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O when she was 10 years old along with her mother and a sister who escaped from a Europe being devastated by the second world war Poniatowska was then raised and influenced greatly by Mexico s cultural diversity a culture that produced such a deep impact on her This made her a young avid reader but she was interested in reading only books that could be useful books that could help her shape her ideals and her biggest goal became to help her home country and its people through the best weapon of allwordsA ournalist a novelist a poet a social activist an intellectual Her work has been dedicated to represent Mexico s culture and people its government and its politics its current affairs and speak for those who don t have a voice Elena Poniatowska represents a voice for humanity a voice for the oppressed the poor the women a voice against prejudice corruption and those in power she represents that voice that demands Instructors Manual to Accompany the International Story justice and urges a change in Mexico One of her best known books is La noche de Tlatelolco in which she narrates the 1968 student massacre in Mexico City through testimonies of relatives and witnesses She has also written biographies one based on the life of the Nobel laureate Octavio Paz and has also written many interview narratives of people such as Subcomandante Marcos or Diego Rivera among others important political or historical figures of MexicoThis time I decided to submerge myself in La piel del cielo or The skin of the Sky In this amazing novel Poniatowska tells us the story of Lorenzo de Tena The story opens beautifully with a boy asking his mother where does the world ends to what his mother replies that it doesn t and she will take him further away than what his eyes can simply see and so aourney of science and wonder begins Lorenzo the illegitimate son of a wealthy businessman but at same time a distant father is constantly motivated by a poor but somehow intelligent mother who always takes her time to explain things to this little boy of a curious and brilliant mind a boy that pursues to answer the many riddles of our universe and our place in it It is through his mother that Lorenzo develops a love and such an immense fascination for stars After facing many adversities in life and struggling with personal sacrifices Lorenzo goes to Harvard and becomes uite a successful astronomer but albeit this professional success he feels empty and out of love Almost at the end of the novel an important female character to the story appears Fausta Rosales But can she finally help Lorenzo understand what love really is Poniatowska not only succeeds in giving us an extraordinary novel of a boy who faces many challenges and obstacles throughout his life in order to follow his lifelong passion for science but she also manages to describe the scientific details uite impressive It was also a delight to read so many wonderful historical figures such as the great astronomer E Halley taking part in the novel as a fictional character characters with whom you will enjoy many philosophical discussions It is important to say that the author was actually married to a Mexican astronomer named Guillermo Haro and we can definitely see the big influence of him in the life of Lorenzo on whom the character was mostly based The author also projects the difficulties of wanting to do first class research in a country such as MexicoThe Skin of the Sky is uite a captivating story I really enjoyed Lorenzo s personal conflicts and existential thoughts throughout the novel It s a novel of struggle and of passion it offers a philosophical and a political view but most of all Lorenzo de Tena was the life of a boy I found truly inspiring thanks to the exuisite words of this talented and admired writer Elena Poniatowska as Octavio Paz and my favorite Carlos Fuentes offer that window of Mexico s beautiful culture its history and its reality through the wonderful art of writing Highly recommende. De la ciencia sino de la cara más oculta de las personas la ue esconde las pasiones y los sentimientos Una novela ue como un telescopio nos acerca a los desafíos más inalcanzables las estrellas y el am.

While others especially the ending which solidified my chosen rating sag around the two Something involving hamartias and tragic plot structures could be made out of that but it doesn t feel as conscientiously taut as the best tales of hubris do which may be an unfair call but is honestly all that I have at my disposal There are enough references packed into these pages to make for a solid collection of footnotes andor endnotes but I m doubtful if the effort for rendering an edition of such will happen during my lifetime for a text translated into English written by a Latinx woman and published in the 2000s All in all it s a shame that this book didn t manage to hold itself together as there aren t many pseudo bios about scientists out there especially about those as sociopolitically conscientious in an admittedly limited sense as Lorenzo de Tena pseudonym for an actual historical figure close to the author There was great potential to be had but it all devolved into a morass of gendered nonsense and soap opera stifling in the end and if all that was intended to render Tena into a less than sympathetic character that could ve been achieved without sacrificing the narrative in the processThe writing of this is historical fiction au naturale where others flip open history books and copypaste Poniatowska draws inspiration from the kitchen the backyard deep on an inherent pool of knowledge that demonstrates the wealth a cultural insider has access to without resorting to formulaic world building or dissonant character development That s why it s such a shame that the book didn t turn out too well especially since maintaining this sort of immersive experience is a tricky business indeed This is no Memoirs of Hadrian Place of Greater Safety or Autumn of the Patriarch but it could have been a slice of 20th century from plantation mistresses to South African observatories with delvings into communism postcolonialism astronomy physics philosophy sex ueerness and a bevy of other scenes and sensations teeming amongst the still persistently undervalued landscapes of greater Mexico I ve recently seen Poniatowska s name elsewhere but I don t think I ll be picking anything else up of hers unless especially motivated I understand the need to get into a character s head but the last few pages of this were out of character odious than anything else and it really didn t finalize the closing of what had otherwise been an impressive even monumental lifeI like giving women in translation a chance every once in a while and in light of my reception here I m glad Poniatowska s doing fine in her home country as I ll be spending my reading time elsewhere She has a pseudo bio of Leonora Carrington out that intrigues but I really do need to read some actual Carrington first before I start chasing any non self imposed mythos relating to her as subject In the end it s interesting to read Mexican lit that however auspiciously structured and richly littered with historicalscientific references still comes off as far casual than my usual fare that hails from that particular country or even its particular continent I didn t like it as much as I hoped to but it goes to show how much in translation risks going unread due to various assumptions consciously contrived or otherwise I wouldn t especially recommend this to anyone unless someone was really ken on some of the names references as while I definitely learned a lot the whole point of this work existing didn t uite establish itself especially during the last flurry of ridiculous pages Ah well On to the next Elena Poniatowska also known by her family as la princesse rouge not only for being a descendant of the last king of Poland Stanislaw August Poniatowski but also for her well known left ideals and speaking up for human right causes is today one of the best female writers that proudly represent Mexico s literature She was born in France but fled to Mexic. Ormista y rebelde deberá luchar contra las desigualdades sociales las trampas burocráticas y las tentaciones políticas para ver realizada su vocación Pero los mayores retos de su búsueda no vendrán.

The Skin of the Sky by Elena Poniatowska is not only thought provoking but also an intensive one which sometimes is realistic than romantic but at the same time gripping This book is rooted in Lorenzo de Tena who is plagued by doubts regarding the cosmos life and love The story is well connected so as to understand both the born of science in a developing country and the incomprehensible world of feelings for a womanThis novel is revolted around Lorenzo de Tena who is not only a bright and obstinate man but also one who has his obscure human side where misanthropy and misoginism exist Lorezon a mysterious hostile frugal or stubborn man is well developed character to whom personal misfortunes such as death solitude and hypocrisy doomed him to the point where only depression and exaltation exists but to his fortune and to alleviate his cosmic solitude an unexpected and flabbergasted gift is presented the heaven that has been opening up for him to devote himself so as to be a scientist of international calibreIn addition to that there are characters such as his mother Florencia a witty countrywoman to whom even with his lack of education she gives various unforgettable teachings that had gone from math to linguistics in Coyoacan Lorenzo s siblings Emilia Juan Leticia and Santiago whom through their colourful humorous and intensive life are deeply touched soon after their mother s deathThe novel through a series of events goes from giving up University studies to casual sexual intercourse encounters from travelling to foreign country to show that Mexican people can do science to the epiphany caused from unravelling a chaotic spiral is neither concentrated nor disjointed but one that goes from a cyclical flow from misunderstanding to understanding and vice versaPoniatowska s syntax is sure enough diverse that in terms of literature traits is simple complex disjointed collouial poetic and even romantic Generally the novel has a well balanced styleThe Skin of the Sky is a powerful novel which is definitively a well worth reading It is fully recommended to the reader since is going to be exposed to an outnumber of literature features On the whole the readers are going to be deeply involved with the story line that will create a yearning to unravel the mysteries of both the universe and love Excelent If you are looking for a good long epic tale about a man who discovers himself through astronomy Mexican politics family and of course a good woman this is your book It never gets sentimental and the language is lush and moving The book starts with young Lorenzo de Tena wondering at the world Mama what is at the end of the world Encouraged to explore the world by his mother but through a twist of fate ends up raised by his playboy father and stiff upper crust aunt He gets a good education and ends up at Harvard studying astronomy During the Second World War Mexico builds an astronomical observation station with the help of America which lures Lorenzo back to homePoniatowska raises a variety of polemic themes about Mexico from its own corruption to its competiveness with America The dichotomy of Mexico reminded me of Carlos Fuentes work who is a Mexican how does the Mexican fit into the world the struggle of indigenous and city people and how does one succeed in such a harsh world or enjoy the benefits I enjoyed her reflective statements such as the sun lies to us by creating a lush planet because when one leaves earth there is nothing but dead space The book spans several decades from the 1940 s to the 1990 s In short it covers a life Lorenzo is presented a a cool collected man who spends his life building his career in science Underneath something is missing The story is not new but I enjoyed this particular different angle An enjoyable readThe book won the Premio Alfaguara de novel 2001 Read in Spanish 355This was a weirdly unbalanced book parts of it soar into the five star range. «Mamá ¿allá atrás se acaba el mundo»Esta frase abre camino a una historia fascinante la de un hombre de enorme talento destinado a desentrañar los misterios de la astronomía Lorenzo de Tena inconf.

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Hélène Elizabeth Louise Amélie Paula Dolores Poniatowska Amor was born on May 19 1933 in Paris France Her father was French of Polish ancestry and her mother a Mexican who was raised in France When she was nine Poniatowska's family moved to México City She grew up speaking French and learned English in a private British school However her knowledge of Spanish came from talking with the mai