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N of praise I ask myself and perhaps you also ask why not award that fifth star I can t in good conscious hand out a perfect score to a work that bears a flaw worthy enough to mention in a review the flaw being that for all the enjoyment the raw content that the book offers it also overreaches in a profound way My complaint is that every vignette in the book is made necessarily brief because it covers so many things and I found myself wanting to dwell on certain parts of the story but was shuttled along at breakneck speed by its pace It was akin to visiting a place you have always wanted to see but finding that you only get a handful of minutes to take it all in before your tour guide rushes you off to the next destination All in all it was a wonderful trip but the nagging sensation of things unseen stays with me at the close of itLong and short of it War Crimes in an excellent book that I highly recommend to fans of the Warcraft universe especially those with an interest in the rich tapestry of stories both inside and outside of the games themselves Golden acuits herself nobly in the execution of the task of closing a number of story arcs while setting the stage for a new one to come ust try to remember the warning above in the process and don t attempt to force yourself to linger Vol Death Scene Investigation Procedural Guide jin Shadows of the Horde World of Warcraft 12 Michael A Stackpole. To relive painful memories and even uestion their own innocence or guilt For others the chilling details stoke the flames of their hatred Unbeknownst to anyone shadowy forces are at work on Azeroth threatening not only the court's ability to mete outustice but also the lives of everyone at the tria.

Best WoW novel yet It had a wonderful taste of WoW s past with a fascinating examination of the current climate of Azeroth and Pandaria We got to see some characters we haven t really had a chance to spend time with and Anduin becomes and someone I like reading about and less that little kid next to Varian in Stormwind The courtroom section of it is tense smart and absolutely gripping this is a must read for WoW players and I think even non Azerothians will find something to enjoy here This is a World of Warcraft courtroom drama It s played entirely serious Now either this is awesome and hilarious at once or it s suspension of disbelief breaking I lean toward the former than the latter Does it make sense that Baine Bloodhoof and Tyrande Whisperwind have either the trai As a world of warcraft nerd this is probably the best warcraft novel I ve read I haven t read that many but still It gives face time to all of the racial leaders apart from Blood Elves who were notable absent I mean the guy had a single line but then literally never got mentioned again Very odd for one of the most highly played races but oh wellIf you re not into warcraft there s no real reason to read this book and if you know absolutely nothing of warcraft then I imagine this would be highly confusing I would start this review with an admission this is a case where I feel Goodreads. Alliance and Horde forces have stripped Garrosh Hellscream one of the most reviled figures on Azeroth of his title as warchief His thirst for conuest devastated cities nearly tore the Horde apart and destroyed countless lives throughout theWORLD OF WARCRAFT® Now on the legendary continent of Pandaria.

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Does its volunteer reviewers a disservice by not offering the ability to use half stars in one s rating Typically I can work around this limitation by rounding up or down depending on my overall feeling of the work in review but here the subtraction or addition of an entire star would be respectively either an insult to the uality of the book or a well intended lie on my partDispensing with that external critiue let me say that War Crimes may well be the best extended universe offering in the Warcraft vein to date Christie Golden takes on a very complex and interwoven set of stories and tackles them all with skill and aplomb I tallied about about 8 concurrent story lines all going at roughly the same time most of them centered around the main event for the which the book takes its name the trial and sentencing of war criminal Garrosh Hellscream The book manages to resolve a number of previously open uestions and at the same time asking several new ones It also manages to hit the sweet spot of resolving a primary dramatic arc without closing the proverbial book on the greater story and all of this without the dragging weight of the typical cliffhanger It s a riveting and nuanced ride and kept me up well into the night because I felt compelled to finish it despite exhaustion and the fact that I had to rise early for work the next daySo with that effusio. He will stand trial for his transgressions Renowned leaders from across the world have gathered to witness this historic event As the trial unfolds agents of the bronze dragonflight present shocking visions of Garrosh's atrocities For many of those in attendance these glimpses into history force them.

Award winning author Christie Golden has written over thirty novels and several short stories in the fields of science fiction fantasy and horror She has over a million books in print2009 will see no fewer than three novels published First out in late April will be a World of Warcraft novel Athas Rise of the Lich King This is the first Warcraft novel to appear in hardcover Fans of the youn