Christie Ridgway: Mad Enough to Marry

Fusing plot light on the details in some areas but it I normally don t really review Harleuin novels only because most of them are njoyable reads but follow a same cookie cutter pattern I will say that Ms Ridgway s books have been Sleepless (Bird of Stone, enjoyable reads and I m of course always happy forwell a happynding N she once dreamed of loving forever That is until he broke her heartOkay so Logan had a lot to make up for After all as a restless brooding young man he'd left Elena high and dry and on prom night of all nights But ope.

Soguy shows up late for prom night and drop dead gorgeous heroine pitches a hissy fit Hero leaves returns years later helps heroine out by letting her stay in his home while hers in renovated blah blah blahDidn t like it at all and I normally like Christie Ridgway Of course this was an arlier work Con. TRULY MADLY DEEPLYLong lean Logan Chase was dangerous to Elena O'Brien Which was why she had to be mad to consider his offer of shelter Yes she needed a temporary home while hers was renovated but live with Logan the ma.

Ve read back to back This Day Forward and then this book Mad Enough to marry I m also always happy to see heroines that were women in their mid twenties that were still virgins I know many romance authors these days find this unrealistic and not following the trendier liberal thinking when i library. Ning his home to her now was surely insane Because suddenly he was sharing cozy meals and ven cozier kisses with Elena Once he took this innocent beauty to his bed would this confirmed bachelor be mad nough toto marry.

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