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Opinion My Review Course of ActionOut of Harm s Way by Lindsay McKenna3 STARSOut of Harm s Way is a short novella If you want a book you can read fast this one works The characters are strong both from Texas and ride horses Madison thinks she can be safe to go ook at the horses by herself and gets kidnapped She is hit tied up with her Banish Clutter Forever legs tied together under the horse and a hood over her faceTravis is a Navy Seal He has a place where he can watch the border and is a sniper His orders are to rescue her because they are coming his wayThey are attracted to each other right awayTheir is oneove scene that I skipped over I wish it was Stolen Magic (Stardust, longerAny Time Any Place by Merline Lovelace312 starsAny Time Any Place has meat to the story Iiked the characters Especially Anna s family Their is a couple of ove scenes that I skipped over Anna and Duke are undercover in Ukraine as a married couple and she recognizes some relatives from when she was 10 visiting with her Grandparents So the whole village comes to meet themLot of history humor action romance as they try to stop a terrorist attackI was given this ebook to read and in exchange of a honest review from NetGalley and Harleuin11052013 PUB Harleuin Harleuin Romantic Suspense ISBN 978037327845. Er takes on an assignment to smoke out a terrorist His cover is to be the husband of his new partner gorgeous operative Anna Solov When they receive conflicting orders can they trust their own instincts and each othe.

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Oo I oved the characters of this story Travis the Navy seal and Madison the strong Pistols for Two lady from Texas They made this story wonderful Madison traveled to Afghanistan to work with horses She was told never to go anywhere alone Madison could see the horses and thought it was ok just to go take a peek She got kidnapped Navy seal Travis Cooper was closer to herocation so it was his mission to save her I Stronger loved the fact the two had an instant attraction to one another The two waited to act on that attraction Only allowing their feelings to grow stronger They were both from Texas This is the kind of book thateaves you smiling It was just a really wonderful romance which started with a rescue from a handsome Navy seal Book two Any time and PlaceThis was another military related romance Duke Carichael and Anna was assigned to work together to bring down a terrorist They had to pose as husband and wife Duke Loss (Gus Dury, liked Anna and wanted to get to know her better Before they were assigned the mission Duke flirted with Anna Every chance she got she would shot him down Anna had some things in her past she had to work through I think the suspense was the best part so I won t ruin the book for you It was a good book just not as good as the first book in my. R back home He deftly recovers her from a dangerous force but never expects such a strong attractionand aove he never saw coming Any Time Any Place by Merline Lovelace Duke Carmichael an Air Force combat controll.

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This is a two story book and I The Last Rite (Danilov Quintet, liked both I preferred the second story because the relationship seemed to develop naturally I didn t completely buy the first one because of the circumstances and speed in which the two fell inive but it was written in such a way that it s possible Overall good romance This book was a pleasant surprise I wasn t expecting two separate stories It was great I Alacrity (Illumine, loved getting to know these tough boys and the women they fell inove with were both strong independent smart woman That s one thing I enjoy in a book Both stories follow a different boy from the same small town I would ove to see about some of these guys Short sweet and semi sexy this was a pleasure to read A very very fast paced romance book with two very good Authers I didn t notice when I bought this book that it had two stories for the price of one Really nice surprise I enjoyed both books but the first story was my favoriteI oved the first book Out of Harm s way There was so much about this book that I oved and could relate too My husband and I both from Texas Also my husband served in the military and was deployed to Afghanistan That is where this story started out It was nice hearing about some of the same places my husband traveled Two high octane passionate military stories from bestselling authors Lindsay McKenna and Merline Lovelace Out of Harm's Way by Lindsay McKenna After Madison Duncan is kidnapped Navy SEAL Travis Cooper must bring he.

I've lived six lives in one and it all shows up in the books I write one way or anotherI was always a risk taker and broke mustangs at thirteen years old in Oregon I learn to break them with love not threat or pain At 17 years old I picked night crawlers worms out in our Oregon orchards from 9pm to midnight every night I earned enough money to buy my school clothes and book I also plunk