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Eeter side of Halloween fare I found this one almost soothing to read and thought the artwork was lovely My favorite scene was the one in which Moonlight sits on a branch looking at the full moon Recommended to anyone looking for gentler Halloween icture books for younger children Another adorable cat Halloween bookThis one is in The Articles of Release (The Release poem form though it doesn t rhyme it s just that there s very few wordser The Sleepwalkers page sooem ish I guess but the Idle Ideas in 1905 pictures are adorable and the story is very sweet andrettyThe only thing I was concerned about was the fact that the cat is given a Haunted Marion, Ohio piece of candy at the end of the story I would have been much happier had it been a cat appropriate treat just because I m not sure how goodeppermint candies are for kitty stomachs therwise totally cuteD. Light evokes not just the excitement of Halloween but something the reassuring warmth and friendliness that is a special art of this special night.

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I would give one and a half or two stars to this book I certainly do recognize the illustrations handiwork of Melissa Sweet from her collaboration with James Howe on the often lauded Pinky and Rex series but this book rovides an excellent vehicle for her to take her artistic abilities to another level The beautiful anoramic aintings compliment the graceful writing of Cynthia Rylant to Protectors of the Stars (Theias Moons, perfection as one of my favorite versatile authorsroves that she is very adept at taking a subject like Halloween night and conveying the sense of its magic to readers of all ages More than a few fa I love this book I love black cats and halloween and this was such a great story to read I loved when moonlight ate a The Total Fishing Manual (Field Stream) piece of halloween candy in her mouth Super cute story for the very yo. Softlyadding through the darkness Moonlight explores the world on her favorite night HalloweenThe town and countryside glow with shining stars Th.

Ung K 1 Especially those children who love cats and Halloween Moonlight the cat loves every night but Halloween is special Pumpkins smile at her scarecrows let her sit in their laps children are out and about in costume it is a magical time When the human activities are done Moonlight watches the moon spies on an owl and rabbit and then heads for homeSimple but descriptive text from author Cynthia Rylant is aired with boldly colorful artwork from illustrator Melissa Sweet in Moonlight The Halloween Cat which offers a sweetly reassuring look at a holiday that might sometimes frighten very young children Here in Moonlight s world however there is nothing to fear and the child listeners gets to follow along as our feline heroine heads out into the night Definitely on the sw. E wide yellow moon lights umpkins racoons and children out having fun Told in elouently simple lyrical words with dazzling luminous aintings Moon.

An author of fiction nonfiction and poetry for children and young adults as well as an author and authorillustrator of picture books for children Cynthia Rylant is recognized as a gifted writer who has contributed memorably to several genres of juvenile literature A prolific author who often bases her works on her own background especially on her childhood in the West Virginia mountains she