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January 15th 2014Holy When I found out there s a book six in the series I was like who else I thought the five siblings already got their own arts I didn t even think it would be about the Constructing Effective Criticism parents Woot I must read this one This is a mini Books For Christian Girls review It is not a full content review and will not receive one These mini reviews are years old and just for clarity on the rating the book received on Goodreads 3252013 Cute story 272020 Mentioned in a recent video that I would be unhauling this series after rereading it Main Content Kisses Mentions of Brain and Belle deciding to get married after they found out she wasregnant Mentions of seeing a murder I spent all day yesterday reading Book Six of the Texas Twins series by Love Inspired Entitled Reunited for the Holidays by Jillian Hart this story wraps up the wonderful Texas Twins story solving mysteries as the Wallace and Colby families find love and joy in family at Christmas. Twenty five years ago Dr Brian Wallace and Belle Colby were married with two sets of twins toddler boys and infant girls Then the young family was torn apart Each took.

Time Why did Belle and Brian separate the family in the first The Last Algonquin place Why did the twins never know about each other Who really is Jack and Grayson s father How will Belle and Brian relate to each other once he returns from his mission trip and why was he gone so long Will Belle ever fully recover from her coma All this and some love stories of their friends too make this a great story to long remember Supurb job tying up the lose ends Jillian Hart What a wonderful story for Christmas Reunited for the Holidays by Jillian HartTexas Twins Series Book 6Brian Wallace finally returns to his home in Fort Worth Due to unforeseen circumstances he was not able to contact his family In fact he was through such a traumatic time that he has realized he has been given arecious second chance at life At least with his three children There will always be a hole in his heart for the other three he lost foreveror did he Seems there has been uite a few changes in the. A girl and boy and went their separate ways never to see one another again Brian is stunned to return home from a mission to find all the siblings reunited at their mot.

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Six months he s been goneBelle Colby has been in a coma for six months Nothing like waking up and seeing two of her children for the first time in twenty five years Add to that the fact all of them have found their soul mates But nothing tops the moment when the one man she never Hall of Mirrors planned to see again in her life walks into her room at the convalescent home And how uickly her heart recognizes himThis was a really good series with enough loose ends to keep you c I thought this was a fitting end to the series I liked how both Brian and Belle had both forgiven each other for the things that went wrong when they were marriedreviously but needed to forgive themselves in order to truly move into the future God had in mind for themI had my suspicions about one art of the mystery behind the separation of the twins but the reality was a bit different than I d expected It was nice to see some familiar faces in Grasslands get a happy ending as well35 star. Her's Texas ranch He has never forgotten Belle or how much he loved her Will unanswered uestions stand in the way of this family finding their long awaited second chanc.

Jillian Hart grew up on her family's homestead in Washington state where she raised cattle rode horses and scribbled stories in her spare time After earning her English degree from Whitman College she worked in travel and advertising before selling her first novel When Jillian isn't working on her next story she can be found puttering around her rose garden curled up with a good book and sp