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Anything for his friend and mentor Levi has put his hopes and dreams on hold for 5 years but Sarah shows no sign of ever finding someone else Levi believes this to be a special ind of torture to watch the woman he has always loved everyday and never be able to tell her how he feels yet never being able to get away to fulfill his other dreams This was such a simple sweet love story I thoroughly enjoyed the characters of this small town Their unbending faith readiness to help each other and the simple way of life that they shared intrigued and humbled me I would definitely recommend this book and would love to read about these wonderful people Thank you to NetGalley for the loan of this book in exchange for my honest reviewYou can find this review at Courtesy of Harleuin through Netgalley in exchange of an honest review Honestly I have not read much Christian Romance but I am always open to something new and that was how I approached this book and I was glad I did It was a perfect clean romance for the holidaysSarah Wyse dreads Christmas as she has lost everyone that she loves during the season through the years including her husband After the shop that she works at closes for the season Sarah is stuck at home trying to The Dangerous Debutante (Romney Marsh, keep her thoughts occupied and away from the dreaded memories When Grace her next door neighbor is unable to make up her mind about marriage due to her unmarried brother Levi Sarah comes up with a plan After sending her friend away for a couple of days to Grace s grandmother she spends time helping out Grace s brother Levi Beachy find a wife Of course Levi was her own late husbands best friend and a boy that she had embarrassed years ago at school He doesn t talk much and has no idea what Sarah is brewing behind his back After she comes up with a short list of eligible ladies she finds ways to send them to his buggy shop When Levi finds out about her doings he sends the Hope Spring eligible man to Sarah s houseThis book was wonderful and surprising so I loved Levi and there were times that I felt my heart aching for him He fancied Sarah for a few years but she married his best friend instead He doesn t reallynow how to talk to women or other people for that matter and has Sarah help him run the business while Grace is away Levi also has his own dreams dreams of leaving Hope Springs and go to the Rocky Mountains He was absolutely adorable and probably my most favorite character of the story Poor Levi did not Surrender My Heart (Harts in Love, know what was going on and on top of that he had to deal with the prankster brother s of his Though I had to admit one of the pranks that they pulled had me gigglingOf course Sarah doesn t believe that love and happiness is part of her future but can Levi mend her broken heartA sweet story beautiful writing and a wonderful romance I liked the chemistry between these two they are friends who came a long way It was great to be a part of their adventure I have not read the other books of the series sadly but I hope to someday revisit the others that I have missed Amish romances are always sweet and inspiring and this one is no exception Levi and Sarah love each other and it s clear very early on in the story but Sarah s lost one husband and feels that everyone she loves leaves her mostly through death Levi is shy and has no confidence when it comes to his love for Sarah Something has to take hold for them both and it is interesting reading how they come to terms with each other A lovely holiday story SUMMARY Amish widow Sarah Wyse does not see wedding bells in her future Still she can t think of a better way to spend the Christmas season than helping her handsome shy neighbor Levi Beachy find a wife But once the single ladies of Hope Springs start visiting his buggy shop Levi sends the town s eligible men Sarah s way Neither expects to find love but with help from the closenit community they just might mend each other s broken heartREVIEW An enjoyable Amish book with a bit of a twist as Sarah and Levi both play matchmaker for the other without The Wedding Challenge (The Matchmaker knowing that the other is strongly interested in someone but too shy or hesitant to approach I have read many Amish books and read them heavily when I first discovered Christian fiction but I have found that most of them follow the same story line which tends to make. S eligible men Sarah's way Neither expects to find love but with help from the closenit community they just might mend each other's broken hea.

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I always enjoy the Brides of Amish County series books This time A Hope Springs Christmas introduces us to Sarah Wyse She is a widow who has lost her job during the Christmas Season She seems to always have losses during the holiday season She lost her husband parents and sister Sarah believes because she loved them they were taken from her and she refuses to marry again for that reason Levi lives close to her and has ran her husband s carriage shop since his death Levi promises her husband he would look after Sarah until she found a husband Levi s daughter Grace is Sarah s best friend She runs to Sarah when she wants to marry her beau but she feels she can t leave Levi her brother and their twin brothers who they have cared for since the death of their parents Sarah tells Grace to go to her grandmother s house for a visit and she would take care of her brother s while she was gone Grace asked Sarah to play matchmaker for Levi while she is gone so when she gets back she will be able to leave Levi and the twins so she can get married Will spending time help Levi and Sarah to overcome their fears and realize that they love each other You ll have to read A Hope Springs Christmas to find outI really enjoyed this book Two people getting over their fears to trust God enough to find true love I also loved the twins in this story They are uit a mischievous bunch of Quadruplets On The Doorstep kids There was a little bit of a mention of Christmas in the book but I really did not feel Christmas when reading this book It could have been anytime during the winter season except for the fact that wenow Sarah has lots of losses during the Christmas season I also enjoyed briefly meeting old characters in the story At the end of the book Patricia Davids gives hints as to who she might write about next in the series I will be waiting for that next book as her reads always uplift meI recieved a copy of this Galley through Net Galley and Harleuin and was not reuired to give a positve review A wonderful tender story with great moments of humorLevi Beachy lost his parents at age 17 leaving his to raise his six year old sister and 2 year 0ld twin boys He dropped out of school and took a job at the buggy shop Levi stuttered as a child and was teased by other children causing him to become uiet and shy One of the last school pranks was setting him up to Luke kiss Sarah Wyse She did not expect theiss and surprised she pushed him in the creek As the children across the creek laughed he assumed that Sarah was in on the joke Sarah Wyse has been a widow for five years Having lost her parents and husband at Christmas she has decided that God does not want her to have loved ones in her life She and her husband were also childless Sarah s husband owned the buggy shop and was Levi s best friend He made Levi promise to watch over Sarah until she remarries As Christmas approaches the fabric shop where Sarah works has closed for the season and may not reopen Sarah has the rent from the buggy shop to support her but she needs something to do so Christmas depression doesn t claim her Levi s sister Grace goes to visit her grandmother for several weeks to give her beau a cooling off period That made it possible for Sarah to take over Grace s duties at the buggy shop Also Grace asked her to do some matchmaking for Levi because Grace couldn t marry till Levi had a new woman to care for her brothers A sweet love story follows as the love awakens between Levi and Sarah plus the comedy as each tries to match the other to a mate in the community What s not to like about this book There is drama humor and a bit of romance too I am not a big fan of Amish fiction but do occasionally read one This book was very good at drawing you into the story and eeping you interested I gave this book 55 stars I liked the characters and thought they were well developed and easy to enjoy Sarah was likeable and you could not help but cheer for her The main male character was Levi He too was enjoyable and you root for him right from the start I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Amish fiction Christian fiction and short easy to read romancesI would like to thank the publisher for the copy of this book I enjoyed reading I gave an honest review based on my opinion of what I read A sweet old fashioned love sto. Amish widow Sarah Wyse does not see wedding bells in her future Still she can't think of a better way to spend the Christmas season than helping.

Ry that reaffirms your belief in true love It was refreshing to read about a friendship that slowly grows into love and it renewed my belief that love can happen anywhere and at any time The characters were well developed in this easy to read light romance with entertaining and humorous instances and the details about the Amish were relevant and uncontrived An inspiring read about letting go of your fears and doubts and putting your trust in God Title A HOPE SPRINGS CHRISTMASAuthor Patricia DavidsPublisher Love InspiredNovember 2012ISBN 978 0 373 87781 2Genre AmishromanceSarah Wyse s husband has died five years ago She is insistent she ll never marry again She still is part owner of her husband s buggy shop but she lets Jonas business partner Levi handle the business while she works at a fabric shop When her boss goes south for awhile and closes the shop Sarah wonders what she ll do for income what she ll do to give herself a reason to eep living through another holiday alone Levi Beachy is shy He admires Sarah always has even though he believes she was instrumental in getting other Amish A Bride For A Blue-Ribbon Cowboy kids to laugh at him When his sister leaves to visit their grandmother and think about her relationship with Henry Zook Sarah marches into the shop and takes over turning his sanctuary into a place of torment The good thing is Sarah can handle the customers and doesn t turn into a stuttering idiot when they come in Unfortunately Sarah is on a mission to marry Levi off as soon as possible so that his sister can marry Henry To retaliate Levi starts sending eligible bachelors to see Sarah eually determined to find her a husband On their uest to find love for the other will they mend each other s broken heartsA HOPE SPRINGS CHRISTMAS is the newest book in Ms Davids ongoing Brides of Amish Country series This one features both hero and heroine as Amish and both of them healing from tragic loss It had some funny moments in it that made me laugh but most of the book had a sober feel Levi is uiet and shy but he does have a uick temper when pushed too far Sarah is a pushy little thing wanting her way and uick to step in and speak up to get what she wants Completely Levi s opposite Still I couldn t help but care for Levi Sarah took a bit time for me as like the hero I am uiet and shy and I don t like it when people try to take over for me and run my life The story got interesting when Levi and Sarah started trying to match each other up with others Fun If you like Amish stories then you should consider A HOPE SPRINGS CHRISTMAS Discussion uestions are included at the end of the book 35 stars 575 224 pages I love Patricia Davis Amish books This story told so much about Amish ways and how most are there for each other during any crisis Very heart warming love st Christian Romance is not my normal genre of choice So I began reading this book with an open mind but not overly optimistic mindset Boy was I pleasantly surprised A Hope Springs Christmas is the 7th book in the Brides of Amish County series by Patricia Davids I can say with absolute surety that it doesn t have to be read within the series as I have never read any of the others and didn t feel at anytime out of the loop Sarah Wyse dreads the Christmas season She has lost everyone that she loves including her young husband this time of the year In an attempt toeep her mind off of things get through the holidays and help out a friend she has decided to play matchmaker to her best friend s brother It doesn t matter that Levi hasn t asked Sarah to do this She thinks he s just too shy to have never found a bride and she can help him get past it If she feels for Levi than she should when she s around him she ignores it After all she had her love and it was only a short time She doesn t believe its god s will to give her a second chance at love and a family of her own Plus it s too much of a risk If she professes her love and feelings she is risking his life Everyone she cares about suffers and she can t let that happen to LeviLevi Beachy has had a crush on Sarah Wyse since they were children Being too shy as a id stood in the way and as an adult his respect and love for Sarah s husband shut it down completely On his deathbed Jonas asked Levi to watch over Sarah until she remarried and Levi would do. Her handsome shy neighbor Levi Beachy find a wife But once the single ladies of Hope Springs start visiting his buggy shop Levi sends the town'.

I was born and raised in Northcentral Kansas I'm a farmer's daughter but I now make my home in the city of Wichita I'm an RN Neonatal nursing has been the main focus of my career What can I say I love babies I was invited to the highschool graduation of a baby I took care of Talk about making me feel oldIn June of 2011 I became a widow after my husband of 36 years and 11 months died from