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Ultures Completely enjoyed this book and will be adding of her work to my reading list I thought this was a well written book with a great ending Ashea is a niue writer and I love the fact that she writes Christian books with an interesting plot This book I ve had for a while. S acuaintance from her college days a friendship emerges that sends Nila on a journey of self discovery Nila’s mother in law is still determined to have her incarcerated for murder and Malcolm and Nila soon find themselves drawn into a battle of good versus evil Malcolm feels torn about jeopardizing his future and his fortune because of Nila’s problems His conf.

Couldn t stick with it This was an intriguing story opening Favourite Daughter up a different culture and world for me with the main character being Hindi Nila s struggles seemed impossible to overcome however Ashea Goldson showed that God s love and restoring power reigns even in non Christian Nothing has been easy for Nila since the fire that claimed her husband’s life Unable to complete her education in the US Nila returns to India where she resorts to dancing in a bar Being a widow and single mother is hard enough but being accused of her husband’s murder has made life almostnbearable When she runs into Malcolm a handsome womanizing and ambitiou.

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But just recently read it for a book club online discussion I ve always had a thing for Christian Fiction and this one did not disappoint Because of this author and story I was able to learn about another country that I would not have known about Great story and very informative. Licted feelings make him the perfect target for the rich American runway model who attempts to steal his heart Nila must re evaluate her relationship with Malcolm and her newly found faith is tested When the heat is turned p will Malcolm and Nila be able to overcome their conflicting cultures and ambitions to finally find real love the kind that only comes from Go.