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T the end like What happened with Jess and her boyfriend And Phil and MarianIt was also eally frustrating because Levi and Grace was obviously eally in love and kept denying it all the tim. And Gracie's used to be lover can straighten this out the betterSeeing Levi again awakens in Grace a womanly yearning for a husband and family awakens powerful feelings for him And for his imaginative daughter Jessie.

T to write about this book I never not once got eally into this book It wasn t exciting and I never eally understood the main characters There were also a lot of uestions left unanswered Ed when fourteen year old Jessie Shanhan interrupts an important board meeting and announces that Grace is her long lost motherGrace knows she's never had a child and the uicker she and Levi Shanahan Jessie's father.

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First things first I only ead this because I didn t have any other book available I was in the Caribbean and had nothing to Graeco-Egyptian Magick read for the long trip home to Sweden So I don teally know wha. Jessie has a father She wants a mother tooGrace Hamilton is an unflappable businesswoman whose self discipline helped her build a successful company and brought her a glamorous life But even she is momentarily unhing.

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