Roberta S. Sigel: Ambition and Accommodation How Women View Gender Relations

Ebook ead Ambition and Accommodation How Women View Gender Relations by Roberta S. Sigel –

An outstanding work on how women accommodate themselves Through focus groups and. What do ordinary citizens Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose really think about issues of gender euality and genderoles Combining data from both telephone surveys and in depth focus groups Ambition and Accommodation provides the most detailed portrait to date of how Americans in particular American women think they are faring in today's society By juxtaposing the voices of women and men from all walks of life Sigel finds that women's perceptions of gender elations are complex and often contradictory Although mos.

Surveys Roberta Sigel illuminates many gender elated issues The book provides a T women see gender discrimination pervading nearly all social interactions private as well as public they do not invariably feel that they personally have been its victims They want to see discrimination ended but believe that men do not necessarily share this goal Women are torn according to Sigel between the desire to improve their positions elative to men and the desire to avoid open conflict with them Their desire not to jeopardize their elations with men Sigel holds helps

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Hought provoking analysis of how women view gender elations in the United States. Xplain women's willingness to accommodate a less than egalitarian situation by for example taking on the second shift at home or by working harder than men on the job Sigel concludes that although men and women agree on the principle of gender euality definitions as well as practice differ by gender This complex picture of how women while not always content with the status uo have chosen to accommodate to the world they must face every day is certain to provoke considerable debate.