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45 starsFirst read 04 27 13 Fifth read 12 26 17Second read 03 29 14Third read 08 15 14Fourth read 09 17 16Because it is a good summary of what comprises the tale without giving away the plot here is Annabel Joseph s About this Book blurb that precedes the story As a ong time reader of historical romance novels I yearned to create a story that contained all my most favorite romance elements the tortured gruff hero the painfully innocent but plucky heroine the evil villain Decade of Despair longost relatives and meddling servants secrets and hidden alliances and a What Was Lost liberal sprinkling of magic and mystery I also wanted to introduce power exchange into the mix no small feat in a medieval Scotland setting but something I wanted to attempt nevertheless Cait and the Devil was the result of this singular experimentAdmittedly this novel is whimsy and fantasy than historical accuracy but I hope you will enjoy Cait and Duncan s story just the sameIn my opinion Annabel Joseph is amazing Cait and the Devil is one of the first erotic romance books that I ever read and it is still a great escape Il probably read this book once a year as Go-Go-Go! long as I m aliveNotice not suitable for minors contains explicit sexual content Reading this made me realize that I don t understand the appeal of total power exchange No offense if that s your thing I also don t understand the appeal of cauliflower or rum raisin ice cream I still probably would have given this story 3 stars except that I also didn t understand why the author had the heroine spend two months being raped and tortured by the villain and his cronies That sort of gratuitous rapery sometimes prompts an automatic 1 star from me but since it might be related to the TPE thing in a way that I just don t get I m going to hedge my bets and go with 2 stars I had written a nice plump review of this book But thanks to GR it took soong to save I got a error page OSo my apologies to everyone out there but I Somato Respiratory Integration Workbook lost enough time reading this that I don t want to waste My reasons for the one star Clingy dumb uber naive dependant child bride Total unbalance of power There was no willing submission it was grooming Totally unnecessary monthsong gang rapes and torture Mostly off page Said period had no conseuence on the heroine s Reine Mädchensache life Yes a few nightmare for a few weeks Then some time with her mother and someoving and voil Personally I found it has no coherent plot Or at Animal Babies least not a tight one ie a king and a sorceress have a daughter they pretend her death to save her but then they don. Cait hased a simple secluded Offenders and Detainees life in the Scottish woods but her world suddenly turns upside down when sheearns she's the unwanted daughter of the king She's forced to marry a forbidding stranger Duncan the Devil of Inverness who has already buried one wifeBut Cait and the Devil find they are perfectly matched th.

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Fine and I even enjoy it until heroine was raped by her father in qasas-ul-quran law what a disgusting terrible story I reallyiked this oneit kept me interested almost til the end Even though the anguage used in the book really wast right for the time periodit didn t distract me from the story There was a good mix of erotic sex scenes and story ine I will be Dead-End Road Mysteries looking for from this author D Sweet Baby Jesus I don t even know where to start with this one A note about the writing not even the barest shadow of an attempt is made here at historical accuracy period details regional dialect etc Modernanguage all the way and this could have taken place just about anywhere Surprisingly this actually annoyed me Hear the Wolves less than when authors try to do such detail and fail at it so I was able to get past it The story itself started out okay very formulaic not especially romantic but reasonably sexy and it seemed to have the potential to get better Then it all went horribly wrong If this book were a a true historical with a real plot and a fully developed storyine the whole kidnappinggang rape thing might have worked as a shocking but valid plot device but in a book that is clearly written as erotica it was completely out of place Maybe it s just me but a ridiculously innocent pregnant girl getting sexually tortured for weeks even if it is off screen pretty much kills the sexiness of this book and buries it beyond any recovery The horror of it was just too much and even though the heroine was given some time and space to recover before her husband started whacking her with the belt again it all felt pretty hollow So yeah what s the female euivalent of the opposite of a hard on That I enjoyed the first half solid prose and hot sex but then the heroine gets repeatedly emotionally and physically brutalized and raped for two weeks and then kidnapped beaten and raped for SIX WEEKS by her husband s father To add insult to injury the aftermath of this is basically summed up as a tl dr and her mother helped her recover and she had a baby and they had kinky sex again and Valors Measure lived happily ever after So sick of rape and torture as a plot deviceI do however appreciate that this author gives detailed trigger and kink warnings on her website Lovely historical romance with bdsm elements It is easy to read we have some suspense with a non con bur the author doesn t go into specifics which is fine as this is aight romance after all I BFI Film Classics liked the hint of some fantasy or even magic It fitter really well into the story A nice summer rea. And unusual brand ofove prevail Note This story is set in the Middle Ages and has a heavy domestic discipline theme within the confines of an affectionate marriage It contains various spanking and discipline scenes as well as oral and anal sex It also contains some imited scenes of non eroticized nonconsensuality.

T plan who would be checking on her Both thought it would be the other Here s how I feel about this book WHAT THE MONKEY How the author of Comfort Object which I consider to be one of the best erotic romances I ve ever read wrote this is a complete and utter mystery to me Maybe Ms Joseph was kidnapped and taken by mysterious ninja monks to a monastery high in the glaciers of western China where she was kept on a diet of bread and water until she wrote a novel Or possibly there was a ot of booze involved A وصف الاستعباد في مملكة فاس - مذكرات أسير سويدي على عهد السلطان مولاي عبد الله lot of booze and a deadline Look I m a fairly tolerant sort of individual but my tolerance does not extend to relationships between a sexually experienced man and a woman so childlike and ignorant that she thinks oral sex can get her knocked up Honestly thatevel of ignorance is pitiable that a man would not only tolerate but sustain it in a woman he claims to ove is disgusting Say it with me kids IGNORANCE IS NOT SEXY I find this particularly bizarre in an author whose BDSM themed books so completely eroticize consensual and fully informed submission Also although the book blurb does mention something ike brief non erotic nonconsensual sex that s way way way not enough warning for what actually happens So here we go my service to you is to reveal that there is brief on stage rape and multiple repeated offstage gang rapes Basically a third of this book is boatloads o raping That s surprising and a departure from the general tone of the book but the only thing that actually OFFENDED me was the concept that all the heroine needed to recover from said gang raping was the hero s Magic Wang Look rape victims are still sexual people But the idea that the therapeutic application of peen is all it takes to heal the psychic effects of MULTIPLE GANG RAPES is wrongheaded and disturbing to say the Voice of Conscience least It also seems bizarrely out of touch with Ms Joseph s other work I don t even know what to make of this I ma go read theast chapter of Comfort Object again to purge away the suick Not bad An ok read if you re in the mood for an edgier historical romance and have no problem with someone being tied up and whipped before being thoroughly used This is definitely one of those historicals that are modern romances playing dress up so as PROBE MY ASS (A Reluctant Doctor/Patient Anal Sex erotica story) long as you re notooking for historical accuracy The hero turns out to be have some TSTL moments that ead up to some drawn out sadistic events in the story not perpetuated by the hero though he s no easy puppy Not for your gentle reader Rape warning Everthing seemed. An either suspected His deep desire to dominate and discipline his new wife is matched only by her bravery and willingness to submit to his perverse demands and desiresBut a phantom threat stalks Cait and Duncan is troubled by her secret and mysterious past Can Duncan protect his vulnerable wife Will their powerful.

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