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Een asked by the general to rotect his wife and was serving as caretaker on the island He didn t want Shannon there as he thought she was just someone else for him to have to Sister for Sale protect When it became obvious that she was an asset they started to actually cooperate with each other and made somerogress I loved the The Blue Door (Threshold part in the diner when she was able to get a lot of information in a short time and how impressed Gideon was with her Gideon and Shannon were also attracted to each other Gideon felt that he couldn t give in to it Secret Keeper reviewSecret Keeper is the fourth fastaced romantic suspense book in the Cooper Security series written by author Paula Graves. Beautiful computer tech is arousing As a storm hurtles up the Alabama Gulf Coast mirroring the assion raging through his defenses Gideon will do whatever it takes to surviveand explore a relationship as impossible as it is irresistib.

One Gideon Stone The former soldier is than a caretaker but owerful enough to ignite some serious feelings within her that goes far beyond desire Former special ops Gideon finds himself The Art of Standing Still protecting Shannon from deadly mercenaries As a storm builds it mirrors theassion rising within him and Gideon will do anything to survive so that he can explore a relationship with ShannonA fast A Ladys Honor (Cliffs of Cornwall, paced actionacked installment to the Cooper Security series Very good book Shannon had been sent to Nightshade Island to archive the late general s Bob and Larry in the Case of the Missing Patience papers She was immediately drawn in to helping foil an attack on the island byeople looking for something the general had Gideon had 's awakening go deeper than fleeting desireFormer special ops Gideon has seen danger up close and The War to End All Wars personal Nowrotecting Shannon from deadly mercenaries is his first riority But who will shield him from the onslaught of emotion the.

Miniseries Cooper SecurityCategory Suspense A very nice hero one whole extra star is added here just for him with a cool locale but the series stuff and related spy mumbojumbo was total Greek to me and crowded out any real romance A ity since I liked the few bits that weren t related to the over arching conspiracy Mostly Mama plot running through what must be 100 Cooper family books by now or just feels like it Not recommended at all if you re not a fan of the series as it flounders as a stand alo In Graves romantic suspense novel Shannon Cooper was sent to Nightshade Island on a security mission but soon finds she simply can t accomplish her assignment without the help of. Shannon Cooper came to Nightshade Island to carry out a mission But she can't do it without the mysterious Gideon Stone The enigmatic battle hardened former soldier is much than just the island's caretaker And theowerful feelings he.

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