Anthony Galvin: Blood on the Streets

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Hat have been perpetrated in the city over the years including the case of Deborah Hannon who along with her father’s lover Suzanne Reddan hacked her best friend to death with a Stanley nife Galvin recounts the murder of Detective Garda Jerry McCabe shot by the IRA during a botched armed robbery and the story of the

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Limerick is nown as the Treaty City commemorating the site where peace was made during one of Ireland’s bloody wars However since the 1980s the city’s reputation has been tainted by gang feuds earning it the infamous nickname ‘Stab City’In Blood on the Streets Anthony Galvin explores the many notorious murders

Ast man hanged in Ireland following his conviction of the rape and murder of a nurse on a uiet suburban road Blood on the Streets also spotlights the city’s hit men including the only hit man in the country to have been convicted of murder twice and delves into some of the most notorious of the recent gangland illings.

Anthony Galvin trained as a physicist before working for a decade as a crime journalist for a daily paper in Europe's toughest city Now he travels the world performing magic ventrilouism and hypnotism He has worked as a hotel manager radio presenter Arctic skidoo driver and many other jobs He briefly held the world record for the longest public lecture at sixty two hours and spends every