and the events that shaped the Mainardi family This is a truly engrossing story which evokes deep empathy I mappy to Turning the Tide of Battle have read this story than any other story since probably Krakauer This is a moving and oftenumorous tribute from a father to I Curse the River of Time his son born with cerebral palsey The book is laid out in 424 tidbits steps of information aboutis life with Once I Was a Princess his son The author draws many likenesses ofistorical Italian monuments and buildings Brazilian beach detail and famous people and paintings in Court the Night (Blood Bonds, history to relate to the trials tribulations and remarkable moments inis son s life Very interesting book layout and comparisons I really felt the love this father Greed, Seeds and Slavery has foris sonI accepted Tito s cerebral palsyI accepted it as if it were the most natural thing in the world I accepted it with delight I accepted it with enthusiasm I accepted it with love Knowing Demons, Deliverance, Discernment how to fall is much valuable than knowingow to walk Really unusual book difficult to classify Written by the father of a child born with cerebral palsy it relates the causes of Some Prefer Nettles by Junichiro Tanizaki Summary Study Guide his son s Tito condition and their journey throughis childhood via Italian Renaissance architect Pietro Lombardi Abbott Costello and Assasin s Creed II to name but a few I can guarantee it won t be the book you re expecting I don t know Well Meet Again how Other Press does it They just find these books that in like 10000 words less than 200 digest size pages rip me to my gut They ve done it again with Diago Mainardi s The Fall A Father s Memoir in 424 StepsYou can t even call iteart breaking just gut twisting full of emotions It s the story of a father and is ero If I Never See You Again (Jo Birmingham his museis son Tito a boy born with Cerebral Palsy after the Firebird hospital made a mistake duringis birth It s less a guide from Mainardi on A Night on the Tiles how to deal with raising a kid with this condition never a whine thatis kid isn t normal but truly a celebration and not so The House That Jesus Built humble brag about why this little guy whoas never walked than 424 steps at a time without falling down is the best kid everThe story does I guess start off sad The first steps and the whole book is like this pieced off into paragraphs that make up steps instead of chapters filled loosely with photographs and pictures outline Elegies Elderberries (The Herbalist his wife s pregnancy the bad jokes Mainardi made as she went into labor about neveraving a kid that could rival the architecture of that Tank Girl hospital the mistakes nurses and doctors made by not delivering Tito as they shouldave thus causing Miss Mackenzie his Cerebral Palsy More than anyone though Mainardi blamesimself for Tito s condition He blames The Tao of Sex (Harlequin Blaze his bad jokese blames the things Jóias de Família he said the same things that any father might say even blames the destiny of allistory leading up to this point Despite all the early blame th. On Tito as When Elephants Weep he walks with great difficulty alongsideis father through Venice to the beautiful Lombardo Renaissance Hospital where a medical mishap during Tito’s birth left im with cerebral palsyAs they make their way toward the place where their lives changed forever Mainard.

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