Matthew Dicks: Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend

Years were tough This book is the memoir of Budo his imaginer is Max and Max is the bravest boy in the world who dances with the devil in the pale moonlight This is Budo s story so I shan t tell you any When you re needing a break from your own reality this is the memoir to readUltimately this was a five star book for me but I want to knock it down a star as it has confirmed what i always thought i killed my imaginary friends I am the murderer of my own imagination No no it s a five five shining stars and I promise to be aware when entering elevators I may have lost my way for a period of time but ultimately I believe Flipping ahead like cholesterol can be bad or good Bad flipping ahead means I m losing interest and either looking for a reason to keep reading or skimming through the rest of the plot before I stop readingMemoirs of an Imaginary Friend was subjected to good flipping ahead Part way through I simultaneously couldn t stand the suspense and didn t want to rush this wonderful ourney with Max and his imaginary friend Budo so I flipped ahead a little then came back to relish the detailsI was a little nervous about Matthew Dicks third book I d loved his first Something Missing for its bizarre premise uirky protagonist and the unravelling of a precarious existence His second book Unexpectedly Milo seemed a variation on a riff but not as engaging and too repetitiveDicks has proven his versatility by writing his third novel from the point of view of a figment of a 9 year old boy s imagination who is nevertheless complex and human What does carry over from Dicks previous writing is a compelling structured world that of imaginary friends and their creators that evolves unpredictably with timeRarely do I read a book that I know so little about Having heard about the premise at Dicks session at the 2011 BOTNS retreat I was eagerly awaiting this book s publication August 2012 in North America and found an advance readers copy at The Bookstore Plus in Lake Placid NY on the way to Booktopia 2012 VT Each plot point was a surprise and I recommend avoiding reviews before reading this bookAnd read it you must On every level this book is worthy of five stars The story is original touching and memorable Budo the narrator and main character is a captivating mixture of innocence childlike wisdom love wonder and fear Matthew Green s characters are so vivid that they remain with the reader after the book is finished Right from the opening page the novel engaged my full attention stirring up emotions that grew stronger as the story progressed Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend is a masterclass in storytellingBudo is the imaginary friend of a nine year old boy named Max Though not explicitly stated it is implied that Max suffers from some type of autistic spectrum disorder we are told that he is different Max s mother and father argue over whether or not to raise him as normal Max does not like to be touched when faced with too many stimuli or choices he becomes stuck retreating into his inner universe and becoming unreachable for a period at school he is bullied because of his unorthodox way of relating to the world Budo lives in constant fear of disappearing Imaginary friends you see exist only as long as their imaginer believes in them Having existed for five years Budo is the oldest imaginary friend he knows When Max is abducted from school Budo witnesses the crime and recognises the abductor He is unable to tell anyone though as Max is the only human who can see or hear him Setting out on a uest to save Max Budo enlists the help of other imaginary friends These strange creatures come in an intoxicating array of forms as imagined by their human creators Budo s desire to save his friend is driven by two forces 1 his transcendent love for Max 2 his fear that Max might stop believing in him which would lead to his vanishing into nonexistence As Budo and friends face seemingly insurmountable obstacles on their ourney Green builds tension and wonder in eual uantititiesIn addition to posing existential uestions in a new way the story is heart wrenchingly poignant The narrative is dotted with Budo s incisive observations of human nature These truths are sometimes sad often funny always clever They stem from an imaginary being viewing human behaviour with objectivity and the infallible logic of a child As narrators go Budo is perfect endearing lovable logical loyal brave observant and full of initiativeIf you have a heart this book will move you to tears If you open your mind Green s characters will step into it and fill you with wonderA life changing story A paradigm shift Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend is than a novel it s an echo chamber of profound emotions thoughts and ideas And perhaps most of all it s a reminder of the sacred nature of friendshipBuy it Read it Be changed for the better. E a mí ue soy su amigo desde hace cinco años Ahora sé ue Max corre peligro y solo yo lo puedo ayudar El problema es ue Max es el único ue puede verme y oír Tengo mucho miedo por él pero sobre todo por mí Los padres de Max dicen ue soy un «amigo imaginario» Espero ue a estas alturas tengas claro ue no soy imaginari.

Started yesterday and I couldn t put it down I loved every moment I spent with Budo and his friend Max and I ust can t recommend this highly enough especially for people who liked A Curious Case of the Dog in the Nighttime or Room I think I actually liked this a little better than both of those There were some very tender moments some very sad moments some very funny moments I went through way kleenax than I was anticipatingI can t wait to start lending this out to people Damn if this book doesn t get me right in the feelsTo my imaginary friend Tie I was five okayYou were a part of my childhood and I will never ever forget you Content 4 starsReading mood during and after 5 stars Interesting read from the point of view of an suspected autistic boy s imaginary friend Budo This book is full of imagination with great descriptions of the imaginary friends Budo is a great character you might end up loving like I did and may take you back to your own childhood It may start slow for some but it gets better uickly once the twist is revealed Plus the ending was worth the read Matthew Dicks did a good ob of writing this book in an emotional captivating charming and suspenseful way The author is a teacher and is well versed in school structurefunction and knowledge of autism Can t wait to read for him Good read for teachers teachers in training or anybody that want to read a great book Highly recommend this book Here is what I knowMy Name is BudoI have been alive for five yearsFive years is very long for someone like me to be aliveMax gave me my nameMax is the only human person who can see meMax s parents call me an imaginary friendI love Max s teacher Mrs GoskI do not like Max s other teacher Mrs PattersonI am not imaginarySo begins one of the most unusual and frustrating books I have ever read Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend by Matthew GreenMany kids have imaginary friends who last for varying periods of time disappearing somewhere along the way as their creators grow up What if they are not imaginary but inhabit a strange twilight world where they can be seen only by one another and the children who created them The author builds his tale on this intriguing premise and creates a fantasy world which is uniueIn Budo s world imaginary friends are built the way their creators imagined them to be Budo is luckier than most because he is of normal size can talk and can pass through closed doors and windows many imaginary friends are mute some are tiny and one is even shaped like a spoon Max an autistic child cannot interact properly with the world All his suppressed creativity has gone into the production of Budo and it is Budo who sustains him through difficult situations And it is through Budo s eyes we come to know the world of MaxSo far so good But having built this beautiful fantasy world Matthew Green lets us down with an almighty thud by turning it into the story of a kidnapping and rescueIn my opinion this was a wasted opportunity Using the medium imaginary friends the author could have told a significant story especially about the claustrophobic world of an autistic child But instead what we get is a suspense tale It is well told though the suspense factor could work better in the case of young adults than mature readers to me it was very clear how it was going to end and the child s eye view narration is easy to read and fast moving In this sense there is a similarity to Room but I felt that that novel explored deeper issues Max s rapid growth to self sufficiency when faced with a real crisis is attractive and Budo s prompting him at each and every step underlining his status as Max s alter ego is well done but the novel uickly loses whatever depth it had towards the end And the ending I felt was extremely triteStill an enjoyable read if you are not having any great expectations I m sorry to say that I didn t love this book like I thought I would Yes the title is Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend but I thought it would be told from the POV of Max the little boy not Budo the imaginary friend From Budo s perspective the story is told not shown And tbh it came across to me as a little preachy at times It was like Budo was this all knowing all wise person who was imparting his wisdom to us imbecilesI really loved 600 Hours of Edward and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time both of which had MCs with autism Asperger s syndrome and obsessive compulsive disorder and were told from their POV I found those characters utterly fascinating But because we didn t see Max s world through his eyes I didn t see the point of this bookAlso in a couple of instances I felt like the author had some unresolved personal issues that he addressed in a passive aggressive manner through Budo Or maybe that s ust me Either way Have you ever watched a movie where you knew how it was going to. Uerido lectorLa novela ue tienes en tus manos es especial como MaxLa novela ue tienes en tus manos es única como MaxLa novela ue tienes en tus manos es valiente como MaxMax solo tiene 8 años y no es como los demás niños Él vive para adentro y cuanto menos le molesten mucho mejor No le gustan los cambios las sorpresas.

End right from the beginning but you still cried when the ending came anyway That s what happened to me with Memoirs of an Imaginary FriendBudo is Max s imaginary friend He looks human than most imaginary friends can pass through doors and windows and he loves Max The bad part is that if Max stops believing in him Budo will disappear Max s life moves as smoothly as it can for a child with a mental disability until one of his teachers does something that endangers his life Now it s up to Budo to rescue him even if the costs him his own existenceThe best part of Matthew Dicks third novel was its voice The writing style stayed fresh and consistent it never felt fake or gimmicky Dicks kept Budo in character and impressed me tremendously with the execution of this uniue storyWhat this book constantly made me think of was this uote from My Sister s Keeper by Jodi Picoult Kids think with their brains cracked wide open becoming an adult I ve decided is only a slow sewing shut Children keep their minds wide open and it s adults who force themselves into corners because they have to deal with the harshness of reality Just an interesting thought that Dicks incorporated into the bookOverall I highly recommend Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend to those searching for a different story with a touch of magical realism It ll make you uestion what you think about imaginary friends perhaps I should get one of my ownreview cross posted on my blog the uiet voice I am a horrible person MEMEMEMEMEME I am worse than a horrible person I am a killer I am worse than a killerI am a killer of dreams My daughter Marley was about 3 when she introduced me to Hartluv At first I thought that there were some hippy parents who subjected their child to this moniker Maybe someone in her pre school class but then I thought we live in Manchester NH No one is that bright or weird in Manchester NH we were planning our escape It went like thisMarley Mom Hartluv wants to go to the parkMe WhaMarley HartluvwantstogototheparkMe HarleyMarley rolls eyes Heart LoveMe Is that a personMarley She is my friendMe From schoolMarley sighs No She lives with us She s right here Me blank faceOkay I handled it well from there on I played a long with Hartluv I let her swing on the swings I made a cake for her birthday birthday sad day etc Hartluv told Marley she was a superhero so Marley would introduce herself as Marley Doubleday MD Superhero she wanted to be a doctor it was a compromise Hartluv was a constant for about 2 years Marley actually had 101 imaginary friends including PianoTalk Treeko her stuffed animal but very prominent Then one day I was upsetbad daytiredstressed typical mom stuff and I didn t set a place for Hartluv at dinner Marley was upset and I couldn t take it Hartluv is NOT REAL uiet Even Emily the older sister who always made fun of Hartluv stopped Marley looked at me and started to cry Great I suck I tried to make it up to her but Marley didn t talk about Hartluv very much any I know she was still around because I would hear Marley playing with her but she didn t mention her When Marley was 7 I asked her about Hartluv She s gone Then walked away I asked her about Hartluv when she was 13 and she rolled her eyes I killed HartluvI don t think I had an imaginary friend I kinda hate myself for that Was I not imaginative enough Did I have one and forget I feel like I missed out Matthew Dicks takes this concept and molds it in a being Budo who is an imaginary friend to Max who is autistic Budo helps Max live on the outside when all Max wants is to live inside He helps him choose what color shirt to wear what kind of soup to eat he helps him fall asleep at night Budo is as real as Max he was imagined smart he looks human and he can walk through doors and windows because Max wants him to Some imaginary friends that Budo meets are not so human Wooly is a paper doll Teeny is a fairy Klute is a bobblehead Spoon is a spoon But they are real to their imaginers and to each other and they die They are not needed any and they begin to fade away and then they die I freakin cried buckets each time one was lost I think that everyone should have an imaginary friend forever so they can live and help you and guard you and tell you what to wear I want my own Hartluv I want my own Budo Klute Oswald Graham Teeny Spoon Summer Puppy I want Blu I want them to be remembered always to love em and hold em and sueeze and never stop I love this story I love the way it speaks the way it holds you the beauty of the friendships I hope that Harluv forgives me Anything that gives an imaginary friend some airplay I am right behind it I had two imaginary friends as a child and they were the bain of my young life getting into bed every night was a hassle they took up all the space in the bed and my parents wouldn t let me stay up past my bed time Those. Los ruidos ue lo touen y ue le hagan hablar por hablar Si alguien le preguntara cuándo es más feliz seguro ue diría ue ugando con sus legos planeando batallas entre ejércitos enemigos Max no tiene amigos porue nadie lo entiende y todos hasta los profesores y sus propios padres uieren ue sea de otra manera Solo me tien.

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