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Contemporary romance Photojournalist Nicky Sinclair is burned out and suffering from PTSD Her emotions are in a mess and her libido is nowhere to be seen Taking a break at her friend s brother s vineyards in Andalusia seemed a good enough idea to figure out what she wants to o with her life Taking an unexpected holiday Rafael returns unannounced to his vacation home The last thing he expects is to be whacked on the head by a beautiful woman and a heavy book The attraction is instantaneous But Rafael is having a hard time keeping his istance and maintaining his self control After a failed marriage he just stirs away from his sister s friends But the fact that Nicky oesn t fall at his feet like all the other women is uite intriguing LK Billy Bragg does a wonderful job atescribing her characters attraction their frustration I really like her writing style She has a wicked way with words Usually I give LK s books a higher rate but this one is kinda Polly Prices Totally Secret Diary different Most of the book happens inside hH minds the story is slow Nothing much happens I couldnt connect with Hh H is in totalenial all the time and always retreat when things get tough The h is too modern and too bold for my liking she propositioned H and proposed a fling not wanting a long term commitment Such thing oesn t set well with an old fashioned reader like me The cause of sleepless nights are endless and when experiencing it we all seek for a out in order to finally get some rest for without rest we are just walking zombies with no means of making rational ecisionsSo when Nicky The Majors Daughter decides she has had enough and that taking a vacation to exotic and relaxing Spain to try and take some control back over her life and see if she can finally get some much needed rest she reckons all her problems are solvedHowever sheoes not count on coming face to face with a man that is guaranteed to give her hours and hours of erotic play and no sleep at allBut when the man is rop ead gorgeous The Touch dripping with sex appeal and mind blowing in bed what is one sleepless nightThe characters were an absoluteelight to read Nicky was the kind of woman most of us are cautious yet looking for some fun at the same time and completely in over her head at the end of it all thus not sure where to go from there This made her as said a On His Majestys Service delight to read as it was as if I could see myself and so many other woman through this character coming to life in vivid colourRafael was brooding sexy strong and a mystery all in one the authorid a absolute stunning job at exposing the true person inside letting me as reader see the man underneath the rough and tough exterior he tries to up keep for the outside world I loved how the author let Nicky break through the barriers and let Rafael come aliveThe backdrop setting of Spain was simply exuisite and the author Different Class did an amazing job with theescriptions of it all Romantic in every sense of the word passionate and sexy I could hear the guitars playing the sounds of lovers in the The Essential Good Food Guide dark smell the essence of love blooming andarkness turning into lightThe Textbook of Wisdom dialogue was fun witty sexy and laced with heaps of tension making the read just that much fun to read It was a sensual sexy and powerful read and the author managed to touch each and every one of my sensesI recommend this read for all Lucy King fans lovers of romance found in exotic locations and for those looking to escape to a world that is unlike their own where possibilities are endless55 star reviewAwakening of the soul wrapped in sexy hea. Hing but peaceful With his beguiling eyes and smoldering smile he uickly becomes a very welcomeistraction After all if she's struggling to sleep why not find something else to o with her tim.

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I was bored The book had about 10 lines of ialogue And the premise was stupid And the characters were boring Really enjoyed this book really ifferent storyline which I won t give away and handled really well Really funny ialogue and packed with sass great read This is the second Harleuin Kiss romance novel I have read You find out that Nicky has been having nightmares and unexpectedly Rafael her friendneighbor s brother comes into the picture Will she or won t she fall for him or will she let him go Will he or won t he fall for her or will he let her go The cat and mouse chase goes across the continents from Madrid to Paris See what happens in a short 15 chapter spicy romance novel I hate giving books low ratings but with this one I just have to I found this book to be really slow and the fact that I The City in Mind didn t like either of the main charactersidn t help By the end I was frustrated with the progression of the book and was ready for it to end I have typically enjoyed Harleuin KISS books but this one fell shortThanks to NetGalley for providing me an advanced copy to review After reading One More Sleepless Night my feelings fall along the lines of Not Impressed and what a waste of two hours In the beginning it wasn t too bad there were even some humorous scenes but by the end I was bemused annoyed and just wanting it to be over with This book just Revenge (The Red Ledger didn to it for me There were several No One Wants You different factors to this I anticipated it being a sort of friends to lovers thing in that they would have a previously established relationship not so They are strangers coming into this book and it was just odd for me in that Iidn t particularly like either of them It s not really something I can put my finger on I just The City Of Heavenly Tranquillity didn t warm up to the characters like I usuallyo They just fell flat to me and Penguins Poems for Life didn t make a lot of sense I m still not sure what exactly happened to Nicky as itoesn t go into any eep etail and Rafael s reasons for being the way he is just fell flat I mean his ad and sisters seriously Just how monstrous are his sisters that he turned out this way It just idn t seem like there was any real Divine Beauty depth to their characters This alsoidn t feel like a romance We got perspective s from both Rafael and Nicky and how they were Fear and Loathing at Rolling Stone dealing with what was going on but Iidn t feel like we got to see them fall in love In lust yes in love no We were told some of what they Down to the Sea in Ships did and what happened but not shown And considering they spent about as much time alone as together in this book thatidn t really help me feel the romance It may have worked out better if there had been conflict externally but it was all internal conflict and issue s that each character was Wife by Wednesday (The Weekday Brides, dealing with individually Maybe if the internal conflict was better handled I would ve liked it better The pacing was slow and the story itself was wellnot exciting because Ion t want to say boring though that works too Lastly a minor issue considering everything else at the end I noticed some editing errors that should ve been caught pg 207 wants to put Dog Years down after roots after all And I m fairly certain the for ever on the next page was supposed to be forever Normally this wouldn t bother me but considering how annoyed I already was this just annoyed me Overall this book not for me I started off thinking it might be good there were some moments I smiled and laughed in the beginning but as it unfolded I just wanted it to be over Iidn t connect with the characters or the story I just know I idn. She's going to take her life backone sizzling night at a timeIt used to be Nicky Sinclair's nightmares that kept her up all night; those 300 am silences were her worst enemy So now she's follow.

T like it feel free to give it a try maybe you will Slick s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4 StarsWhat o you get when you cross a British photojournalist on holiday with a brooding Spaniard looking for peace and uiet You get one hell of a romance filled with wonderful sights good food fine wine sexy foreplay and a whack upside the head by a hardbound edition of Don uixote You get One More Sleepless Night by the wickedly talented Lucy KingSometimes it s so hard to know where to start when writing a review because there are so many aspects of the book you find completely entertaining and interesting Nicky has always lived a gypsy lifestyle and she s enjoyed it A recent incident has left her a little broken and trying to figure out her life When her neighbor and friend offers the use of her brother s vacation home for a holiday she finds herself packed in Spain almost immediately Rafael has come to his vacation home to escape an ex girlfriend who can t remember she s an ex not to mention his mother and sisters The last thing he expects to find is a beautiful woman in one of his bedrooms or to be accosted the minute he walks through the The Devils Elbow (Mrs. Bradley, door I really enjoyed the fact that neither one of these characters feel like they need a permanent person in their life noro they want a long term commitment While they both are attracted right away Rafael is having a hard time keeping his istance He simply refuses to get involved again with one of his sister s friends Although Nicky can t eny Rafael is easy on the eyes her libido has left the building and she isn t having near the issue he isThis book is filled with intense longing some seriously bad misunderstandings hurt feelings and just plain heartache I love that these two were forced to share and get to know each other in order for them to move forward It was fun to watch Nicky regain her sexual urges the she got to know Rafael I think it was also good for Rafael to finally meet a woman who Maharaj didn t immediately fall at his feet especially since he s been use to that his whole life Both of these characters have some serious issues they have to sort out and I enjoyed them sharing with each other and working towards healing those past hurts togetherDespite the fact both of these characters have some pretty heavy emotional baggage there were many lighthearted and fun moments in this book It was easy to laugh at some of the things these characters were thinking and feeling especially when they were totally confused by the other one or so far out of their element Overall One More Sleepless Night is an entertaining story filled with great characters insightfulialog and some great sexual chemistry and heat It s also one of those stories that proves sometimes what you think you Kuduz don t want is exactly what you needReview copy provided for an honest review I won this book though a giveaway on goodreads I am glad I won it because Omg I loved reading this book I loved the story and also the Characters in the book I thought it was a very good chick litlove story and it was also a very fast paced read I won a copy of One More Sleepless Night in a Goodreads giveaway it made for a really great readIt was humorous from the start with loveable characters who each had their issues I was reading most of this with a smile on my face the few serious parts with sympathy Oh I can t forget to mention the super steamy sexual explosions between the main charactersAll in all it sefinitely worth reading if you like. Ing octor's orders rest relaxation and plenty of therapeutic Spanish sunshineOnly she hasn't counted on sharing her tranuil retreat with her best friend's brother Rafael whose presence is anyt.