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O but till we know for sure we should not give government and media the benefit of doubt automaticallyDemocracy died a death for me after reading this very touching story It needs to be reincarnated again and Gitmo needs to be converted into a tourist site like Auschwitz a shocking terrifying testimonial and memoir of a hidden dark world America wanted the world to know they were giving assistance to the Afghani people and yet they couldn t accept that I d been doing exactly the same thing This really sums up this book Was it really a war on terror Or a war on Muslims I can t say I enjoyed reading this book as much as enemy combatant moazzam begg I think the reason for that is Moazzam knew the names of the guards and explained the types of relationships he had with them However if anything The General had even less of a reason to have been taken prisoner and seems a likeable character to me I thank Allah he finally got his freedom backAs an extra note i happen This book is a memoir and an important one It is appalling to read about a modern day gulag still in operation US President Barack Obama is heckled during a counter terrorism speech in Washington on Thursday by a protester demanding he close Guant namo Out of 166 men kept in Guant namo 86 have been cleared to leave but US officials have cited security concerns in effectively suspending any releases The US president cannot close Guantanamo without support from CongressThe book gives you a first hand experience of what it is like inside Guantanamo Shocking surreal and brutal the story needs to be told and I suspect stories will be told in the futurePlease read the full review at First posted on 5Pillars Asim ureshi shares his thoughts on Ahmed Errachidi s book The General where the author recounts his time in Guantanamo BayThere is no such thing as ust another Guantanamo Bay detainee account each book provides a completely uniue take on the experiences of those detained at the detention camps Central to Moazzam Begg s account is his struggle with identity and place for Abdul Salam Zaeef it was the wider politick while Oud Slahi speaks with the voice of one still incarcerated There is o This book was written by one of the Muslim men detained at Guantanamo by the American govt initially under George Bush In light of the 911 attacks and the subseuent media leaks about the things that were happening at Guantanamo I can easily believe this account Errachidi gives an honest account of his treatment whilst in the prison It is shocking and confirms all of the abuse and I am not convinced by the author s reasons for ending up in Guantanamo in the first place and I note that he admits to having been working illegally in Britain at various points prior to his detention He states that he originally travelled to Pakistan in order to help civilians that were being effected by the war effort this despite having a young son desperately ill He was captured and sold to the Americans and only released after five years of incarceration It appears he was scheduled for release for several years but was not actually released Ns possible As a result he spent most of his time in solitary confinement But then after all those years Ahmed was freed his innocence admittedThis is Ahmeds story It will make you rethink what it means to be in the wrong place at the wrong time It will also make you look anew at courage survival ustice and the War on Terro.

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It s hard to know where to begin with this It reads like something from a third world country or oppressive dictatorship but no almost unbelievably this is the behaviour of a so called democracy the land of the free I think it s fair to say that the author s presence in Afghanistan at the time of invasion was dubious at best and clearly dumb and na ve and is certainly enough to ustify reasonable suspicion as it wasn t the actions of someone rational Nevertheless that is in no way to condone any of what the Pakistanis or US military did to him His presence merited uestioning but none of the series of criminal horrors that followed The extent of the dehumanising treatment is truly vile and disgusting and all of it fully state sponsored tooThis is a deeply sad and disturbing account and throws up the same old uestions about Guantanamo Why is still allowed to thrive making up its own laws and answering to no one I m sure the vast majority of Americans would be horrified and disgusted to read what is being done in their name It appears to be apparent to everyone apart from the US government that the continuation of their abysmal foreign policy as well as reinforcing their reputation as one of the most hated nations in the world is only creating a whole new generation of enemiesOne thing that seems to have been clearly established is how incredibly dumb ignorant and dangerous the US military can be and each and every one a product of the American education and recruitment system Obviously there are some very smart people in the US military doing great work for the right reasons so where are they who are they and what are they doing whilst the rest of these people so lacking in education or humanity are given so much power without responsibilityIt s terrifying They are taught to obey not think and that comes across loud and clear What do you think will happen if you train an army of poorly educated cowards and bullies put them into uniforms fool them into believing they are fighting for their country hand them guns and send them into a war zoneThey clearly have no idea what they are doing Like too many Americans they are totally oblivious or insensitive to any other culture outside their own let alone one so vastly differentOne of the very few guilty men mentioned by name is one General Geoffrey D Miller We should be asking what kind of regime allows a man guilty of such crimes not only to be kept out of ail but actually reward him instead giving him a Distinguished Service Medal on his retirement General Miller continues to be banned from entering the Russian Federation on account of his human rights violations I guess seeing is no longer believing Great book With an introduction by Gillian Slovo The General tells the story of an innocent Moroccan captured in Pakistan and flown to Guantanamo Bay for a 5 year imprisonment involving officially sanctioned degradation and torture The story is beautifully told and well translated into elouent English from the original ArabicFinishing this book in the early hours of the morning I found myself pondering what I had learned. On 11 September 2001 in a caf in London Ahmed Errachidi watched as the twin towers collapsed He was appalled by the loss of innocent life But he couldnt possibly have predicted how much of his own life he too would lose because of that dayIn a series of terrible events Ahmed was sold by the Pakistanis to the Americans in the.

From these 200 pages This is reuired reading The author s tale of torture is a facet of the War on Terror that everyone must at least know Whether you agree with the war or not you have to know what actions are conseuences of your position For hawks that means reading this bookThe detail This book should come with a cautionary note attached If you want to keep on believing in a free and ust West than you are better off not reading this very moving tale How someone as innocent as this author undergo such heinous and demeaning treatment by the all mighty United State of America is a very bitter pill to swallow Indeed this makes Osama Bin Ladin a most merciful dispatcher in comparison I once read a book which was eventually made into a movie as well called The men who stare at goats by Jon Ronson which seemed like complete fantasy stuff with Pentagon funding huge projects in phys ops projects designed to overcome enemies by playing heavy metal music sleep deprivation water boarding etc The full extent of which can be read in this very lucid tale of Ahmed s incarceration Why the might US and British intelligence agencies not able to find out Ahmed s innocence early through his ordeal is proof for me that these Arabs and Muslims were there as an example What they signified to the US is beyond my comprehension though were they meant to send a message to the Muslim fundamentalists or their Western sympathizing heads of state What especially moved me were the tales of torture by ordinary American soldiers doctors lawyers who willingly and passionately cooperative in the daily routines of prisoner torturing As a Muslim reader I was thrilled with the very noble reaction and fightback by the brother Muslims in the face of such a determined and all powerful adversary Ahmed and his fellow prisoners are not only wonderful ambassadors for Islam but for the spirit of humanness as well How they managed to deal with the constant torture is indeed a great testament of the human spirit s determination and adaptability Actually the vicious treatment displayed by American soldiers is an exact opposite signifying the dredge of human beings So Gitmo seemed to have opposite effects Bush s good guys turned out to be evil and his evil people turned out to be goodAs a Pakistani I felt very ashamed at the way Arabs were maltreated in my country during the USA bombing of Afghanistan It fully explains the strange comments I received upon finding out that I belonged to Pakistan when I went to Tangier as a tourist last year I would highly recommend this book to all so that the real dangers which propaganda can induce even in a democratic countries like USA and UK The book is summed up pretty well when Ahmed makes a straight inference to President Bush s speech and the same sort of comments made by Ahmed s interrogator s and soldiers in Gitmo which again shows how much an impact a leader can make in even free democratic societies like USA For me the real lesson to take away is always foster a healthy dose of skepticism when it comes to media and government narrative Its not always easy to do Diplomatic lounge at Islamabad airport and spent five and a half years in Guantanamo There he was beaten tortured humiliated very nearly destroyedBut Ahmed did not give in This very ordinary Moroccan born London chef became a leader of men Known by the authorities as The General he devised protests and resistance by any mea.