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Other books are like so i might go check out the other books There is a possibility that this book might have not been a good one too read out of this series If you like books with weird things happening then i would recommend this book to you This book was very good but the kids showed Eddie the iron insect toy at the very Science, Technology and Culture end The book was chilling I read this book and finished it a while ago but this book wasnt really scary just scary This book is about how Mandy and Travis find this weird little funny looking like bug So they got curious and decided to head on over there But something was strange about that insect it bit Travis s nose Mandy saw something awkward like it was some kind of metal robot bug when Mandy got a close look at it she realized it was from the famous toy store Well when Travis and Mary called the company they said it wasn t them who created those things so he invited them over to talk about what s going on 2 days later Travis and Mary biked to the company and reached it like 5 minutes later When I pictured in my mind i saw like this Nuclear Plant that seemed ditched a long time ago Travis and Mar. Re about to find outAnd what they discover is horrifying than they wouldver imagine Thousands of iron insects are about to descend upon the city of Elkhart Indianaand these metal monste.

I thought that this book was very weird and interesting Most of all though it was weird It had some action and adventure The insects were strange made out of metal Also when they went to the toy factory it was abandoned when they said it just reopened I think that was strangeSo I think you should read this book if you like all of the above things and that is what I think This book was alright if not a little corny at times However its a nice sort of action like fantasy for kids Plus its also done in a way that can teach some basic geography This book took place in Elkhart Indiana and talked about local landmarks like the St Joe river Also I noticed that the book actively defined larger words through the dialogue of the characters This book was okay I thought this book was a tad weird just like all of the other books in this series I have not read many other books from the American Chillers series I thought that is would be interesting book because it would be a different book that I would read lately I felt like this book had to many things going on at once that s why I felt like this book was okay I don t know what the. When Travis Kramer and Mandy McKinley find a strange metal insect at a nearby park they have a lot of uestions Where did it come from Are there And most importantlyare they dangerousThey'.

Y headed on inside and found the guy who answered their phone call I forgot his name but i think it was like adriene or something like that Let s just call him Adriene Anyways Adriene said that his brother Eddie ade them and wanted to take over Indiana So the kids Travis and Mary sprinted off to stop Eddie from taking over Indiana When they reached to the lab that Eddie was in they were immediately you could say he was smart but he didnt know was that Travis betrayed his friend and ditched her Oh yeah she seemed mad all right After Eddie The Road to Einsteins Relativity explained what he was doing which seemed cool Travis was looking around being amazed Then all of a sudden he dashes out with his friend and ran like they ve got a swarm of iron bees after them Mary was confused but Travis said he put in a hard drive into the computer to make the swarm of bees under Adriene s control Mary was surprised but they kept running After a while they reached the toy factory and made it safe Adriene thanked them by rewarding them a giant iron beetle that can only fly and nothinglse They had a lot of fun with it and told absolutely no ne about their Black Boy epic adventure. Rs mean businessIt's a race against the clock as Travis and Mandy try to uncover the secret of the bizarre bugs and stop the savage swarm before the iron insects terrorize thentire city.

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