Ken Johnson: Ancient Prophecies Revealed

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Nd this to anyone Exalant book does exactly what title claims Very well laid out or those into studying. And interpreted rom the Ancient Church Fathers The Ancient Church Fathers including disciples of the 12 apostles were irmly premelinnial pretribulational and very Pro Isra.

Rk that I refer to time This is absolutely one of the most incredible books I have read I highly recomme. The heart of this book is the 53 prophecies ulfilled between 1948 and 2008 The last 11 prophecies between 2008 and the Tribulation are also given All these are documented.

Lists 500 prophecies in the Bible and the order and dates just when they were ulfilled A Un Cadeau pour ma Femme fascinating wo. This book shows over 500 biblical prophecies in the order of when they wereulfilled These include pre lood times though the irst Coming of Jesus and into the Middle Ages.

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Ken Johnson was born in 1965 and became a Christian at the age of 12 He uickly realized there were differences in doctrine in various denominations and sought out to prove to himself the correct interpretation of these issues that divide Christians After an intensive study of the first century church he sought to bring back the teaching of the disciples of the 12 apostles He has authored numer