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As an intellectual development within Foucault's thinking about the microphysics of power and his genealogical methods;To reveal how research in governmentality has changed as the idea encounters new academic fields political contexts and regional settings;To examine one of the recent encounters between governmentality and the social sciences its interaction with international relations and global politics;To offer researchers some methodological suggestions for undertaking studies in governmentality stressing that its critical edge.

Becomes blunted if it is detached from historicalgenealogical modes of inuiryThis book offers a set of conceptual and methodological observations intended to eep research in governmentality a living critical thought project Above all it argues that the challenge of understanding the world calls for the addition of new thinking euipment to the governmentality toolbox Governmentality Critical Encounters will prove useful for students of social and political theory international relations political sociology anthropology and geograph.

First developed by Michel Foucault than thirty years ago governmentality has become an essential set of tools for many researchers in the social and political sciences today What is governmentality How does this perspective challenge the way we understand political power and its contestation This new introduction offers advanced undergraduate and graduate students both a highly accessible guide and an original contribution to debates about power and governmentalityThe book aims to serve four main functionsTo situate governmentality.