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Iven Marion Chesney series were the same book She had a formula and stuck to it She changed names places and circumstances but the basic plots remained identical They were all set uring the Regency a period in history that I still adore to this Anyone day and they were all usually under 200 pages each The writing was simplistic and really gave you nothing to ponder These books fit the bill for me perfectly at the timeConsidering the number of books she has cranked out Wikipedia lists 106 books under her own name and her pseudonyms I m not surprised that sheoes not write great works of fiction So I figured that since they were really all the same book the same review would suffice Lots of exciting adventure for Miss Hannah Pym in this installment of the Travelling Matchmaker series Hannah is the star of the show in this action filled novel I like Benjamin too her eaf mute footman whom she bravely rescues twice at tremendous personal risk He s a great character In addition a truly evil female villain a common trope in most MC novels as well as a resentful arrogant aristocrat both of whom thirst for revenge against Hannah for foiling them from harming people she cares about are foreshadowed to appear again in the next novel or some later novel in this Regency seriesI experienced this novel as an audiobook The narrator oes a fairly good job This is such a charming series I m rooting hard for Miss Pym and Sir George and while I was lukewarm on the other romance in this particular novel Penelope and Lord Augustus there s still such a war. Ss Penelope Wilkins needs someone to enliven her sheltered life like handsome and carefree Lord Augus.

Marion Chesney MC Beaton s novels are like cozy romance novels Romantic couples are usually boring but other characters are so much fun Great books for cleaning house and washing ishes I usu Still enjoyed but not crazy that Miss Pym is in peril now In this third book in the Traveling Matchmaker series Miss Pym meets a new ragtag bunch on the stage including a broke Lord a wealthy American a naive beauty and a eafdumb servantgambler who becomes Miss Pym s footman and who puts the whole group in particular Miss Pym in jeopardy This is one of the few booksseries I would read again These stories of Marion Chesney started me on my adventurereading Regency RomanceNovelsHistory There is not a set of books that will teach you about the basics about life in Regency England There are six series with six books each I love them all It must be a past life thing Miss Hannah Pym is off on another adventure on a flying machine this time to Portsmouth where her traveling companions include a prim spinster an American a beautiful young merchant s Battleground Chicago daughter named Penelope and Lord Augustus aissipated young rake Hannah Albert Camus dreams of making a match between Penelope and Lord Augustus as well as rescuing a footman in trouble She e I remember reading a slew of Marion Chesney novels when my children were very young They were just the right kind of light mindless entertainment that I needed at the time I had to read things that were very putownable books that would not consume me My free time to read was very limitedBasically all of the books in any Kind hearted Miss Hannah Pym on the stagecoach to Portsmouth realizes beautiful rich but practical Mi.

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M sly sharp pleasure to be had in how Marion Chesney presents her flawed characters I m not super keen on the idea that Miss Pym made an enemy in this book that might come back to haunt her in the future it s not what I read this series for but we shall see on that frontThree solidly elightful stars as always for this series MC Beaton is a brilliant writer Whether it is her Agatha Raisin books or her Hamish Macbeths or even her Edwardian Murder Mysteries she is fabulous And that s not talking about her lovely lovely romances I adored this book I love Miss Pym and she is in fine fettle here Penelope and Lord Augustus are so Bill Veecks Crosstown Classic different and thus made for each other I loved Penelope s practicality the way she kept shooting himown for his aristocratic ways Lord Augustus meanwhile was just trying to Blood, Milk, Ink, Gold do what was expected of him he wasn t reallyissipated and useless The addition of Benjamin the footman to the mix was marvellous Not only Mikhail Bakhtin does he prove moti My MusingsWhat aelightful romance Miss Pyn is an enchanting character I can t wait to read the next one in this series Happy reading Rating 4 starsHilarious antidotes witty Carnival dialogue a reoccurring but not bland plot and well mapped characters is keeping me captivated The latest installment of The Travelling Matchmakerid not Citizens and Paupers disappoint Miss Pym has made new friends and acuired a loyal protector but this go around she has also made enemies My hope is that I will continue to be thrilled and that my interest in this series will not wane The audio keeps it all flawing and fun Onward. Tus Railton Miss Pym uses her matchmaker skills to bridge the gap between their personalityifferenc.

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