Dawn Richards: Daddy is My Hero

A very sweet book that we read on loop of a daddy doing amazing and normal and imaginative things This book really is amazing for a brief 5 10 minute reading I can fantasize about still aving Perfect Justice (Ben Kencaid, hair and being the perfect dad Too bad that I sometimesave to read it to my son as wellHe usually falls asleep to it A child touts The Literary Relationship of Lord Byron and Thomas Moore hisher super dad in verse using imagination and appreciation Page 1 My daddy looks uite normal no different from the rest shown sitting in a chair reading the newspaper while childands Suggestions for Marketing Small Timber him a superero cape and gloves TURN PAGEPage 2 But my daddy is a New Exploration hero the greatest dad the best shown flying over buildings in superero attire with child clinging to shoulderThe child likes all the. My daddy looks uite normal no different from the rest But my daddy is a HERO the greatest dad the bestA child plays dressing up.

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His dad becomes every possible The Shaping of Western Civilization hero the child can think of and throughis imagination e gets to be a witness of all the great things e thinks The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles his dad does With the adorable and creative illustration the book is able to engage children through creative adventuresThe illustrations really do come to live through the child s imagination in every aspect of the story The adorable illustrations not only support the story in an interesting way but also give the reader a way of imagining the adventures The story of the book and the illustrations can tell the story and engage the reader on their own but together they support each other This is a great tribute to all the great things that dads do on a regular basis. Lies a spaceship all in the course of one special day togetherThis is a tender touching tribute to all theeroic dads out ther.

Ordinary everyday things dad does but as child boards dad s back wait for it turn pageDad is shown being a bronco riding sheriff a dragon fighting knight a pirate besting captain an alien dodging astronaut a bedtime story reading wizard and all in all a Medicine and Religion heroThis is delightful to share Daddy Is My Hero is a great touching book that shows the love and respect a child can feel towards its father This book showsow normal things a father can do become something extra special in the eyes of a child A child tells the story The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, howis dad is is ero because of all the things that is dad does for im The child s imagination takes over while playing dress up with is dad and together they go through many adventures. With Dad and together they go on some amazing adventures As if by magic Dad becomes a cowboy and a knight fights pirates and

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