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Have and it is really funny at times 35 starsOverall I enjoyed this book uite a bit however the reason I gave it 35 stars is I felt the typos were very distracting so fellow grammar nazis beware and I also thought the characters were a bit typical However if you enjoy beauty and the beast type stories and you ike seeing emotionally wounded characters transformed by Water Music love this book may be for you AwesomeThis book is a great beach day read Loved itI I can t wait to get started on the next one I received a free copy of this book in a giveaway and this has not affected my opinion in any way Beneath the Scars is the story of Riley a young veteran who is badly scarred and Eponine a twenty one year old who is working hard toook after her Revived little sister as their parents have died The friendship they slowly strike up takes Riley by surprise as he hasn t had many positive experiences with people since he came homeThis is a clean and heart warming romance story that would be suitable for readers of young adult fiction as well as fans of the genreooking for something sweet yet grounded in realism The characters are really well written and their interactions believable There are a few good dramatic twists to the story and also some Student Research Projects in Calculus lighter moments while Eponine s attempts at breaking through Riley s defences begin to work and they start getting to know one and other I m not generally a fan of romance novels but having read one of Weber s stories previously I was impressed by how believable her characters were and this was what made the story so engaging for me They feelike real people and this made the book hard to put down The romantic side of things was sweet and resulted in a satisfying feel good endingOverall this is a realistic and heart warming romantic tale and I would recommend it highly to fans of the romance genre What a sweet ove story I read it in a day because I couldn t put it down I had to know what was going to happen nextThe characters are extremely easy to ike and the author s writing makes you feel so invested in their story It was one of those books that I was sad when it ended because I really connected with the characters and I wanted of them This was an emotional read dealing with Love for Imperfect Things life events that most of us overlook The storyine is exceptional a wounded veteran and two young women dealing all dealing with tragedy Together they A Heart of Stone learn how to help one another and overcome many issues This talented author brings us an amazing yet heart wrenching story This is a must readI voluntarily read and review this book all opinions expressed are my own. Rmalife for her ittle sister GenevieveCan these new neighbors help each other heal finding the ight and aughter in the world again Most importantly can Eponine help Riley see he's not the monster he believes himself to be beneath the sca.

A modern day version of Beauty and the Beast Riley is about to be deployed so he breaks up with his girlfriend he wasn t really attached to her anyway She curses him by saying that ooks will only get you so far and hopes that a bomb explodes and ruins his Divertimento looks Eponine hasost her parents in a freak accident she is now the guardian of her 10 year old sister Eponine has to postpone College get a minimum paid job selling the house and moving into a 2 bedroom apartment with their German Shephard dog Bubbles They move into the same complex as Riley who after having an accident in Afgan has come back scared and turned into a hermit the only social contact he has is with his sister Charlotte and that only at night Eponine and Riley don t get on well to begin with but they become friends and it develops from there this is a sweet romantic story that shows that the packaging doesn t matter but what is inside that counts thus seeing beneath the scars Riley s idea with the roses was beautiful Sometimes our Love Is a Fairy Tale lives don t turn out the way we had hoped Circumstances beyond our control change our fate After the death of her parents twenty three year old Eponine struggles to provide for herself and her ten year old sister so she won tose custody Riley struggles to accept his new Promise at Dawn life after he was terribly scarred by the warBENEATH THE SCARS by Author Ottile Weber is the story of one woman s courage as she puts her ownife aside to care for her sister Eponine faces a case worker determined to terminate her custody rights a would be over getting even because she won t date him and earning enough money to support herself Riley is a war hero but the burns he suffered while on duty and the way people stare at him when he eaves his apartment make him feel ike a monster so he hides under a hoodie and avoids going out Told in alternating points of view we get a glimpse of Eponine s and Riley s thoughts and ivesOttile Weber has written a story of family and The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery love BENEATH THE SCARS is also a story ofooking at the person not just what we see on the outside but the beauty that is on the inside Ms Weber also touches on the challenges and dangers our military men and women face each day This is a novel that will touch your heart and perhaps make you aware of the sacrifices paid by those that are defending our country and its people It has me The storyline behind Beneath the Scars is a heart wrenching one that makes you ache Unfortunately it took me some time to read and finish but I enjoyed the book despite how Darkmere long it took I believe there were a few grammatical errors perhaps a mis. Corporal Riley Nolan is back home and out of the hospital after sustaining severe injuries in a skirmish overseas His physical injuries may be healed though he iseft with horrible scars all over his body His mind is still healing and he has.

Spelled word or two but that s neither here nor there Overall Beneath the Scars was an enjoyable read This is one of those books where you feel sad when it s over because the main characters feel Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? like they ve become part of your extended family and you miss them when there s no to read Weber has a talent for the tiny details that bring each and every one of her characters toife Even the dog has a realistic personality When Eponine and Riley first meet they are both suffering from past events Riley is struggling with the events of everyday Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den living with the mental and physical scars of war Eponine is struggling having to grow up too uickly after the death of her parents and becoming the sole guardian of her younger sister Readers get toive through the journey of each of these characters as they Scraps Of The Untainted Sky learn how to get on withife beyond these The Eric Carle Gift Set life changing circumstances This story is touching and relevant to our world today where so many of our country s brave heroes are suffering the physical and emotional injuries from warEponine makes a great role model for young women She s responsible and she doesn t give in to peer pressure but is able to formulate her own opinions and decisions using her well crafted common sense and instincts I would recommend this book for teens and adults alike 35 stars rounded up to 4 This book started out slowly and I found both the writing and the storyline very youngish Now what does youngish mean To me it means that the writer was expecting the reader to be in their teens orate teens not a seasoned romance slut Huguenot Prophecy and Clandestine Worship in the Eighteenth Century like myself That said the book was still enjoyable just a tad bit blandThe H is a young Marine coming home after being horribly scarred from an explosion He hates how heooks and assumes everyone else will also He only goes out in the dark covered by a hoodie and otherwise Fashion Design Course livesike a hermit in his apartmentThe h is a 21 year old girl whose parents have been killed and she is now forced to care for her 10 year old sister All of her dreams have been put on hold so that she can work and keep a roof over their heads She moves into the same apartment complex as the Marine and slowly with the help of the Marine s sister and just the force of the h s generally good and caring heart they become friends and eventually off screen than friendsUnfortunately we got a Aeralis (The Frost Chronicles, lot of the friend building moments but veryittle of the real relationship building but there was a very nice epilogue at the end which was satisfying Another big highlight of the book is the 10 year old sister She has the confidence and mouth on her that only a 10 year can. Almost no contact with the world outside his small dark apartmentAfter the death of her parents and being forced to sell their house and move into an apartment in a new town Eponine is eft picking up the pieces while trying to maintain a no.

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Ottilie Weber grew up in Wall New Jersey not far from the beach She always has a book in her hands or nearby despite her dyslexia She graduated from The College of New Jersey earning a degree in History Secondary Education then earned her special education certificate She now has left New Jersey and teaches in Virginia Ottilie has a passion for writing where she is always ready to take on