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Ntrilouist doll to skip view spoilerthe evil doll factor and supernatural elem I have not read this in nearly a decade yet I still remember it as being incredibly creep. Things should be looking up they begin to turn terribly sour Complete with detailed pen and ink line art Anne Fine's chilling Edwardian drama brings to life a wooden stage dummy who may just have the power to destroy an entire famil.

Creepyvery creepy A creepy story set in a fascinating era of history I am very interested Victorian Music Hall so was really excited to find that this book is about Ever since their mother was wrongfully imprisoned Clarrie and her brother Will have been forced to live with their negligent uncle in England Uncle Len works as a ventrilouist in the nearby music hall and although he and his dummy Fr.

Struggling music hall ventrilouist and the disturbing impact that this has on his really enjoyed Don t tease me with the promise of a creepy story with a creepy ass ve. Ozen Billy put on a good show Uncle Len is constantly drinking away his pay Then Will hatches a plan to improve the act by performing as Uncle Len's second dummy and soon they're making money than ever But to Clarrie's horror just as.

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Though readers often find themselves inadvertently laughing aloud as they read Anne Fine's novels as she herself admits a lot of my work even for fairly young readers raises serious social issues Growing up is a long and confusing business I try to show that the battle through the chaos is worthwhile and can at times be seen as very funny In 1994 this uniue combination of humour and r