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Really anticlimactic most of the time But overall a really cute book This book series was huge when I was a id in the sixties My older sister and I suabbled over them they were thicker than the Nancy Drew books and since I was a faster reader than my sister I was always getting stick for picking up her book before she was done with it I don t now where we got them but somehow I thought this one came after Donna Parker Special Agent After all in Book 2 Donna is starting ninth grade which makes her what Fourteen but in this summer adventure she seems much grown up and mature than in the second installment I enjoyed the summer camp story a lot than the school stuff but that s probably because I hated school anyway loved learning hated school Donna is pretty responsible and sensible compared to Ricky s spontanaeity but she isn t uite as prissy at Cherrydale as she became later on in the series Of course it s wish fulfillment fiction for girls so her parents have plenty of money and Daddy s work takes him on a round the world trip in another volume meaning plenty of presents for pretty practically perfect Donna Probably too dated for girls of today but I enjoyed them then. Ngely Dr and Mrs Duvall seem to be hiding something A young girl from Donna and Ricky's hometown is causing problems at the camp As if all of those issues weren't enough there is an intriguing and mysterious house in the nearby woods.

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I remember finding this book at a garage sale when I was a preteen and I loved it Read this whole series as a young girl My daddy brought home the first one for me to read when I was in about 4th grade and home sick from school It was the first big book I remember reading and I was hooked on reading from that point on Finally got to read the first of the great Donna Parker series by the legendary Marcia Martin I LOVED it I can read most books at a sitting but I wanted to make this last so I deliberately read just a few pages each day I read Donna Parker On Her Own first decades ago as a little girl This book has the same feel the same atmosphere as Donna Parker s hometown and introduces this delightful character and her best friend Ricky it is truly enchanting Five Stars the maximum I did so love these books when I was a id I remember buying them for 59 at Kresge s when I had money or asking for them for Christmas Man were things a LOT simpler then My 2nd favorite of the whole series During busy wedding week I enjoyed this light teen romance from my youth and thoroughly enjoyed the story once again I read a lot Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew than Donna but this was Donna Parker at Cherrydale is the first book in the Donna Parker series Donna and her best friend Ricky take summer jobs at Camp Cherrydale a camp for young children run by Dr and Mrs Duvall As junior counselors Donna and Ricky immer.

Ne of my favorites I hadn t read it in so long that I had forgotten it so I enjoyed the many oh yeah moments as it unfolded Donna Parker is a dreadful goody two shoes but I did remember that so I was mentally prepared Every once in a while I get nostalgic for books I read as a Flying Scotsman Manual kid I spent a lot of time at my grandparents house especially during summer I particularly loved the Whitman books the Donna Parker books were particularly delightful It definitely harkens to simpler times when an electric sewing machine was a very big deal and mothers than not actuallynew how to sew Yes it s dated but I still find the books charming and if I see one of the books I loved as a Alpha (Shifters, kid at a thrift store I pick it up and enjoy a uick nostalgia trip This is the first in the Donna Parker series Donna and Ricky have just finished 8th grade and are junior camp counselors for the summer I love old books and this one was a rare find at a thrift store for 225 It was an enjoyable story and I recommend for middle school age girls a bit of mystery a bit of romance and a lot of funThe one thing that annoyed me was the fact that every chapter ending had to be suspenseful for some reason So it was. Se themselves in camp life They meeting new people get tonow their young charges run activities and soak up the lovely surroundings of the camp However camp life is not all fun and games Donna's senior counselor is acting very stra.

Pen name of Marcia Lauter Obrasky LevinA popular children's book author creator of the Donna Parker series 22 books for beginning readers and some of the first enrichment text books in the New Mathematics She was born and raised in Philadelphia and lived in Rye New York for 56 years