Tom Koch: Thieves of Virtue

S of using philosophy to justify whatever it is the system wants In this day and age of health care reform there is a need to return to an older ethic he claims We have forgotten the basics. Al condition rather than the result of prior economic political and social choices The idea of natural scarcity reuiring ethical triage signaled a shift in ethical emphasis from patient care and the physician's responsibility for it to neoliberal accountancies and the promotion of research as the preeminent goodThe solution to the failure of bioethics is not a new set of simplistic principles Koch points the way to a transformed medical ethics that is humanist responsible and defensible.

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Tom Koch a physician and ethicist has written a book that is a harsh criticism of bioethics as it stands today where efficiency is held over relationships and principles are held over care. An argument against the ifeboat ethic of contemporary bioethics that views medicine as a commodity rather than a tradition of care and caringBioethics emerged in the 1960s from a conviction that physicians and researchers needed the guidance of philosophers in handling the issues raised by technological advances in medicine It blossomed as a response to the perceived doctor knows best paternalism of the traditional medical ethic and today plays a critical role in health policies and tr.

For the patient As a diatribe against Principlism as well as Peter Singer among others this book should be read by every healthcare professional to see what is really behind current practice. Eatment decisions Bioethics claimed to offer a set of generally applicable universally accepted guidelines that would simplify complex situations In Thieves of Virtue Tom Koch contends that bioethics has failed to deliver on its promises Instead he argues bioethics has promoted a view of medicine as a commodity whose delivery is predicated not on care but on economic efficiencyAt the heart of bioethics Koch writes is a ifeboat ethic that assumes scarcity of medical resources is a natur.

Tom Koch is Adjunct Professor of Medical Geography at the University of British Columbia a consultant in ethics and gerontology at Alton Medical Centre Toronto and Director of Information Outreach Ltd He is the author of fourteen previous books including Thieves of Virtue When Bioethics Stole Medicine MIT Press