Paul Kleber Monod: Jacobitism and the English People 16881788

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Elated to the Jacobites let me say that this was essential. T of Jacobite activity from pamphlets and newspapers to songs cartoons riots seditious words clubs and armed insurrection It argues that Jacobitism was not confined to a tiny group of fanatical reactionaries and that it had a profound impact on various aspects of English life including political thought literature popular cultu.

Being that I wrote on the Nonjurors a religious movement Jacobitism or support for the exiled Stuarts after the revolution of 1688 has become a topic of great interest in recent years Historians have debated its influence on Parliamentary politics but none has yet attempted to explore its broader implications in English society This study offers a wide ranging analysis of every aspec.

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Reading for my doctoral studies Excellent book well written. Re religion and elite sociability It contributed a great deal both to the emergence of conservative attitudes in eighteenth century England and to the development of a radical critiue of Whig government This paradoxical legacy makes Jacobitism a subject of considerable significance in English political social and cultural histo.