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For protecting my thoughts from him and enhancing my marriage I ve bought a new book This is a vampire novel with a difference it s told entirely from the hero s point f view And not Death Threat only is he the hero he s also what he himself calls a monster a vampire Only the reader sees a whole different side to him than thene he normally shows the world One you can t help falling in love with just like the heroine does I found this a fascinating story compelling from start to finish and unbelievably poignant There are villains and evil magic and mysteries but through it all there s love A love that shouldn t be A love that could be dangerous And I couldn t stop reading until I found ut if it could possibly work ut If you like vampires stories you ll love this ne If you don t you ll like it anyway I m still reeling from the impact f this amazing book As seen n ur blog theromaniacgroupwordpresscom the Romaniacs are big fans Porter Rockwell: A Biography of Sarah Tranter and 35 starsDebutWith enhanced senses and hyper reflexes vampires do not crash their cars intother cars Even if they are racing recklessly Satire over backroads in the middlef the night with their lights Deflower the Boss off Or at least that s what Nathaniel Gray thought until he crashes into the backf Rowan Locke s car ramming her Hebrew magic amulets off the roadFor the first time in nearly two hundred years Nate has no controlver his feelings He s swamped by emotions emanating from Rowan feeling her anger her hurt causing painful traumatic responses in him From their first meeting Nate senses a connection to Rowan she makes him feel almost alive even though he s been dead for 195 years Unable to resist her keen to understand the connection Nate Earl f Ridings uses his considerable resources and wealth to try and uncover what lies behind their bondThis is a well written debut in a contemporary setting in London and told in an unusual style completely from the hero s point f view A good mixture f romance mystery and paranormal While Nate may have all the powers associated with a vampire this is not your usual head kicking alpha vamp He is subtle and a gentleman Although I did find the first part f the story fairly slow going the pace did pick up in the second half An atypical vampire story but with all the lore you d expect No Such Thing as Immortality is the first in a trilogy Hopefully readers will see Nate s best friend James get his happily ever after and answers given to some loose endsAn entertaining slightly different vampire romance and a solid debut for Sarah TranterSteam 15 ARC courtesy هذه بلادنا: الجواء of Choc Lit Publishing A very British vampire novel written by a new writer and published by Choc Lit It has an absolute crackerf an beginning and I could just imagine it as the Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom opening scenesf a movie After Nate and Rowan s first meeting we begin to wonder if the car crash is an accident r are there scheming sinister forces at play Enter aunt Hettie and the plot thickens I think this book works well because ne ne hand we have the dark lore f the vampire and Witness to the Martyrdom: John Taylor's Personal Account of the Last Days of the Prophet Joseph Smith on thether the family atmosphere at Ridings Nate is a great hero who bravely struggles to keep his dark side in check whilst falling in love with the sparky Rowan There is the reuisite villain but there are also great secondary characters like James Elizabeth and Frederick I m not a great lover f seuels but in this case I m prepared to make an exception as I m dying to know what happens next As I said above the novel left me wanting I found this a really riginal vampire tale and I did enjoy it a lot I liked the characters and it also made me laugh really hard and probably than any book in a long long time After his involvement in a car accident Nate a vampire finds himself emotionally connected to Rowan a human It doesn t take long before both f them fall deeply in love with each ther None f them are aware f the challenges and danger they will be subjected toI thought this book was absolutely amazing The suspense Sarah created left me wanting from the first couple The War at Home: One Family's Fight Against PTSD of pagesnwards I really enjoyed the storyline Although the whole vampirehuman love relationship is not entirely new the author added some very endearing and exciting featuresThere is a great mixture f funny and witty elements coupled with sheer emotion and intensity All characters are extremely well created and dev. Identally runs Rowan Locke ff the road he is inexplicably flooded with everything she’s feeling and that’s rage and lots f itHe is consumed with the need to protect Rowan at all costs inc.

Any new Vampire series released is going to get the inevitable Twilight comparison and without thinking about it whether you are a fan r not f Twilight these comparisons will knock around in your head as you readFor me No Such Thing as Immortality is 100 times better than Twilight Not nly do the characters show huge emotional depth for acceptable and understandable reasons rather than just being unreasonably broody Sarah Tranter s writing style is fantastic and electric and I loathed the moments I had to put it down to go to my lecturesNate is a lovable and emotionally troubled Vampire who you just want to drag ut f the pages and give a big hug to although he s got plenty to keep him Set Theory, Logic and Their Limitations occupied from his thoughts what with his rather awesome friend James forcing himut nto supposedly deserted roads to race cars Yeeeeesssss I just thrashed your anally retentive arse I can not imagine a better first line than that James is now my new best friendAnd what happens when immortal men think it s a good idea to race cars Yep A crash happensEnter Rowan Locke You complete and utter moron This is no weak and feeble Bella Swan and straight away I m hoping this will be Nate s love interest This is how I want to see a main female character feisty able to hold her wn and not content to let a man run her ver uite literally This is what all girls should do if a man driving recklessly crashes into their car get ut get angry and scream at them for being so high The Stringbean Murders on testosterone they can t use their eyes Of course in the interestsf your personal safety and that أساطير شعبية من قلب جزيرة العرب: الجزء الرابع of your foot as illustrated by Rowan you should probably wait for the police but I forne was all for it You go Rowan make Nate grovel a littleThe fear Nate experienced feeling all Stricken (Asphalt Cowboys, of Rowan s emotions as hiswn was beautifully written You could feel his terror leaping The Sporty Game off the page Imagine having to live forver two hundred years without needing to feel any pain and then have an emotional woman s every feeling hit you and become like your American Yakuza II own Now as an emotional woman myself I can announce that that would be painfulI loved the developmentf Nate and Rowan s relationship How she could be stubborn and teasing yet as shy and nervous as you d expect someone to be when they find someone they like But I love how she didn t fall into his arms with a swoon at his sexy and beautiful Darcy like speech and she made Nate work for it a bit That s my kind Inventions That Changed the World: Working Wonders of heroineAnd if you haven t fallen in love with Nate already which I can t imagine personally you will after this line I have never tried CatI uickly dismissed the thought too small not remotely satisfying enough Nathaniel Gray I amfficially in love with youI m also loving Rowan s Cat Tinks Barking sometimes I d say Rowan added fondly Tinks meowed loudly and leapt from her lap and stalked Love Onboard: Cupid's Caribbean Cruise off That s right Tinks you defend your feline rights to have no dog spokenf in your presence Dear God How the bloody hell could a two hundred and thirty year Vertical Mind: Psychological Approaches for Optimal Rock Climbing old vampire go to a human child s birthday party dressed as a bloody dinosaur Thinkf the most romantic couple you can think Blood Love of fictionalr therwise I can t imagine even Damon Salvatore would dress as a dinosaur to make Elena Gilbert happy and I ve never seen someone in love than him If that made no sense I urge you to go away and watch The Vampire Diaries and swoon at Damon s bad boy awesomenessYes Nathanial Gray dressed up as Barny the dinosaur for Rowan Now that is love right there This chapter spoke to me so much Nate had warned Rowan ff making their relationship intimate for the time being fearing he would not be able to control his bloodlust but I loved the simple chaste kiss he gave her It was heartwarming and had me tearing up It was simple but beautiful and meaningfulBut Nate s wn humiliation at having to dress up as a dinosaur just couldn t be complete without friends like James and Frederick to help you never live it down Barney the WHAT Mama Mia Hamleys A HORNY KISS You dirty bugger After everything you said to me If I was Nate I d take great pleasure in shouting I know a song that will get n your nerves n constant repeat in my head just to drive them mental although I have to say Elizabeth s wn Vampire distracting techniues makes me whoop in delight for Team Girl Power But I do have a great idea. I will protect you until the day I die foreverA vampire does not have to feel any emotion not f his choosing And Nathaniel Gray has spent two hundred years choosing not to feel But when he acc.

Eloped I can see why Rowan is attracted to Nate If I would fall for a vampire it would definitely be him Angel r Edward who The ending surprised and intrigued me even further too many secrets remain unsolved and I cannot wait for the next installment A refreshingly different read from the hugely massive and popular vampire genre Now when I read that the male lead s name was Nathaniel Grey I did moan a little 50 shades sprang to mind sorry ladies but I hated it and detest feeble female leads but Nate is nothing like the dious Christian He is the most human vampire I have met since Bill from True Blood He thinks feels and hurts and Rowan Locke the female lead causes a lot f these feelings and adjustments which again is completely refreshing His vamp family are funny engaging and help the novel move smoothly along they do remind me slightly DIY, Dammit!: A Practical Guide to Curse-Free Crafting of the Twilight vamp family whom I adore too for their sensef belonging and humour Rowan is Sookie Stackhouse then the feeble Bella Swan in the Twilight Saga which I also love which is great and sets this book apart from the rest All in all this debut novel does not disappoint and I can t wait to see what Sarah Tranter pens next A worthy edition to anyone s bookshelf I reviewed the Kindle version and have the paperback n pre rder Choc Lit found a caramel truffle in Tranter a glittering addition to their chocolate box f authors I don t know where to startGahh I love Nathaniel GrayI love all the characters actually and Rowan is basically someone I would wanna be friends with her and Na Choc Lit whom I love sent me the link to the free book publicising it as a good fix for those f us still suffering from Twilight withdrawal Well I was hooked as would any Twilight fan be I can see why they make this claim as the writing is very similar particularly the depths to which the author delves to explain the hero s perspective Hero POV Unfortunately and I cannot tell if this is due to editorial cutting Civil rights, tool of communist deception or the author s decision there are too many just there moments There is too little build up to significant eventsemotionsdecisions and too much build up inther placesI do not see the point f Madeleine she gives no additional insight to any f the characters psyche unless her purpose is to be an information tool but even that felt unnecessary as any Cutthroat of thether characters could have provided that The flashback to explain the current circumstances was so far into the book it was unnecessary we d managed to piece it all together by then and the regression just felt like we were being the same thing all An Eastern Orthodox Response to Evangelical Claims over againSeveral times it took me a few sentences to workut what was going The Claiming of the Shrew on the first time this happened was at the very startf the book I couldn t work Summoned out the scene at all and it took a few reads to ascertain that the hero is racing his souped up car against his friend s with their lightsff why Why exactly did he crash into her something that I would have expected him to focus n Does he have super keen reflexes and would have expected to automatically avoid her I m still very confused about the whole sceneAlso how ld is the heroine I riginally thought she was in her early twenties then after calculating her relation ship with Jordan thought mid twenties But later we are told the incident involving Seth was 29 years ago so she s in her thirties And she s been with the current architectural firmI gave up I like the idea f the book I m intrigued by the concept Baghdad, Mon Amour: A Journey of Exile and Return of a faerievampire relationship but I wish there were clues about the naturef the heroine and I don t mean the vague refusal to mention anything by Aunt HettyHeatherThat was another thing The nicknamefull name consistency The book is from his POV and either he calls his brother in law Freddy Dead Inside or Frederick Stick withne please and after 200 years surely his whole coven should be using the same nicknames This was my daughter s biggest bug bear and she insists there were too many nicknamefull name combosSo Twilightesue Vampires tick Emotionally intense tick Insta attraction tick Wanting to kill n sight tick Someone wanting to kill her and he has to prevent it tick She is his life etc tickYetI m not gasping for 2 Please Ms Tranter it is a wonderful storyline Get a better editor and some enthusiastic beta readers who aren t afraid to pull it to bits. Luding from himself To Nate what is happening is unthinkable and is pretty much as unbelievable as the existence f faeriesBut you see there is no such thing as immortalityThis is Nate’s stor.

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I am a writer of romantic and paranormal fiction with the wonderful Choc Lit Formerly a political researcher lobbyist and Public Relations professional I moved from London nine years ago to settle in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside where I now live with my husband and two boys No such thing as immortality is the first in the No Such Thing paranormal romance trilogy and is my debut novel