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St a touch of drama this one has so many background stories that set a very different mood i really liked how harsh and bitter it was it was honestly like being tempted by a very dark and rich chocolate not feeling the love at first and the you learn to like it the you fall in love with it i already want to reread it and discover all those little details that you only see with multiple readings definitely my favorite in the Amour Chocolat after the one of Philippe Magalie This is finely written angsty romance where two fairly tortured souls fall in love The baggage ach of the them carries is weighty and Florand does a lovely job allowing the heroine and the hero to remain themselves as they fall in love The second half of the book is very fulfilling and there is a simply divine and heartfelt Baccarat : La lgende du cristal epilogue Again I am always impressed by the lilting psychology of this series and the romance tucked into the very realism of what it means to be human and what love really is Oh and Paris chocolate and sexy chefs The first part of the book hurts a bit in both good and bad ways Luc and Summer have a terrible time really seeingach It is hard to believe in the love at first sight that is part and parcel of this series because of the blindness that goes on for far too many chapters They are both cruel to O Colégio de Todos os Segredos each other and themselves There are well founded reasons for howach of them behaves but I would have liked true seeing than we get or at least an obsession that didn t seem just physical at first All the details of who they March Violets (Bernie Gunther, each are captivate but there are several threads left dangling for me that I would have liked traced out his father her mother in detail the nanny the seducer However the book swings up and up and up until its wonderful closing making it a very good read May I say one time Yea Epilogue Happy sigha wonderful readCover Art looks like Florand has been screwed again by the Bad Cover Art FairyBTW Publishers and Cover Artists Any hero on the cover who immediately makes me think of Nicolas Sarkozy makes me go Bletch and Glrgh NOT Yum I don t think that was your intention Was this book over the top saccharine Too much JustnoughI can t uite decide I have lots of highlights I Zoete tranen enjoyed Laura Florand s writing as usual She s researched and she is detailed In fact it sounds like part of her research for this was in the late Laurent Jeannin s kitchen I believe this level of detail really throws you into her books and at the very least they don t feel lazy or shortcut Her books are very sensuous and this was noxception I remember when I read the first I think in this series and how long it takes for the hero and heroine to actually meet and yet it was somehow still sexy as all hellSummer Corey hates desserts Luc Leroi is a perfectionist who creates them He puts pieces of his heart into those desserts serving himself up on the platter What resulted was a somewhat awkward painful and ultimately kind of delicious story Luc is a very controlled man but we come to understand that is not the case around Summer And Lord knows I love a hero who doesn t just take a uick fuck for his insta love or insta lust both are apparent here but they don t bother me Luc is a made from nothing man with a steady foster parent and absentee incompetent parents He just wants love and puts all his focus and passion into his craft And dear lord he tries Which is lovely He didn t let Summer get away because he makes little stumbles reiterating that he ll try until he s perfect for herThe issue of the story is with Summer she is a big hearted seemingly spoiled brat who has suffered neglect and often comes off as Water Music emotionally immature When Luc rejects her advances her offers to buy a yacht upon first meeting she s a bit bitter about it She continually rejects his heart on a plate desserts because she doesn tat desserts She argues with her clearly neglectful Revived even if well meaning parents about giving her the hotel in a 3 month trial run to connect the island she lives and loves teaching at with a satellite for better connectivity I don t know I get it and it s manipulative but she s so indignant at the prospect of having to try something for her parents inxchange for something for her livelihood it comes across asbrattyand Student Research Projects in Calculus entitled And holy hell she s frustratingly tone deaf in the neighborhood of Luc which was aggravating When he rejects her after she first kisses him again he deserves than a sliver of her time according to him she storms into the kitchen to publicly fire him ultimately resulting in her threatening to fire two others who tell her she s out of line This is not an ok scenario by any stretch for any sex Luc absolutely shrugs her off and despite my anger and complete misgivings I continued to read I mean shembarrassed herself badly He wasn t threatened and I guess that s the only reason I could keep on In the nd the book was incredibly maybe OTT romantic and despite trying to hate it. F pâtissier Luc Leroi and indecently propositions the hero of French cuisineLuc has scrambled up from a childhood panhandling in the Paris Métro to become the king of his city and he has no patience for

Don t be fooled by the cover I was xcited when I found this author because the covers for this series look sweet and romanticI did not Love for Imperfect Things expect the sex to be so rough and dominating The blurb certainly didn t give any indication that it would be and the cover is at odds with the actual content The hero is constantly grabbing at the heroine and shoving her and restraining her Their intimate scenes are all about control and domination He s the one in charge and she s passive and helpless in his hands I found him to be the very typical alpha male possessive poor boundaries and his behavior outside of bed is just the sameFull disclosure DNF at page 256 but I skimmed the rest Previewed some of the others in this series and looks like all of them have similar rough sex If this is not your cup of tea I would recommend avoiding the Amourt Chocolat books by Laura Florand 3 to 35 Lovely setting in the world of Paris and chocolate and fine food and sexy French chefs I liked both Luc and Summer But not my fav Florand book overall It was little too angsty Summer s parents were simply horrible Also at times the writing was a little intense and it was a bit difficult to work out A Heart of Stone exactly how Luc or Summer were feeling But still love the setting and this world Ms Florand has created Welcome to my kingdom Summer Corey Luc Leroi the most coveted chef in Paris used to panhandle on the Metro with his father His days of dancing and doing tricks are in the past Now people clamor for a taste of him but not Summer She refuses hisxuisite confections Like some sweet little beauty had stroked her hand down his body curled it around his dick and then slapped the fucking hell out of him Summer Corey the only child of jet setting parents found some self worth on a remote island far from the taint of father s wealth and condemnation It s her refuge and source of happiness until her father motionally blackmails her into managing a luxurious Paris h reviewed from an arc provided by NetGalley A long time ago Better late than neverIf you ve read other books in the Amour Language and Linguistics et Chocolat series this is in some ways a familiar dance an American heiress in Paris and the French patissier who woos her with unbelievable desserts But there s a bit of a twist here Summer Corey s childhood love for both Paris and desserts have been twisted into hate Rather than Florand s usual fairy tale source this story draws on Greek mythology with Paris as Summer s HadesSummer and Luc Leroi basically fall in love at first sightach seeing warmth and comfort in the other But their public images and private pasts work against them and they constantly misunderstand ach other Both were deprived of love as children but while Luc aims for constant perfection Summer wears her spoiled bad girl rep as a shield Come to think of it they are interesting representatives of two classic aspects of a dysfunctional family The Hero and The Scapegoat Every time Luc unwittingly hurts her she tries ven harder to live down to his Love Is a Fairy Tale expectationsAs you mightxpect from the inspiration this is dark in tone not because anything overtly awful happens though Summer has had ugly Promise at Dawn experiences than the world would guess but because both characters have so much pain in their lives The story does a beautiful job of showing how two people who seem to have it all can still be so lost and justifiably unhappy They re perfect forach other because at heart they have the same need to give love to someone who needs them and would never let them goThere was a bit too much repetition of phrases but the prose is gorgeous I love the way Florand xtends the metaphor beyond its original inspirationThat s what makes it so incredible What you do You re just a man A human mortal man And you do what you doThere was a long silence Merci soleil he said softly After all those people who call me a god I never realized you could give me a promotionI also liked the realism in the baby pilogue Neither character is completely fixed by true love and their happy Bangkok Wakes to Rain ending reuires commitment and care There s also a seuel Shadowed Heart A Luc and Summer Novel whichxpands on thisYou don t have to have read any of the previous books to njoy this one although several characters do recur Just open your heart to a prickly couple who need love and some astonishing desserts that need to be aten Usually after the initial honeymoon period wears off generally around the third or fourth book in a series I begin to become wary Whether i reread march 2020 perfect reread during this weird time currently feeling opressed and anxious and i find an Darkmere echo of those feelings in this romance as well as anscape to them with dreams of the pacific of delightful times in luxury paris of a beautiful romance story laura florand softens my heart and put dreams in it as well as sunshine in my daysit was so different from the others of the chocolate heart series which are often very light and funny with ju. No one hates Paris Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? except Summer Corey The moody winters The artists and theirnnui The inescapable shadow of the Tour Eiffel But things go from bad to worse when Summer stumbles into brooding gorgeous che.

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For that plot point I couldn t The tenderness that followed did me in There s a scene where she realizes he has been living on junk food that and she cooks for him It was heartbreaking and so sweet when he realized she was and what it meant to him Ultimately it s the little things like this that make this book While I can t uite get on board with Summer someone who didn t understand her love and privilege in many ways Luc s desire to have the love light up his life and his willingness to stubbornly pursue just that really made this book He s not perfect he s an arrogant prideful sort but I loved him 35 rounded up because I appreciated the hurdles and the difficulties getting to coupledom despite the insta lustlove Not to mention what seems to be meticulous research I m addicted to Laura Florand s Chocolate series Her beautiful prose and descriptions of fine chocolate food mostly desserts and of Paris a city so nchanting which comes through beautifully in her stories But most of all it s her crafting of romances that has completely won me over With that said The Chocolate Heart was a bit difficult for me Summer Corey is back in her personal hell Paris Paris is where her parents dumped her off in boarding school when she became too old to cart around the globe for whatever business deal or Scraps Of The Untainted Sky entertainment that consumed them Summer spent the last four years living simply and teaching children on a small island away from most civilization She s back in Paris coerced by her father s promise to provide satellite communications to the island if she agreed to manage the hotel he bought her for three months Putting aside her past Summer agrees for the good of the island people she has come to love Luc Leroi has worked his way up from a life of performing and basically begging for money with his father in the metros of Paris as a young boy At the age of ten social services puts Luc into foster care and under the strict tutelage of his foster father and chef Bernard From Bernard he learned strict control was the key to success in life and profession Luc has since become one of the most sought after chefs in Paris and has brought the hotel where he currently works its crowning glory three Michelin stars The hotel that Summer is now currently owner Upon first meeting Summer he s immediately attracted to her but she inadvertently insults him making for a very rocky start between these two Both Summer and Luc were starved for love growing up Luc had it in cycles of love and then abuse from his real father After he was put into foster care Luc was provided for physically and no longer subjected to abuse but his upbringing didn t include affection Summer was starved of love affection and attention by her parents They would cart her along to all their luxury hotels but always with a nanny freeing them up to do whatever they wished without the annoyance of a child My heart went out to both Luc and Summer and you can see why they have so many shields up but this didn t make for a happy read for a good portion of the story There were misunderstandings and miscommunications putting Summer and Luc atach other s throats for about 60% of the book I was getting The Eric Carle Gift Set extremely frustrated with the back and forth which was largely Summer s fault in my opinion I seriously wanted to pull my hair out I knew the reasons behind Summer s behavior but Luc didn t and she really did come off as a spoiled brat if you didn t know her motivations To me Luc kept trying and trying with her Yes at first for his pride and to teach her a lesson but still he would send the olive branch and she would reject it Time after timeI was at my limit when FINALLY the ice begins to thaw Their sparks turn into a romance where they begin to understand the needs and wants of the other finding the love and affection they both have so desperately craved This is the point where the story completely turned around going from frustrating to utterly blissful I love that both Luc and Summer found it soasy and immensely fulfilling to make the other happy My heart filled to bursting reading the Huguenot Prophecy and Clandestine Worship in the Eighteenth Century epilogue which was sheer perfectionI was also thrilled to catch up with Sylvain and Cade and Dominiue and Jaime my favorite couples of the series so far who pop in and out of the story While the latter portion of The Chocolate Heart was a solid touchdown for me I can t forget the torture of the first 60% of the book which greatly affects my overall rating The first 60% is no than 2 stars while the final 35 40% felt like a 5 star read for me bringing my overall rating to around 3 stars In spite of my issues with this installment I plan on going back and reading The Chocolate Kiss book 2 and The Chocolate Rose book 3 Laura Florand s beautiful prose and mesmerizing romances hold an attraction that I can t resist A copy was provided by Kensington through Netgalley 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His spoiled princess Fashion Design Course even if she does now own his restaurant Who cares if she smiles with all the warmth of July She doesn'tat dessertThere is only one way to tempt her A perfect impossibly sweet seductio.