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In Nevertheless I agree with Cohen s assessment thatHemingway had it right If the world is not the enemy neither is it our riend In the end no matter who surrounds us we travel alone Our Through the Language Glass friends and loved ones are there providing an infrastructure of love and support But courage must be drawnrom within emphasis added Let the world see us as we see ourselves and have the aith to permit us to do it our way Cohen 2008 p xxThis text provides an intriguing portrait of the lived experience of ive six when including the author people with chronic illness From Denise Glass life defining amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ALS through Larry Fricks battle with Bipolar disorder each story paints an intimate portrait of the subjective battle waged by people with chronic illnesses Without a doubt the people profiled in these pages display a deep existential authenticity that Cohen has masterfully translated into words In Denise s case the prospect of dying was beginning to clarify how she wanted to live whereas Larry opines when does the diagnosis stop and the human being regain a sense of control of a life Cohen 2008 p 30 and p 352 Ultimately this book is about the subjective experience of those with chronic disabilities and their authentic reaction to Private Arrangements (Forged of Steele, finding the courage and hope in difficult circumstances It shows the importance of the human dimension as opposed to the merely medical The strength and courage of these individuals may serve as a lesson to those looking toind value in empathy compassion and acceptance Above all it serves as a reminder that despite a variety of unintended hardships the human spirit can prevail and become strong at the broken places Happy reading ReferencesCohen MC 2008 Strong at the Broken Places New York NY HarperCollinsHemingway E 1929 A Farewell to Arms New York NY Charles Scribner s Sons. At not only does the public want to hear rom people who overcome the challenges of illness but that in the isolated world of illness there are people who want their voices to be heard.

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Her date of death April 17 was on the Hebrew calendar the day after the second anniversary of my brother s death Although eight years ago I ound Richard M Cohen s BLINDSIDED uite interesting and inspiring I ve noticed that I keep walking by my copy of STRONG AT THE BROKEN PLACES and NOT picking it up I do plan to read it someday but not today or tomorrow or next month So I created a new GR shelf Sanctuary for it and I m almost certain that it will have company before it leaves its place on the someday but not today shelf I enjoyed this butor some reason throughout each one of the Forever Faithful (Forever Faithful, five separate profiles in this book the author doesn t use any contractions when writing the dialogue This wasairly jarring since no one truly talks like that in their everyday lives I m not sure why he made that choice but I think if he would ve transcribed the dialogue as it was actually spoken it would have allowed readers to better connect with the people telling their stories After the acknowledgment section and just prior to the preface Cohen 2008 uotes Ernest Hemingway s 1929 powerfully subjective stance on life viz the world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places However this uote is not entirely correct What Hemingway wrote wasIf people bring so much courage to this world the world has to kill them to break them so of course it kills them The world breaks every one and afterward many are strong at the broken places But those that will not break it kills It kills the very good and the very gentle and the very brave impartially If you are none of these you can be sure it will kill you too but there will be no special hurry Hemingway 1929 p 267I am not uite sure why Cohen chose the abbreviated version of the uote It appears that the actual uote closely resembles the context and spirit the book was written. Rd M Cohen probes lives of sickness as these individuals struggle to copeIn 2003 Cohen published Blindsided a bestselling memoir of illness The outpouring of support revealed to him th.

This should be on the list of 1000 Essential Books to Read Its a humanizing book I don t know how else to describe it We like to read about explorers athletes people who climb Mt Everest people who escape rom disasterwaroppression we like to see what keeps these people going when they are strained to the limit but we see someone in a wheelchair and we look away We are uncomfortable These are the warriors among us and we don t give them the time of day I loved this book especially the last chapter How do people live with debilitating illness How do they keep going when they are losing every day We are a culture that worships independence and health What happens to the people who have neither luxury What these people have to say about their struggle matters to our society than can be measured I highly recommend Stop or a moment and consider the likely One Part Woman fact that you know someone living with chronic disease It is increasingly prevalent And they may or may not have told you because such diseases are often stigmatisedRichard M Cohen collatesive searing accounts of chronic disease As a person with Multiple Sclerosis he explores the lives of others living with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ALS muscular dystrophy non Hodgkin lymphoma Crohn s disease and bipolar disorderThis is a disturbing and depressing must read that I recommend Stranger for all adults Too often we choose not to see the daily pain and extraordinary lives of those around us many of whom are living with chronic diseaseStrong at the Broken Places Voices of Illness a Chorus of Hope is an attempt to break through the stigma and a good one As Cohen writes do not turn away I began reading STRONG AT THE BROKEN PLACES on March 31 2012 when reading anything longer than a prayer was not on my to do list Withour killer diseases my mom was still hanging on to life. Strong at the Broken Places is the remarkable story of ive ordinary people trapped in the complex world of serious chronic illness In this intimate portrait acclaimed journalist Richa.