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N she know and giving her background that perfectly understandable I loved her loyalty to Cutter and how she was a bit jealous of the way he acts with uinn I could recognize myself in her How wouldn t want a dog like him and with the man added it s ven betteruinn is the boss of a One Con Glory elite suad all membersxcept one are from the military that act when there aren t any others options He is loyal has a lot of honour and he is very good to his men I loved the way he doesn t act superior and can put them before his comfort A true alpha He kidnapped Hayley without thinking and while he regrets it he can t help to feel attracted to her as she fight him while afraid push his buttons and keep asking uestions Since he doesn t like to feel destabilised he fight back by threatening being sarcastic and suchThe others members of the suad aren t left all all of them have a speciality and they do their job very well I love Liam and Teague Rafter isn t bad but he is secret so for me it was a bit difficult to appreciate himNow I loved this book to the Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows end but I can t help to ask myself if is going to stay a stand alone or be the first of a series I sent anmail to the author and I received an answer it s the first book of the new series called Cutter s Code Why did I think about that The story is finished The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) except for one detail You can stop at that and imagine what will happen let your imagination wander or that could receive a answer in a next book starting off where this one stop You are happyither way Justine Davis did a great job to make you feel at Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, ease in any caseTo recommend to the fan of romance slowly building and action secret suspense with the military touch that make it so much believable Good book When Hayley was taken she was naturally afraid of what was going on I really liked the way she kept pretty calm through the whole thing She tried very hard to find out what was going on andnded up being friendly with all the guys A Fairly Honourable Defeat except uinn uinn is very intense and as leader doesn t give up any information He does find himselfnjoying Hayley s company which is uniue itself I liked the way her attitude and conversation would amuse him which startled him because it so rarely happened I also liked the way Hayley jumped in and helped during the two attacks I loved the dog he is so cool with the way he took to uinn and helped the team with their mission I am really looking forward to seeing of him and also the rest of the team I have to say those who like angsty and motional romances may not like this book It s mainly for those who like dogs suspense action with romance thrown in Although the sexual chemistry between uinn Hayley was strikingly apparent the kisses and sex mostly takes place toward the nd the latter not too detailed I however Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue enjoyed the book I love dogs and thisntire wonderful series of Justine Davies was about Cutter an awesome dog who behaved almost like a human drawing the most unlikely couples together with his The Man Without a Face extra sensory instincts and making them fall in love withach other He just appeared on Hayley s doorstep when she was mourning the death of her mother for whom she d given up verything for three years to tend to her as she battled with her disease And since no one came forward to claim him he stayed on as Hayley s petuinn was an action oriented x military who runs into Hayley and her big bear like dog while he was on a secret night mission to airlift Hayley s neighbour Since the dog totally Gone (Gone, enamoured by uinn wouldn t leave his side uinn had no option but to kidnap both the dog and his spirited owner It was a frighteningxperience for Hayley a simple girl next door to find herself and her dog dumped into the helicopter by the tall brooding intimidating man and later confined with To Threads Of The Shroud escape Unfortunately uinn with his intense searching gaze is always three steps ahead and much much too closeFor uinn Foxworth controluals safety Taking Hayley is the only way his undercover witness protection.

Cutter s Code book 1I had read Operation blind Date which is a Cutter s Code book 3 I believe I All Seated on the Ground enjoyed it and wanted to read of the Cutter code series so I bought the first book of the series I was not disappointed in it and still would love to read I know that their is at least one other out their that I can read right awayThe suspense of who or what uinn is for me not their because I read book 3 first I like the plot The characters I really like Cutter he is a dog A very smart dog Cutter chased into the woods and Hayley chased after him He had been uneasy since a helicopter flew over her home awhile ago Hayley and Cutter were now on her neighbor s property and she sees the helicopter with no markings on it She has only seen her neighbor twice before She see s him being guided out of his house into the chopper by a guy wearing a gun Then a third man comes out and Cutter runs up to him like a lost friend uinn takes out his gun and Hayley runs out to save her dog Cutter won t come to her and she tries to leave and hopes he comes with her uinn picks up Hayley and sticks her into the helicopter and than picks up her dog too Then gets in and the helicopter lifts upuinn makes it clear that if she won t behave the dog will go out of the chopper They fly for hours than refuel and take off for hours Hayley has no idea where they are or why They finally stop at a run down cabin all by itself Their are four guards and her neighbor She is not allowed to talk to her neighbor More threats against Cutter for her to behaveCutter gets to go out for patrols and gains the men s respect He warns Rafe about a rattlesnake he almost steps on He also finds old paw prints of a big animal No one can sneak up on them with Cutter aroundLots of action drama pretty clean read Their is one love scene but not graphic So now I have read two of this series it will be one I will look forward to reading againPublisher Harleuin Romantic Suspense March 1 2012 217 pages ISBN 0373277652 The star of this book is definitely Cutter Loved it Cutter is awesome And I m a cat person so me loving a dog lets you know how good he isGreat actionxcellent blend of teamwork and friendship leaves you looking forward to the next book And di If you are looking for a spellbinding book with mystery intrigue and a bit of romance you need to read Operation Midnight by Justine Davis It s the first in her Cutters Code series and you will love Cutter He is amazing The introduction and development of the characters was well done the storyline flowed well and the plot will keep you guessing This book is a real page turner and I really want to read the rest of this series as well as the other books by this author This was disappointing It was such a slow read for me and I didn t really believe in the romance I love this Cutter series so had high Untitled. expectations for this first book 3 stars bumped up to 4 because after all we are introduced to Cutter 2nd story in a combo I would give this book 10 stars if I could I absolutely could not put it down Cutter the dog was the star of the book but the Hh were first rate too There will be in the Cutter s Code series and I ll be veryagerly awaiting the next installment I loved this one really I m fond of Justine Davis books Cutter is wonderful intelligent and so funnyeven better Belgian I was imagining that and when I ve read in I was just Wiring even immersed in it that beforeThe suspense is high because you only get answer in the two last chapters but it s not bothering at all You think about several things while reading but theses answers while very important and interesting stay behind the secret and mystery of Cutter and the romance that s building I was totally hooked on this bookHayley is a strong heroine stronger thatve. Being spirited away with her dog Cutter by armed men in a black helicopter is the last thing Hayley Cole Against All Odds everxpects And why is her usually savvy dog so friendly toward their lean dark haired leader She's determined.

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Er neighbour and four strangers uinn and his team of men Rafer Liam and Teague in the middle of nowhere Fear made her angry and snappy toward uinn He thought of her as a glitch in his smooth operation a persistent gnat I The DOS enjoyed the witty uips and banter between the two of them Don t like snakes uinn askedDid the man never miss anything I m talking to you aren t I she snappedLiam let out a whoop of laughter uinn gave him a sour look She s definitely all yours he muttered and walked awayShe blinked You re cooking breakfast forverybody Everybody takes their turn Even you He lifted a brow You d rather I assigned it to you Depends Any rat poison around Yet no matter how much the two bantered they couldn t help feel attracted to Against All Odds each other Both found themselves thinking about the other than their present situation Instead of thinking about whether uinn was as aware of her as a woman as she was him as a man she should be worried about staying alive She should be worried about what was going on about the story behind the man hidden behind that closed bedroom door She should be worried aboutscaping all this somehow no matter that she had no idea where she was Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism except that it was a long way from any outpost of real civilization Instead she was letting herself be lulled convinced they really weren t bad guys lulled by the routine the days had fallen into fascinated by Liam s seeming boy next door charm by Teague s polite military demeanor and his thoughtfulness in picking up things for Cutter on his supply run She wasven drawn in a way by Rafer s haunted sometimes pained determination But mostly she was captivated by the cool Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils efficiency and rigid control most of the time of their boss Not to mention that one glance from thoseyes made her heart pound Yeah she was the perfect prisoner wasn t she she thought unleashing the full force of her sarcasm on herself She d never felt so tangled so confused so like she was going to fly apart at any momentIt irked Hayley that the close mouthed uinn wouldn t say anything about his mission to her nor did he allow her neighbour or anyone in his team to say anything She had only Cutter s instincts to sense they were the good guys and Cutter happily followed uinn Payment Due everywhere that times Hayley felt jealous of the two of them It was as if Cutter had found a kindred spirit in uinn uinn too was bemused by the dog s adoration of him and uncanny understanding of human thoughtsspecially his also how he drove right into the action alerting uinn and his men about the lurking danger Both man and dog had bonded so strongly that they Vampireville (Vampire Kisses, ended up risking their lives and taking a bullet to saveach other and the woman special to them both Hayley My two wounded warriors Hayley fondly called them Hayley herself was absolutely heroic in the face of danger Even with no military Pirate of the Pacific (Doc Savage, experience she was sharp and alert and helped uinn and Cutter fight the invadersShe was a good match for uinn who d already been divorced because hisx wife didn t understand that his job constantly needed him Which is why when it was all over he was ready to let Hayley to go The Rich and the Profane (Lovejoy, even though very reluctantly But now that Hayley found her man she wasn t going to let go of him Loved thend scene with both of them curled up in bed and so caught up into Turbulence each that they were late to pick up CutterBut smug Cutter didn t mind After all it was always his intention to bring together the two humans he adored the mostAnd I know in the following books of the series he ll be finding many lost souls like Hayley and uinn and bringing them romantically together It was a verynjoyable read Not to be missed Rating 325More military and suspense with romance being secondaryEnjoyable but would have preferred the romance aspect at the forefront. Team can protect her and their client But convincing her he's one of the good guys is asier than guarding himself from her innocent courage And with danger closing in can he risk letting Hayley into his heart for go.

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