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Nspoken expectations that each of them brings to Paradise HallThis was my first Janet Mullany book and if Hidden Paradise is any indication it will not be my last Normally I tend to consume books uickly especially romance novels where I am assured of an HFNHEA But I loved this book so much that I wanted to savor every minute reading it Hidden Paradise id such a good job of bringing these characters and this world to life for me that I wanted to stretch out the experience of reading it for the very first time The author s knowledge of Austen and the Regency period are an invaluable part of sharing the Paradise Hall experience without becoming a Tryst distraction and the wellrawn supporting characters only enhance the love story between Lou and Mac at its center For once I had no idea what would happen at the end and I was okay with that The journey was the gift and the ending was perfect Louisa Connelly is still grieving over her husband s Tarnished Knight (The Lost Stars, death but finallyecides to go to Paradise Hall a resort where people Where We Belong dress up in Georgian clothes and enjoy Georgian past times From the beginning it s easy to see that Louisa really misses her husband Julian and can barely force herself to leave her home She s probably the besteveloped characters out of the entire cast with her loss and her need to move beyond the loss I really idn t feel that much for her one way or another though which leads me to the biggest problem I had with the book There re a lot of characters in the book not just Louisa and Mac and it s certainly not a romance focused on Louisa and Mac While there is romance going on we see into the lives of a lot of other people Chris and Peter owners of Paradise Hall and Rob a teenager who s hired to be a liveried servant among other guests I feel like with this many characters the author barely brushed the surface of their emotions and epth She Cesar's Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems didn t really explore any characterseeply other than sticking them with some problem and having them solve it I Requiem for a Wren didn t connect with any characters I was told what they felt but I just couldn t get into their heads and understand them and the reasons for their actions There s a lot of sex scenes in the book Part of Paradise Hall s appeal is the uninhibited nature of its guests However none of the sex scenes really contributed to the story other than just being there I enjoyed a lot of the witty banter between the characters but since they always talked in such a lighthearted way about sex Iidn t see any Red Notice deeper emotions behind the actions Iefinitely Les pingouins nont jamais froid didn t understand why Mac s suddenly in love with Louisa I actually finished the book pretty uickly so I guess I enjoyed it but it s not something I think twice about after reading I Hit Refresh: The Quest to Rediscover Microsoft's Soul and Imagine a Better Future for Everyone d say give it a try if you have some time but there re better romance books out thereA copy was provided by publisher for reviewSee of my review at Reading by Kindle Fire This book was fantastic I loved the emotional journey that Lou finds herself on She is trying toeal with grief Code pnal 2020 annot. dition limite - 117e d. denial anger betrayal guilt lust and love all at the same time Lou is trying to maintain a connection to her recentlyeceased husband while also trying to establish new romantic connections She finds herself back in time while visiting the newly renovated Paradise Hall a project of good friends of hers While there Lou realizes that she is not going to f From the moment I read this book s synopsis I knew I was in for something unexpected As a fan of Jane Austen and the Regency era I m accustomed to books featuring this time period to be sensual but not blatantly sexual Hidden Paradise is in your face hot steamy and sexually adventurous This book would make Jane Austen blushLouisa Connelly is visiting friends in England to get over the grief of her husband s The Peoples Songs death by immersing herself in the fantasy Regency world created for the paying public At first she s surprised by the openly sexual assignations going on around her but soon finds herselfrawn to journalist Mac Salazar After a few steamy encounters she backs off over guilt for putting the past behind her She just wanted fun but got serious City of Big Shoulders declarations from him that she was unprepared for Instead she goes for the naive Rob who s got family issues but israwn to the older and teacher like Lou Her time with him is clearly for fun After an out of the blue revelation about her Blind Devotion (The Shifter Chronicles dead husband she runs back home to completely purge herself of the past and it s then that she opens her heart to the possibilities Mac offers if only she canecide what to My Name is Bob do with Rob who s come home with her Louisa s personality fluctuated from prim schoolteacher to naughty seductress so I never felt like I had a true understanding of her character It seemed like men to her were merely a substitute for heread husband Even after the revelation and her admission to Mac of her true feelings I still idn t feel that she could love anyone Her and Mac s relationship as well as her and Rob s relationship felt superficial and based only on sex I applaud her reawakening but never felt a connection to herMac came off as being a hound og His first introduction involved him and another female and he spent time with almost every female character or at least watching them in compromising positions He s a journalist but we see him Billy Bragg doing his job only once or twice He much rather spend the time chasing after Lou It seemed unrealistic for him to have such strong feelings for Lou so early on considering that they spent so little time alone together outside the bedroom Him chasing Lou all the way across the ocean was a romantic gesture that I hope bodes well for their featureRob was a character that stood out in that we saw the Polly Prices Totally Secret Diary difficult family life that he wasesperate to overcome I applaud his loyalty to his family and the seriousness by which he treats the sexual encounters He s actually looking for love and knows that sex oesn t always lead to something long lasting I wish the story had revolved around him since he was the most likable and fully fleshed out character of the whole storyThis was a story full of erotic encounters taking place in the setting of a sensual Regency manor Seeing the primly ressed guests in such erotic encounters certainly grabs the reader s attention and sets a heart pounding pace At times it felt that the sexual encounters overwhelmed the story which The Majors Daughter didn t leave much room for characterevelopment Fans of erotica will Miss Shumway Waves a Wand definitely berawn to this book and others wanting an escape into a steamy fantasy world will also want to pick this up and add Janet Mullany to their list of go to authors for escapism Loved this one Haters of Fifty Shades of Grey and the less straitlaced fans of Jane Austen will enjoy this novel Enjoyable characters an actual plot a theme or two and sex any which way you want it I read it on Netgalley but The Touch definitely buying when it comes out August 28 2012 Full review on soon Louisa who is called LouLou or Lou throughout the book is an Austen scholar and recent widow as her husbandied in an accident Seeing her On His Majestys Service depressed her friends Chris and Peter think to reanimate her back to the living by inviting her to get out of her Montana ranch and partake in what she enjoys the most a Jane Austen themed getaway in EnglandChris and Peter are renovating a Georgian home rud to be where Jane Austen once stayed and urge her to join them make a first run of the place utilizing her historical know how to make sure things are accurate to. Of upstairsownstairs Different Class dalliances who piues Louisa's curiosity and libido most He's ailettante straight out of a novel uninhibited unapologetic and nearly insatiable But Lou's not romantic about this much at least Paradise Hall is a gorgeous fantasy nothing A lover like Mac is pure fiction And the real world beckons.

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When I saw the The Essential Good Food Guide description for this book I was all over it Grieving Jane Austen scholar goes to an Austen themed resort for a much needed break from widowhood and gets it on in a variety of ways what s not to likeThe characters in this book and the problems they experience are real and are handled in an understated manner The story is told in a shifting POV third person narrative that bounces between the two main characters Lou and Mac and two major secondary characters Rob and Peter I appreciated that each section headed by a character s name is told entirely in that character s perspective The sections following Peter one of the owners of Paradise Hall were my favoritesYou ve seen the cover of this book so you can guess that it s fairly steamy It is There are a lot of sexual encounters including those of the MF MM MFM and FFM variety and aose of voyeurism is thrown in for fun but they fit within the framework of the character s stories and for the most part make sense Readers who prefer straightforward pun intended MF scenes should probably skip this one but I thought Mullany handled the wide menu of encounters very well The best erotica authors are not shocked by their subject matter they tell it like they see it That s what Mullany Textbook of Wisdom does with this story There was no moment when I felt that the author had geared herself up for writing these scenes by pouring a stiffrink and watching a bunch of Saved by the Bell She isn t out to shock you she s just writing about a house party where the people In Defence of Dogs dress up in Georgian attire and have a lot of sex with each otherI know that sounds very strange trust me I just re read that sentence and it got a shocked chuckle out of me but it s true While I read the book I felt that the charactersecisions make perfect sense considering the characters and that really makes all the ifference between a story like this and a story like thatThere was one thing about the book that was to me less than spectacular but it s possible that my imperfect understanding of the main character Lou is at fault than any inconsistencies that may or may not exist Lou makes a iscovery that is very The City in Mind disturbing to her and I thought her reaction was handled extremely well but then Lou goes andoes pretty much the same thing to someone else that was Revenge (The Red Ledger done to her and I was left feeling a whole lot less righteously indignant on her behalf Aside from that slightly irritating bit I thought this book was pretty fantastic It is not a romance novel so readers should not expect that kind of story Hidden Paradise provides emotionally charged erotica full of all too human encounters Lou works out her grief at the relatively recent and uite unexpected passing of her husband Chris and Peter work through aging and its indignities Mac tries to find meaning in his life and Robeals with his No One Wants You difficult family and finally gets laid and everyone else pretty much just has sex Received from Harleuin through NetGalleyLouisa Lou Connelly an American Jane Austen scholar who has recently been widowed after only five years of marriage is finding it very hard to come to terms with the loss of her beloved Julian while at home on their Montana ranch When two friends invite her over to England she jumps at the chance to change her surroundings and the opportunity to think about what she wants too with the rest of her life Lou s friends Peter and Chris are in the last stages of opening Paradise Hall a resort in which people will have the opportunity to experience an authentic Georgian country house weekend and they need her knowledge about Jane Austen and her time to make sure they are getting all the The City Of Heavenly Tranquillity details right However while the weekends will be authentic as far as setting food and clothing are concerned it is anybody s guess if their ideas about the sexual exchanges between the visitors are also true to historyOnce in Paradise Hall Lou finds that while being thereoesn t make her feel any closer to her Penguins Poems for Life deceased husband itoes re awaken her interest in men and the joys of intimacy Her exchanges with Mac Salazar a journalist with a lot of Mr Darcy ualities are belligerent and exciting and soon lead to steamy encounters And then there is Rob the young servant who Lou can t uite get out of her head and who has a lot to learn from herTwo shocking iscoveries later it seems that Lou s time in Paradise is well and truly over The real world beckons and with it some tough ecisions This is a book that both elighted and isappointed me I loved the idea of the Jane Austen naughty weekends and enjoyed the Divine Beauty descriptions of the house its surroundings the clothes food and activities In fact I would have lovedetail like that But it seems that the author was so busy making sure that every character who got mentioned than three times had a back story with some Fear and Loathing at Rolling Stone drama in it that there really wasn t the time or pages to get period or any otheretail in Don t get me wrong I want the characters in my books to have a back story as well as issues they have to resolve However I Down to the Sea in Ships do not think the story improves just because every single character has issues If the author had left some of the characters Peter and Chris Di issue free she could haveevoted time to the three main characters in this story as well as the historical Wife by Wednesday (The Weekday Brides, detail and I feel the story would have benefited from such an approachI m also not sure how happy I was about the perspective in this story being shared between four characters with every chapter being narrated by somebody else I found this to be a bit confusing at times and itidn t help the smooth reading of this bookHaving said all of that overall this book was easy to read and the story managed to carry me away to its fantastical setting on several occasions Some of the plot lines in this book were fascinating and could have Dog Years deserved a whole book of their own rather then being sueezed in here amongst many others I m not very knowledgeable about Jane Austen her books and her time so I can t commend on how true to those origins this book is What Io know is that Chain of Fire despite my reservations Iid enjoy this story and loved the naughty nature of the weekends The sexual content while in good supply was rather straight forward and sweet as were the relationships between the charactersOverall I spend a few enjoyable hours with a charming story that could have been uite a bit ORIGINAL POST HIDDEN PARADISE Is Good Dirty FunHIDDEN PARADISEby Janet MullanyHarleuin HN August 28 2012Paperback and E BookTimed E Galley loaned by publisher via NetGalleyNo remuneration was exchanged and all opinions herein except as noted are my own CALL IT SENSE AND Sensuality or let s talk about the purple passionLouisa Connelly a recently widowed Jane Austen scholar needs some relief from her stifling world When a friend calls to offer her a temporary escape from her Montana ranch she is whisked into a The Devils Elbow (Mrs. Bradley, dizzying world of sumptuous food flowing wineand endless temptation She s an honored guest at Paradise Hall an English resort boasting the full experience of an authentic Georgian country house weekend Liveried servants tend to the every need of houseguests clad in meticulous period costume snug breeches low cut silken gowns and negligible undergarments It s Mac Salazar a journalist immersing himself fullyeeply lustily in the naughty pleasures of upstairs The Making of a Caribbeanpreneur downstairsalliances who piues Louisa s curiosity and libido most He s a Maharaj dilettante straight out of a novel uninhibited Louisa Connelly a recently widowed Jane Austen scholar needs some relief from her stifling world When a friend calls to offer her a temporary escape from her Montana ranch she is whisked into aizzying world of sumptuous food flowing wineand endless temptationShe's an honored guest at Paradise Hall an English resort.

Napologetic and nearly insatiable But Lou s not romantic about this much at least Paradise Hall is a gorgeous fantasy nothing A lover like Mac is pure fiction And the real world beckons wwwjanetmullanycomI really enjoyed this book I thought it was a ghost paranormal then realized it wasn t But by the time I figured out the only supernatural element was the men s endurance I was hooked and I wasn t about to put it Kuduz down There s a lovely romance here with unapologetic sex No Oh this is morally wrong or I am such a slut from the heroine Of course there is a little bit of the I m betraying myead husband by sleeping with another man but she gets over it fast And it s smart too with good historical references and informative ialogueLouisa is the widow who is trying to come back to life Her gay complex best friends Mac the Mr Darcy of the story I m not uite sure if Rob the footman has an analogue or if he is just a strictly modern personality Mullany really nails the nineteen year old s behaviors and his interests As soon as Mullany has Louisa call Mac Mr Darcy in my head he looks and moves like Colin Firth in P and P Louisa seems a bit of an intellectual sort but passionate and uninhibited with a capacity to love eeplyThe story The Stanforth Secrets (Lovers and Ladies, does wander a little bit and needs some rails to get it back on track But in the end all that wandering leads to some steamy contentAt one point early on Louisa experiences something that feels like betrayal Later something else puts that into perspective It was one of those things that when it is well written it is as shocking to the reader as it would be to the character and it can transfer with anger into real life It was completely unexpected It s as if your friendid something in a The Taste of Ashes dream that pissed you off in theream but then when you wake up you are still angry about what happened in the ream And exciting good things are afoot as wellI thoroughly enjoyed the characters the story and the romance in this book It felt like a ifferent sort of romance novel And it was much better than many of the Austenesue books I have readI would actually love to see a project like this with all the mod cons however as this hotel was being kitted out I wouldn t want to be living alla the Regency period at a resort Playing at it would be fine I think this is brought out a bit for example the rooms have bathsGood irty fun with lots of baths and all kinds of alliance that would make even Lydia Bennett blushI HIGHLY RECOMMEND On paper Hidden Paradise sounds like a book that I would love Lou a recent widow The Highwayman (Victorian Rebels, decides to go on a Jane Austen retreat It s an all inclusive vacation complete with period costumes but with the convenience of modern plumbing The trip promises to have sumptuous balls men in tight breeches and the promise of a romantic interlude Sounds great right Unfortunately a good premiseoes not always make a good book and I found myself wondering where this one went wrongThe book is told from multiple points of views Normally I am not a big fan of multi POVs but I can understand them if they add something to the story However it China: la edad de la ambicin (Ensayo poltico) did not add anything in this case There were at least 4 or 5 POVs in this book which was too many for a book this length It actuallyetracted from the main characters Lou and Mac often having us go off on tangents with other characters that were interesting but unnecessary I also found it hard to believe that all of the people coming to the resort were so open to having sexual relations with perfect strangers It was like a giant Austen orgy Maybe I am naive but I found it weird that everyone was so willing to go at it with everyone and anyone usually with people they had just met Outdoors in a sauna threesomes multiple partners in one Green River Rising daythe list goes on The love scenes are plenty erotic and uite imaginative but I just couldn t get into them This probably had too with my next issue below While the characters were interesting I Wife Swap didn t feel a huge attachment to any of them I liked Lou and Mac together but their behavior was confusing Both profess to having feelings for the other one minute but then both jump into bed with other people the next Lou has a fling with Rob the 19 year old head footman I really liked Rob but was a little uncomfortable with the ageifference between the two I Pies don t think she took advantage of him he s uite willing but I would have felt a little better with it had he been a couple of years older There were many secondary characters as well but again Iidn t have any strong feelings towards any of them I wish I could give Hidden Paradise a higher rating but there was just something missing I found myself indifferent to the characters and their fates and trying to read as fast as I could to finish it I was happy when Lou and Mac finally got their HEA but I Gorbals Diehards didn t get that sigh worthy satisfied feeling I usually get after reading a really good romance If you re aie hard Jane Austen fans might want to give this a go for novelty s sake Everyone else should probably skip it I received this book free of charge from the publisher in exchange for an honest review This in no way affected my opinion or review of this book This book was provided to the reviewer by the author in exchange for an honest review at SeductiveMusingsblogspotcomAt first glance Hidden Paradise appears to be a standard literary From the Dust device whereisparate personalities are brought together at a semi isolated location where they exist in a time limited protected bubble to interact in various combinations which may result in love and other complications Think Grand Hotel or recently The Love Boat As the title hints however there is here than what appears on the surfaceThe location where all our characters are gathered is Paradise Hall where anything can happen according to the brochure produced by its proprietors Although several secondary characters weave in and out of the story our attention is paid most to Lou and Mac who are both subconsciously searching for something in their lives not realizing that what they seek could be found in each otherLou Finale (Caraval, doesn t really want to be at Paradise Hall but the scholar in her can t resist the lure of a place where Jane herself may have once been a guest After all there may be something yet to beiscovered on its grounds that can help Louise finally finish the Merlin and the Making of the King dissertation she hasn t been able to complete since the suddeneath of her husband And the change of scenery complete with a full immersion in the Austen experience orchestrated by her two Mrs. Bridge dear friends might just help her move on from mourning and be open to a new relationshipMacoesn t really want to be at Paradise Hall either but he s agreed to write an article on Paradise Hall for publication in advance of its grand opening He s Mennyms Alone (Mennyms, dallied about with women and relationships his whole life almost never turningown a chance at intimate female companionship This carelessness has resulted in Mac being emotionally alone Dreamwalker (The Ballad of Sir Benfro, despite the constant flow of women in and out of his life Until he meets Lou he s never wanted to be better too to Akenfield deserve a real emotional connection with a woman Mac and Lou are immediately attracted to each other in spite of or perhaps because of the fact that their first meeting involved her looking in from aoorway while he was enjoying rather vigorous sex with someone else But there s no guarantee that this attraction can become something let alone survive all the surface conflicts and Boasting the full experience of an authentic Georgian country house weekend Liveried servants tend to every need of houseguests clad in meticulous period costume snug breeches low cut silken gowns and negligible undergarmentsIt's Mac Salazar a journalist immersing himself fully eeply lustily in the naughty pleasures.

Janet Mullany was raised in England by half of an amateur string uartet and now lives near Washington DC Persecuted from an early age for reading too long in the bathroom she still loves books and is an avid and eclectic reader She has worked as an archaeologist classical music radio announcer arts publicist and for a small press