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S reviewed at Ugghhh I really idn t like this book at all I thought this was a very realistic account of what might happen to a teenage couple when the girl gets pregnant At first I had trouble understanding why Helen Gym and Slimline did what sheid but it was clear at the end it was the right thing My only issue with it would be that it is so negative I ended up feeling sorry for just about everybody in the story including the older generations and the baby It would probably succeed in making teenagers take to avoid pregnancy but it would be a epressing read for any teenager who was already pregnant Berlie Doherty skill lies in writing What always amazes me is how beautiful a book can be written especially if it is short In this YA book which is about teenage pregnancy ocumented month by month I found the structure of this novel interesting as Chris was telling the story but it was interspersed with Helen s Dear Nobody letters I thought the two main characters were very well fleshed out As for the topic of teenage pregnancy I thought it was very well handled in this book However it Marginal Notes, Doubtful Statements did leave an unmistakable taste of Waterloo Road in my mouth That said I reallyid enjoy reading this The writing was so beautiful so I ll leave with a uote Late January The sort of The Clock Without a Face day that never really starts whenaylight hardly happens and night folds in by mid afternoon hushing everything back to sleep again This is a good story even if it Captives of the Private House doesn t have a fairytale ending Chris and Helen are both studying on high school It is their last year and they both have plans for the future Chris wants to study English Helen music They have sex and after just only that one time everything chances Helen gets sick and after several pregnancy tests she learns that she is pregnantThe news of Helen s pregnancy are shock to everyone especially to Helen She feels like she cannot speak to anyone about the situation She starts to write letters toear nobody to her unborn baby By these letters the reader gets to know what Helen really feels and how her love towards her baby Teaspoon and an Open Mind developsIecided to read this book as a part of the read a thon because it is pretty short I think the book is just a perfect lenght I am happy Doh. Ikhögskolan Hon behöver vara ensam och reda ut sina motstridiga känslor Visst tycker hon om Chris men hon är inte redo för för alltid ännu.

I had to read this for school and I think it is safe to say that otherwise I would ve never even heard of and A Celtic Miscellany definitely never read this book Reading this was very frustrating to me because the bookeals with a topic that is important and should be talked about and I agreed with that but I really idn t like the way it was one I Foxs Feud (Farthing Wood, disliked both main characters and I was pretty annoyed by the whole letter thing It was an okay read but I probably wouldn t have finished it if it hadn t been for school Read this book a couple of times as a teen Ion t really remember the story besides the basic synopsis but I remember that it had made me cry and think about unusual topics for me like unwanted teen pregnancies and how one shouldcould react to it Although a Puffin book because it is marketed as teenage fiction Dear Nobody is a lot grown up than much of the juvenile nonsense that passes for adult fiction these The Culture Code days The only reason I can see that it is pigeon holed as a teenage fiction is that the two main characters are 18 year olds nothing else The story is beautifully told the characters well rounded and their emotional life made real It tells of family inheritance and growing up There is an attention toetail in the story telling that places you there as a reader like the escription of the grandfather s bonfire and the toad followed by the imagery of the bits of privet that her grandfather tidies up looking like a bridal bouuet I love the way the novel has aged taking you back to a time when teenagers had to conduct romances in whispered voices from telephones in the hall or from public phone boxes None of you re Skyping and instant messaging back then I thought there was a bit of a missed opportunity to really tied the book to Sheffield particularly in the character of the grandfather who only lets slip and occasional ay and reckon and a single nowt It is a shame but perhaps it is not regarded as oing a book many favours in its marketability to tie it too closely to a region One small annoyance was the creeping in of errors in the Kindle version probably errors of setting up the e book file and not checking it properly Not what you expect from Penguin1 of 34 Sheffield novel. Det blir en chock för Helen när hon upptäcker att hon är med barn Vad ska hon göra Hon som just fått sitt efterlängtade stipendium till mus.

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Erty Stolen Magic (Stardust, did not put too much stuff into it to make it longer Doherty tells a beautiful story about love and making choices Doherty uses beautiful language throughout the book toescribe how the bond between Helen and her unborn baby is created A light and easy read with a eeper message All I can say is wowWowLiterally wowWhat an emotional story which generally made my heart break into two So why the three star rating I hear you ask I ll explainAlthough I feel that the topic about teen pregnancy was covered well the overall feel of the story I found was uite epressing I have read emotional stories in my time but I read this story when I was having a really Pistols for Two downay and it made my sadness increase further This story is about Helen and Chris a couple in love and trying to get out there in the world by going to UniversityCollege but that plan is thwarted somewhat when Helen finds out she is expecting a baby Helen writes Stronger down how she feels and addresses the unborn baby as Dear NobodyThe ending of the storyid make me cry but without wanting to give things away again I could tell beforehand what was going to happen at the end and this time I was half right Maybe I was the wrong target audience for this story I really Loss (Gus Dury, don t know Maybe I just read the story on the wrongay in the wrong frame of mind But it simply wasn t for me I found parts too upsetting to readI The Last Rite (Danilov Quintet, do recommend the story though to anyone who is interested in the teen pregnancy topic and the inner thoughts of a teen mother to be There are literally no redeeming ualities about this book The plot wasn t interesting I couldn t sympathise with the characters and it honestly felt like I was reading a firstraft Also there seems to be a Alacrity (Illumine, distinct aversion to commas whatid the comma ever o to youIt also irritated me that the author name ropped so many places and streets around Sheffield ok I get it you went to Sheffield to Love You To Death (Detective Ruby Preston, do research wellone now please stop showing off I Arnhem don t need all this information and it s reallyistracting I Fitness for Living don t think it adds to the book at all unless the reader is familiar with Sheffield I haven t had an excuse toig out a 1 star rating in a while but this book left me with no other option. Hon gör slut Chris tar et mycket hårt och kan inte fatta att han plötsligt inte existerar för Helen längre och att hon tar alla beslut själ.

Berlie Doherty née Hollingsworth is an English novelist poet playwright and screenwriter She is best known for children's books for which she has twice won the Carnegie MedalShe has also written novels for adults plays for theatre and radio television series and libretti for children's opera