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Good for what it wasThe twist at. This story picks up where The Sleepy Teen Cheerleader left off Not only does sexy oung cheerleader Tasha condone Stefan's use of her body she actually loves it When her parents are out of town they plan a crazy weekend of sleep sex and Stefan soon realises he can get pretty rough with the heavy sleeping girl and she won't be able to protest WARNING This 4800 word story contains explicit somnophilia themes including sleeping sex sleeping blowjob sleeping deep throat sleeping face fucking and all round rough sex with a passed out teen virginExcerpt Thus began the most magical period of my life By the time we went back to school on the following Monday we were an item finding ever.

The end made me feel morally bet. Y opportunity we could between classes to make out and grope each other without getting caught by teachers My classmates began to treat me like a living legend Tasha having rebuffed the advances of all the guys who normally end up dating the cheerleaders Standing in the hallways with her body pressed close to mine the whole world dissolved around me and I was routinely lost in her crystal blue eyesIt was harder to show our affection around the Miller household We didn't dare do anything while her parents were home lest they do something drastic like have me deported It seemed like every time we got a spare moment outside of school something came up or interrupted us I was as hor.

Ter about reading this book lmao. Ny as well the eighteen Old Yukon year old guy that I was and after a couple of weeks running around like this I was practically bouncing off the walls with lust for herThat was the state of mind I was in when Mr Miller told us that he had in a raffle won travel to and two night's accommodation in another city so he and his wife would be away the following weekend Thoughts raced through my head regarding all the things Tasha and I could do while they were away but my wildest dreams paled in comparison to what she suggested when we had a chance to plan our time togetherI wantou to pop my cherry while I'm asleep asleep for real and film it so we can keep the memory foreverWho was I to arg.

Although trained as a nurse I am now able to pursue writing as a full time career thanks to a supportive partner who is perfect aside from needing to realise I don’t necessarily want to do everything that I write aboutI live in waaaaaay down under Auckland New Zealand but I have also lived in the UK for a period of time and used the opportunity to travel into continental Europe as much as p