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Y generalaand officers on both sides Excellen. Holden to Hitler that they subordinated even their most strongly eld professional judgments to Hitler’s will acuiescing to a suicidal offensive they knew could not succeed• Contrary to popular belief both German and some American troops committed atrocities in killing unarmed and surrendering soldiers• By the time World War II came to pass the mechanization and mobility of troops the key importance of air power and the The Shaping of Western Civilization harnessing of scientific and technological knowhow all of which reuired industrial might were the determining factors in deciding wars• The greatest conflagration known to mankind ended four centuries of European domination of the world and ushered in the American centuryAll this and much Apart from brilliantly chronicling the drama and vicissitudes of the life and death struggles of the contending armies in Western Europe Atkinson demonstratesow the Allies’ overwhelming advantage in men and especially the physical wherewithal to wage war sealed Nazi Germany’s fate The narrative is a genuine tour de forceFROM START TO FINISH IN JUST 20 MINUTESHere's your chapter by chapter guide to Rick Atkinson's The Guns at Last Light that you can start and finish right now.

T of trilogy detailed with personal remarks Meticulous planning and coordination all to an extent never seen before in uman istoryWar – in all its crudity The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles heroism terror and misery – is portrayed in this most epic of stories Rick Atkinson skillfully weaves individual soldiers’ stories with the grand strategy pursued by the different leaders of the belligerent powersThe Guns at Last Light is exceptionally evenanded and balanced The portraits of the main commanders are insightful and objective Their strengths and weaknesses are analyzed unsparingly giving complete and nuanced portraits of famous generals Eisenhower might not Medicine and Religion have been a great operational commander but withoutis maturity The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, his patience andis diplomatic and political skills the alliance might Valentino have come unstuck with disastrous conseuences General Patton mightave undertaken daring and brilliant maneuvers but most likely e would ave broken up the alliance and endangered the war effort with is vainglorious demeanor imprudence and lack of tact In this summary you will discover that• The German war effort proved incredibly resilient as against generalized expectations Germany did not surrender in 1944• The most senior generals in the Wehrmacht were so be.

Best work on World W ll European Theater par. SAVE TIME UNDERSTAND MOREWARNING This is not the actual book The Guns at Last Light by Rick Atkinson Do not buy this summary analysis if you are looking for a full copy of this fascinating book which can be found back on the search pageInstead we ave already read The Guns at Last Light and pulled out some of the key points and insights to give you a comprehensive chapter by chapter summary review In doing so unfortunately we do not ave the space to include all of the many important ideas and anecdotes found in The Guns at Last Light To get it all you should first order the full book Packaged together in an engaging and easily digestible format this concise summary analysis works best as an unofficial guide or companion to read alongside the book A SUMMARY OF RICK ATKINSON'S THE GUNS AT LAST LIGHT THE WAR IN WESTERN EUROPE 1944 1945 RICK ATKINSONThe greatest armada ever assembled is poised to invade Normandy and liberate the continent from Nazi tyranny They will ave to battle a ardened and veteran German army and later on fanatical Nazi resistance as they approach and enter the Third Reich Such a vast undertaking reuires an extraordinary amount of materiel superhuman logistical effort.

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