Elizabeth Cooke: The Wild Dark Flowers

That ending though Couldn t put this one down I actually liked this one better than the first I m glad that I found this series looking forward to reading the next one 2nd book in this series about the Cavendish family The son off to war and the rest of the family living at Rutherford Park The story is set in 1915 and William and Olivia Cavendish are husband and wife in name only as Olivia had an affai. When May came that year in Rutherford it was beautiful than anyone could ever remember More beautiful and terrible From inside their sprawling estate of Rutherford Park the Cavendish family had a privileged perspective of the world On the first morning in May 1915 with a splendid view that reached across the gardens to the Vale of York nothi.

R with an american a year ago The son Harry leaves for Frnce and is a pilot in the Royal Flying Corp Two daughters still living at home but most of the servants are involved in the war effort 35 stars This is the second book in the trilogy With England at war life begins to change at Rutherford Park While Octavia has ended her affair she mourns for the life she could have had The estate is losing men and. Ng seemed lovelier or less threatening And yetAt the risk of ndoing the Cavendish name with scandal William and Octavia Cavendish have been living a lie maintaining a marriage out of duty rather than passion But when their son Harry joins the Royal Flying Corps in France the Cavendish family are forced to face the navoidable truths about

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Horses to the war effort and Harry is flying aircraft a highly dangerous position When Harry is injured Octavia begins to see how the world is changing and what she might do to make strides for herself Each member of the family must find a way to adjust to the new reality or be left behind The book shows both the horrors of the war and the challenges for those at home Fantastic Review will be posted soo. Hemselves the society in which they thrive and the secrets they can no longer bearIn the wake of a terrible war the emotional shifts between a husband and a wife a wife and her lover and a mother and her children will shake the very foundation of the Cavendish family and change the niuely vulnerable lives of all who reside at Rutherford Par.

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