John Michael Godier: The Salvagers

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R left me woefully in the dark That s a bit of a pun actually since the the author s science delves into dark matter For science fiction fans who have nderstanding of science than poor me Incredible fun and an easy read for SF JMG made so many clever choices that I often had to stop and apprec. N space the mining vessel Cape Hatteras and the fabulous wealth it containsUnbeknownst to Cam and his crew within.

I like the story and the characters but it s a little on the short sideThe flashbacks to the modern day from 400 years in the future can be jarring at times I really liked Godier s lead characters and the overall story of an extraordinary salvage job in space was interesting The science howeve. Four centuries in the future salvager Captain Camden D Hunter and his crew find the richest shipwreck ever lost

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Iate the writing itself Space opera gold Found this gem from a great YouTube video the author created explaining different theories of the Fermi paradox Finished Salvagers in just a few hours of a sitting If this is your genre give this fun ride a try Godier writes passionately for folks like That ship lies a dark secret that could threaten Earth the solar system and even the whole of the niverse itsel.