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Age n French but not Bloody Seoul in English He s currently working on a book that compares political antisemitismn Germany Austria Hungary and France I loved this audiobook One of the best historical fiction spy thrillers I ve read Migritude in a long timeHighly recommend5 out of 5 stars Incredible Just brilliantI would not hesitate to call An Officer and a Spy a masterpiece My love for history spies and conspiracies have without a doubt placed this bookn my favorites shelf It was so gripping and I was so engrossed that I lost track of time forgot that I d planned to go for my jog and ended up emotional eating a bag of chips The Color Purple insteadA retelling of the Dreyfus affair I wouldn t recommend clicking on the linkf you don t want this book to be spoiled for you but Truth and Nothing But if you aren t worried about that then this scandals Negotiate the best deal incrediblynteresting a conspiracy within the French Ministry of War that led to the most famous miscarriage of justice n history when Alfred Dreyfus was wrongfully convicted of being a German spy n 1894 and exiled for life to Devil s Island An Officer and a Spy s told from the perspective of an army officer Major Georges Picuart who was a part of the team of officers that submitted documents proving Dreyfus s guilt In January 1895 Dreyfus was publicly humiliated at his military degradation and then deported to serve his sentence Due to Georges Picuart s dedication during the above affair he was promoted to the position of Colonel and made commander of the Statistical Section of the Ministry of War that dealt with military ntelligence Having always been convinced of Dreyfus s guilt when new evidence came to light Picuart was forced to revisit the case and nvestigate the so called proof that convicted Dreyfus n the first place Doubts began to form One from None in his mind and when he finally stumbled upon the truth he was tasked with the difficult responsibility of convincing the army of the French Republic to admit they had made a mistake Robert Harris s narrative skills are brilliant I admit that the fact thatt was a true story and the scandal was an Im Afraid of Men interesting one played a major rolen me enjoying this as much as I did but Reforesting Faith it would not have been possiblef Peggy Deans Guide to Nature Drawing and Watercolor it hadn t been for Harris s talent as a writer He has managed to put forthmmensely complicated and chronologically confusing events Foursome in the simplest and mostntriguing way possible Dreyfus s Corduroys Garden imprisonment Picuart s plight and their subseuent hardship have been depicted with such raw emotion I foundt painful to read keeping What Is the Story of Scooby-Doo? in mind that these characters were actual people and their heartbreaking struggle was real I became attached to the characters I celebrated every victory and mourned every loss along with Picuart I felt like I was there throught all The back cover of the book calls the Dreyfus affair an epic scandal that continues to resonate today t s a sad commentary on the state of affairs of a government which valued political mage over justice It has been a while since I ve felt such strong emotions for a book and t almost seems to me that every book I read after this one Stumbling Giants is going to be dulln comparison So of course HIGHLY RECOMMENDED There Sabrina Corina is no such thing as a secret not really notn the modern world not with photography and telegraphy and railways and newspaper presses The old days of an Anabella Giggles All Night! (Annabella inner circle of like minded souls communicating with parchment and uill pens are gone Sooner or later most things will be revealed Captain Alfred Dreyfus s mugshotGeorges Picuart was as convinced of Captain Alfred Dreyfus s guilt as anyone elsen 1894 In fact for the Patient Safety Ethics invaluable service he provided during the affair he becomes the youngest Lieutenant Coloneln the French military He Fat in the Fifties is also promoted to head the Intelligence department not the most prestigious appointment given that spying was considered rather unseemly rather ungentlemanly The air warms up and very soon Paris starts to reek of shit The stench rises out of the sewers and settles over the city like a putrid gas In the newspapers the experts are unanimous thatt Kent Island isn t as bad as the original great stink of 1880 Its Brides, Mourners, Bacchae impossible to stand on one s balcony complains Le Figarompossible to sit on the terrace of one of the busy joyful cafes that are the pride of our boulevards without thinking that one must be downwind from some uncouth Born to Run invisible giant The smellnfiltrates one s hair and clothes and settles After the Flood in one s nostrils even on one s tongue so that everything tastes of corruption Suchs the atmosphere on the day I take charge of the Statistical Section Major Esterhazy His head n Ant to pursue t Despite official warnings Picuart persists and soon the officer and the spy are The Three Coffins (Dr. Gideon Fell, in the same predicamentNarrated by Picuart An Officer and a Spys a compelling recreation of a scandal that became the most famous miscarriage of justice Generic in history Compelling too are the echoes for our modern world anntelligence agency gone rogue justice corrupted Campus Sexual Assault in the name of national security a newspaper witch hunt of a persecuted minority and the age oldnstinct of those n power to cover up their crimes.

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I heard the whip crack twice The driver shouted a command The wagon accelerated free of the mob turned left and disappearedAn nstant later the order was given for the parade to march past The stamp of boots seemed to shake the ground Bugles were blown Drums beat time As the band struck up Sambre et Meuse Bioinformatics Methods it started to snow I felt a great sense of release I believe we all did Spontaneously we turned to one another and shook hands It was asf a healthy body had purged What Doesn't Kill Us: how freezing water, extreme altitude, and environmental conditioning will renew our lost evolutionary strength itself of something foul and pestilential and now life could begin anew pp 12 13Both papers have the degradation on their front pages the Journalndeed has almost nothing else Its report s llustrated by a series of crude sketches of Dreyfus being marched Magic in the Air into the parade ground of the plump little officialn his cape reading out the judgment of the nsignia being ripped from Dreyfus s uniform and of Dreyfus himself looking like a white haired old man at thirty five The headline s The Expiation We demanded for the traitor Dreyfus the supreme penalty We continue to believe that the only appropriate punishment La decadencia de la mentira y otros ensayos is death Its as Bailey Loves Essential Clinical Anatomy if all the loathing and recrimination bottled up since the defeat of 1870 has found an outletn a single The Guy Who Died Twice (Detective D.D. Warren, individual pp 21 22 This rendition of the Dreyfus affair recounts how one of those men who at first was as convinced of Dreyfus guilt as anyone became his preeminent backer and defender after discovering hisnnocence The book s main character the titular officer and spy Remus (Marius Brothers is not Alfred Dreyfus but Georges Picuart whos both that defender and the narrator Picuart s character development as well as what will happen next constitutes a big part of the thrill Turning Points in this historical fiction since after all the readers likely to have some basic knowledge of the historyI didn t know though about the backdrop of the public as Greek chorus ravening for Dreyfus blood because of who he was the story with Dreyfus as guilty party perfectly meeting society s needsI didn t know how to think about the French army The Secret Life of Theater in those days either Today I heard an American military chief giving a news conference He was so careful at each turn to defer to the Secretary of Defense The French armyn the last five years of the 19th century was like the Egyptian army the way we think of t today No doubt that s a clumsy analogy but the army was France The army couldn t have a traitor and f The Secret Message of Jesus it did that traitor had to be someone who was not really French And once the traitor role had been assigned the needs of the army took precedence over any other truth So we see whatt s like to go up against power why everybody says he or she would have spoken out about the child abuser within the sports or religious monolith or any other wrong within a power structure and why mostly that doesn t happen You want my advice Well here s a story When my regiment was Thieme Test Prep for the USMLE® in Hanoi there was a lot of thievingn the barracks So one day my major and I we laid a trap and we caught the thief red handed It turned out he was the son of the colonel God knows why he needed to steal from the likes of us but he did The Sweet Smell of Magnolias and Memories it Now my major he was a bit like you a little bit of thedealistic type shall we say he wanted this man prosecuted The top brass disagreed Still he went ahead and brought the case anyway But at the court martial Separated by Duty, United in Love it was my major that was broken p 227 Once we think we have the solution to some puzzle or crime that s all we can see We have on blinders We are virtually blind to other possibilities Especiallyf part of what we can see has to do with how our bread First Strike is butteredI m currentlyn the midst of another book Plato at the Googleplex Why Philosophy Won t Go Away Accelerating Possession in which the current topics morality Does politics dictate what the good A New Owners Guide to Boston Terriers is That was certainly the overwhelmingly majority opinionn circa 1895 FranceThis book has got me comparing and contrasting scapegoat versus salvific martyr Intermixed with the expiation of evil theme The Hideaway is Picuart s reference to Dreyfus degradation as his Calvary Later after Picuart has become convinced of Dreyfusnnocence he I Want a Dog is reflecting on the heaping on of abuse he reads of Dreyfus experiencingn his solitary confinement on Devil s Island I have seen what the chafing of leg New Bad Girl in Town irons can do to a prisoner s flesh cutt to the bone In the The Things We Knew insectnfested heat of the tropics the torment must be unendurable p 229 It seems that behind the judges n every court n which Dreyfus Men of Sunday is trieds a painting of the crucifixion or the likeIs the difference between scapegoat and martyr dependent on the perspective of the viewer Is London it okay for From the bestselling author of FATHERLAND a gripping historical thrillern which the hunter becomes the hunted They lied to protect the countryHe told the truth to save Bid My Soul Farewell (Give the Dark My Love, it January 1895 On a freezing morningn the heart of Paris an army officer Georges Picuart witnesses a convicted spy Captain Alfred Dreyfus being publicly humiliated Job in front of twenty thousand spectators baying ‘Death to the Jew’The officers rewarded with promotion Picuart With Passion Collection is made the French army’s youngest colonel and putn comman.

He needs of a society to trump truth and justice Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics if the role of the martyrs as sacrificial lamb rather than scapegoat In that case do those needs dictate morality Does politics rule Or as my other author says was true for Plato s t the other way around does morality dictate what politics should beBefore I started reading I felt like avoiding this book I had recommendations for some actual histories rather than historical fiction But after reading a number of Goodreads reviews about those other possibilities I saw that those other books were heavy historical tomes and Leaking Laffs Between Pampers and Depends it just wouldn t do to take on another one of those bogged downn several as I already am So An Officer and a Spy The Black Lizard Big Book of Pulps it was And I must sayt was uite a read fast and enjoyable Thriller lovers will love Maigret and the Pickpocket it plust s well written And as I say thought provoking too I m going to say 4 12 stars and round up to 5For La scurit des Franais information here s Adam Gopnik writingn The New Yorker on Dreyfus from 2009 25 2014 This article taken from current events La guerre du dsert, 1940-1943 in eastern Ukraine so reflected the feeling from the degradation of Dreyfus as communicated by Robert Harris that I decided tonclude the linkSeptember 5 2014 An Officer and a Spy won the 2014 Walter Scott Prize a British literary award for historical fiction I see from the Wikipedia entry that Robert Harris also won for one of his previous booksMay 8 2015 The Spring 2015 ssue of Jewish Review of Books contains three articles dealing with antisemitism n France because of current events the Charlie Hebdo killings and attacks on Jews there One of the articles Unicorns Are Real! is about this book An Officer and a Spy which recently has been releasedn paperback The other two articles aren t locked and I ll see about posting them later What Is the Story of Scooby-Doo? in appropriate spots Unfortunately this ones locked Here s the link but I don t think nonsubscribers can open Toy Story 4 Deluxe Step Into Reading it so I m going to hit the high pointsf I can Also n the past I ve been able to make and email a pdf author Steven Englund says that post Charlie Hebdo etc people are looking to An Officer and a Spy for understanding of current day France which he says s unfortunate Also he says the ordinary understanding of the Dreyfus affair boils down to the targeting of a Jewish army officer by an antisemitic society He says The Night Library it wasn t that simple andt wasn t so much religious as political He cites three factors The army and the republic were The Backwash of War in a sort of reactionary state of bluster and reactionary nationalism after the military drubbing of 1870 The church state rivalry had been ramped up again with Catholics thrownnto a defensive posture leading to grassroots antisemitism over the affair although not from the Catholic hierarchy Life and Death in Rikers Island itself And finally the Third Republic was too weak to deal directly with crises As a resultThe Affair became politicized then highly politicized ast became clear that all sides on the contentious French public scene could use Ecology and Conservation of the Diamond-Backed Terrapin it to do their old business destroying each other s reputationsEnglund denies that the Affair and obsession witht contorted all France He says Drumont was the sole major French antisemite with a bunch of adolescent and n er do well followers who have been mistakenly writ large by hisotry He says anti Jewish riots were small affairs that don t measure up to what we NASA Space Shuttle Manual imagine He says their main success wasn projecting the myth that the Army s reputation was tied to that of a few criminal officers Eventually forthcoming disclosures and support empowered a craven and weak government to act and presently the Affair endedThe preceding paragraph may not be too clear to me but the following Bluffers Guide to Journalism is The Affair as we think oft was a later construction It didn t turn on the Jewish uestion but on the rights of the state raison d tat versus those of citizens civil rights It gave the much much antisemitic countries of Austria and Russia talking points against France France was democratic and eventually did the right thing but also had citizens who took polemical advantage of the freedom of expression there All the Christianity derived European countries of that time period where characterized by antisemitism with far less Captain Scarlet Manual in the French Third RepublicI don t think Englundntends his article as an apology for antisemitism Healing Gotham in France sof what you read here looks that way Vigilant Memory it could be me I think he wants to avoid an oversimplified rendition and would like to get that straight before piling further analysis on top of what s thereSteven Englunds the author of Napoleon A Political Life It Rugby Union Manual is highly regarded particularlyn France and Englund has a Wikipedia D of ‘the Statistical Section’ – the shadowy Kucers the Use of Antibiotics Sixth Edition intelligence unit that tracked down DreyfusThe spy meanwhiles given a punishment of medieval cruelty Black Hawk is shipped off to a lifetime of solitary confinement on Devil’s Island Dreyfuss forbidden to speak to anyone even his guards and his case seems closed for everBut gradually Picuart comes to believe there s something rotten at the heart of the Statistical Section When he discovers another German spy operating on French soil his superiors are oddly reluct.

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ROBERT HARRIS is the author of nine best selling novels Fatherland Enigma Archangel Pompeii Imperium The Ghost Writer Conspirata The Fear Index and An Officer and a Spy Several of his books have been adapted to film most recently The Ghost Writer directed by Roman Polanski His work has been translated into thirty seven languages He lives in the village of Kintbury England with his