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Harleuin titles I have read Baby Breakout focuses primarily on Jed s perspective and the switch from on point of view to another can be jarring as other then a slight page break there is very little indication of POV switch One of the things I would have done differently would have been eeping it to one single POV throughout the novel For example if it had been entirely from Emily s point of view it would have increased suspense by Mastering Gephi Network Visualization keeping up the feeling of doubt over Jed s innocence only revealing near the end that he for sure did not do what he was accused of By doing it from her perspective we could also explore her doubts about him farther instead of just observing them from Jed s perspective and seeing him be hurt by them The major conflict is uite obviously Jed being imprisoned for a crime he didn t commit and those that framed him trying toill him before he reveals their game Jed s determination to protect his family and clear his name is admirable though false accusations and imprisonment in horrible death trap prisons isn t an issue that most white people are going to face Overall however I enjoyed reading this book and look forward to reading other books in this category and other books by Lise Childs I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the light content of a Harleuin novel but also wants excitement and suspense then the average Harleuin provides I give Baby Breakout 35 Hearts out of 5 333 Very good book Now that Jed had escaped he needed to find Erica and clear his name Seeing Erica and hearing about what went on at her end made him realize he still had big problems Trust was a big issue in this book Jed didn t trust Erica as he thought she was still lying about what had happened that night He also didn t trust her not to call the cops Erica didn t trust that Jed was not guilty of the crimes he went to prison for She would start to trust a little then something would happen and she d go back again I really wish that she had been trusting from the beginning I liked seeing Rowe and Macy and was glad to see how much help he was able to provide The bad guy was not who I figured at first I loved the showdown at the end There was plenty of tension and suspense in this book. His little girl And as the woman he'd blamed and the child he'd never nown laid claim to his heart Jed would risk anything to protect them Because now there was nothing important than his familynot his freedom not even his lif.

Ead around all the lies that she s been fed What is the truth And what is the truth about Jed especially now Jed s case should have bee a slam dunk when it came to proving his innocence Except there were way too many people with agenda s that wanted him dead or at least imprisoned for many years first The only down side for me with this story is that it slowed down a lot at times The reason being the replay of the same trust issues or lack of trust in the same areas The main characters could have used a bit depth especially when it came to their relationshipIsobel was the charming daughter that Jed and Erica shared once he found out about herJed s sister Macy and her lawman boyfriend Rowe Cusack also add uite a bit to the storyThere is a really good surprise towards the end of the book which adds uite the surprisesAnd yes there is a HEA for this couple and their daughter I would say that this was an ok book The story line moved along well The characters were good together and the daughter was adorable I m glad that the author had a little humor in the book I also liked that this book was linked back to the first book in the series but if you didn t read the first book you re not going to be lost Overall it was a good read Erica Townsley thought she would never see Jed Kleyn again Their reunion is not a happy one however as three years ago after one passionate night together Jed was arrested for murder After three years in one of the most deadly prisons in America Jed escapes and comes to Erica demanding that she clear his name He does not expect what he finds however for him to still burn with desire for her or the three year old girl his daughter conceived on their last night together The two must work together to find the evidence to clear Jed s name before his enemies manage to do what they failed to do in prison Kill him While not the high suspense of Patterson s crime novels Baby Breakout leaves you hanging on to every page up until the end While the last few chapters have a slightly rushed feeling to them overall it was a great novel and a great introduction into Harleuin s Intrigue genre I will definitely be looking into reading books in this category come the future Compared to other. Uty his hatred was overwhelmed by the ferocity of his still burning desire And then he saw the child his childHe'd thought that proving his innocence was all that mattered But whoever had framed him was now targeting Erica and.

Miniseries Outlaws After Macy s story I was dying to read Jedidiah s story Well it was a bummer It was just not good enough The whole I trust you I trust you not thing going on between the MCs was justUGH What I don t get is if you are going to put a child in the story then why not give it some role I just hate it when there is a baby in a novel and no cute scenes to go along with Prop babies are so not cool If you liked the first Outlaw book there is a 70% chance you are not going to like this one I for one didn t The title was misleading The story had interesting aspects I didn t have high expectations for this book but AT LEAST me not wanting to ill the main female character would have been nice Seriously she believed ANYTHING anyone told her Good Guy who s been unjustly imprisoned for years I m actually innocentFemale Character OH NO How could I have doubted you I m a horrible personBad Guy No he actually did it HE S EVILFemale Character I ve been a FOOL How could I have trusted himGood Guy No I m actually innocentFemale Character OH NO How could I have doubted you I m a horrible personAND THIS PATTERN REPEATS AT LEAST TEN TIMES She believes anything anyone tells her Not once but EVERY COUPLE PAGES WELL when i first started this i did not like Erica but the i read i felt sorry for her She was used Poor Jed didn t even Testing Aircraft, Exploring Space know he had a lil girl And the crack pot lawyer Marcus was dirty In Childs romantic suspense novel Jedidiah Kleyn had escaped from prison having been convicted three years previously because Erica Towsley had failed to stand up and admit she was his alibi In search of her to clear his name he never expected to find he still cared about her nor had henown they shared a child Proving his innocence was important but protecting the family he never new he had topped his prioritiesThis installment to the Outlaws series is powerful fast paced and filled with suspense A real page turner An interesting story with good main characters Both Jed and Erica have HUGE trust issues that get in their way time after time Erica s stem from abandonment issues from when she was young and she ept seeing people were always leaving her She has feelings for Jed but she just can t get her Jedidiah Kleyn had been convicted because Erica Towsley hadn't come forward So the night he escaped from prison it was with one thing in mind find Erica and make her clear his name But the moment he laid eyes on the angelic bea.

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Born one dark and stormy Halloween night Lisa Childs was predestined to write suspense novels She loves spinning dark and twisty stories that keep readers awake because they’re either too busy turning pages or too scared to sleep Lisa Childs is the prolific author of than seventy published novels In addition to romantic suspense she also writes women’s fiction paranormal and contemporar