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Nice story the heroine was a little irritating at a few points but overall a good story Wagon train scout Finn Carson fell in love with Jessica Beaumont when he saw her in St Louis with an ill tempered brute of a man her husband Jessica s husband is killed along the trail because of the deed to a mine the wagon master tells Jessica she must marry again or be left along the trailFinn Carson starts wooing Jessica immediately and eventually gets her to marry him Choose a man or be left behindSo said the code of the West for women alone on wagon trains But newly widowed Jessica Beaumont had a baby on the way and what kind of man would willingly take on another.

T everyone s cuppa tea some think her too dull she is a comfort ead for me as I know what I m getting a straight forward old fashioned frontier omance However this time around she added uite a bit Romantic Suspense In this one the heroine is widowed on the wagon train trail west and must choose another husband or go back east at the next settlement She happens to be pregnant However she has some bad guys after her as her dead husband had a deed to a gold claim. Ont to cherish and love forever But would this fetching beauty accept him if she discovered his connection to the danger stalking her Or would their chance at happiness be lost before it was truly foun.

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Owever Finn has a secret that could destroy their elationship When the secret comes out Jessica doubts Finn s feelings for herI was eager to ead this story because the plot seemed interesting However I soon found that Jessica was TSTL As a very pregnant woman she decides to leave Finn and join a departed wagon train of her friendsFrankly Finn was too good and too honor I m trying to decide what to ate it Probably to I eally like this author although she s no. Man's child Apparently the ugged handsome kind for wagon train scout Finn Carson staked his claim on her early and swore never to let go Finn Carson was an honest man who honestly wanted Jessica Beaum.

Carolyn Davidson began writing in 1986 knowing absolutely nothing about the craft Her first three books were rejected by HarleuinShe met Dixie Browning at a Harleuin dinner in Charleston South Carolina and told Dixie she was writing but that she feared she was too old to begin such an undertaking Dixie's response spurred Carolyn to pursue her dream Dixie said in her own inimitable fashi