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E afterword of this edition The imagining is very explicit very material very thorough It triumphs in that wayBut fails in my opinion at the difficult emotional transformation This is handled sketchily the dialogue does not help there isn t much but what is there is bad Stine says she was in the thrall of Ayn Rand at the time and that influence may account for the woodenness of the conversations Major plot devices are used to force the story along And the conclusion is in its own way much too pat much too conservative the rakish man has ben turned into a well not a ood woman iven her very many sexual experiences but the right kind of woman She s pregnant by her husband and ready to settle down into a life of domesticityNote that this edition has very many typographical mistakes. Audience Plus New Afterword Jean Marie Stine has been editor of Galaxy SF and Starblaze Books and is currently editor of Futures Past Editions Her short stories have appeared in numerous publications including Amazing Stories Galaxy Pegasus and SF Sagas and are collected in Herstory Other Science Fictions During the late 1960s she served as personal assistant to Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry working on special projects; and in the 1970s she wrote the now classic The Prisoner A Day in the Life based on the cult television series starring Patrick McGooh.

I think I like the idea of this book than the bookThe basic plot is this a man rape and murders a woman in a far future when the population has been so reduced by war and plague that the death penalty is taboo The judge rules that the perpetrator s victim will be iven to science his mind will be placed into the body of the woman he murderedSound interesting enough right The social and legal situation don t make that much sense in such a future one might imagine that murdering someone would be especially heinous and so the death penalty used And if the techniue to put one s consciousness into another body why isn t it used often rather than just as a freakish judgment of a court Still there could be some interesting exploration of ender issuesBut that never really comes through. She was the first woman he had ever been An SF transgender erotic classic Chosen One of the Thirty Most Important Science Fiction Novels of the 1960s Season of the Witch tells the story of Andre a man who murders a woman in a post apocalyptic future A dangerously low population has resulted in an end to capital punishment Instead of execution Andre has his brain transplanted into his victim's body while his own body is iven to an aging brilliant scientist Andre’s search for his original male body takes him through a series of physically and spiritually

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At least as I read the book And that s because the story is clearly the working out of the author s personal issues Jean Marie Stine was born Henry Eugene Stine and this book was written while he was still wrestling with his sexual identity which is another way I like the idea of the book not as a novel but as a marker in Stine s life story a valuable document that way Just not a ood storyThe exploits are told almost entirely through a series of vividly described sexual encounters Call it erotica if you want it s pornography and it blows my mind that a book like this one could be published only a decade after the obscenity trials for Allen Ginsberg s Howl It is clear that what interested Stine the most was the act of imagining himself into a woman s body He admits as much in th. Isorienting sexual encounters to an unexpected denouement during an Agape ceremony in the temple of a strange hedonistic cult No wonder Foundation called the book A powerful tale of biological transformation and sexual identity Or that 20th Century Science Fiction Writers hailed it book as A special combination of science fiction and erotic detail and rhetoric The uality of the novel artistically justifies this radical strategy In 1995 the book was filmed as Synapse UK as Memory Run introducing its uniue mix of transgender and science fiction to a whole new.

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